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3 Ways I Brought Happiness Into My Life

I am always so saddened by how many people are unhappy with their lives. I'm saddened because I know what it's like as I was once in that place, and I'm saddened that I don't know what I can do to help them. I dothink there are ways to help them, though. 

For years, I never thought I'd ever be as happy as I am now - but I am. I am living it right now. I had to go through a lot of emotionally scarring things to get to where I am, but I did it, and if a scared little girl like me can get through things like an abusive relationship and living with a violent mother, anyone can.

I do want to mention that what I went through was very circumstantial. I was "lucky" to have a boyfriend that wasn't quite abusive enough that I felt scared to leave him, but more so that I would have no one left if I did. At the time my mother turned her violence towards me, I was lucky enough to have a partner who supported and protected me. 

Not everyone has those opportunities. No…

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