Friday, 9 September 2016

Adventure #4: SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Being in your 20's is a weird time in your life. My boyfriend and I are both working part time, and I am also currently at school, so money is a strange thing in our lives. Sometimes it feels like we have plenty, and other times it feels like we barely have any.

For example, we both have annual passes to the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium - but we don't have a bed frame, or a couch. I am aware that it appears as though our priorities are a little mixed up, but I feel like they aren't too bad. We don't need a couch since we don't watch TV and don't have people over, and we have a mattress, which I definitely think is the most important part of a bed.

please, no photos

Don't get me wrong, I do really want a bed frame. I despise mess and disorganisation, and seeing a mattress on the floor screams "untidy" (plus, I really need the space under the bed to store some empty boxes that we refuse to get rid of), but we don't own a trailer, so we're not sure how to get said bed frame to our house.

Anyway, my point is that when you're 20 and you have some money left over after bills, you want to spend it on something fun, not a piece of furniture that isn't going to enrich your life that much. So, Daniel and I bought annual passes to the Melbourne Aquarium.

pufferfish saying hi
Annual passes are $80 for those aged 16 and up, which enables you to walk in through the express line, flash your card, and by-pass the very, very, very long queue, 365 days a year - and since general entry is $41.50, you only have to go twice within 12 months to get your money's worth.

Daniel and I love animals, especially penguins, so we visit the aquarium every time we go to the city. I found that it's even better the second or third time you go, since you've already taken plenty of photos during the previous visits, so this time you can take a step back and truly appreciate just being there. Plus, you don't have to worry about trying to get a good photo whilst wading through a hundred others trying to do the same thing.

I refuse to believe that this isn't their face
There are a bunch of perks you get for having an annual pass as well, including 20% for up to four friends who visit the aquarium with you, 20% off Amazing Aquatic Experiences, 20% off all purchases in the Adventurer's Cafe (hey, sounds like it was made for me! Hah), 10% off Public Ticketed Events, 10% off all purchases from the Gift Shop, and $2 coffee from the Coral or Deck Cafe.

So, even though we don't have a bed frame, or a couch, we do have a special card that allows us to visit cute and little (and not-so-little) animals every single day of the year - and I still think we made a good decision.

Until next time,