Friday, 30 September 2016

Adventure #7: Melbourne Zoo

Last Friday night I slept for a good 12 hours, after a week of not being able to sleep properly, and didn't get up until 1pm the next day - when Daniel told me he really wanted to go to the zoo, and he wanted to go now. Me being me, always up for an adventure, jumped out of bed and we rushed to the station to start our (very late) day.

It was nearly 3pm by the time we got to the zoo, and we knew we wouldn't be able to see everything before it closed, so we decided to splurge and get annual passes so we could come back again the next day.

We quickly walked around and tried to see as much as we could. We managed to see the penguins when it was their feeding time, which is always interesting, but the next day was even better.

We got up early, packed some sandwiches, and prepared for a very big day. I thought we had seen nearly everything the day before, but I was wrong. We started with the reptiles and saw the small tortoises chomping away at their leaves. Seeing animals eat (or even just yawn or blink) always turns Daniel and I into kids again, and makes us make these high pitch noises that somewhat translate to the word "aww".

This is mine and Daniel's third trip to the zoo since we've been together, but it was the first time we'd ever seen the otters, and it completely made my day. Otters are definitely up there with some of my favourite animals (as well as turtles/tortoises, penguins, frogs, etc), and I love that they mate for life and have a favourite pebble that they keep! It's just too cute to handle.

We also discovered that there's a Japanese garden within the zoo, which was absolutely breathtaking. I managed to take a couple of polaroids there, plus a few others around the zoo (don't worry, I didn't take any of the animals because the flash would've scared them).

It was such a great weekend. I love animals, and I love seeing Daniel around animals. It always makes him so happy. I have a framed photo of him on our bedside table of when we were at the petting zoo at the Melbourne Show in 2014, and he's got the biggest smile on his face. It's so adorable.

Anyway, I better stop before I completely embarrass him. I truly do recommend going to the zoo if you're able to. It's not that expensive compared to the aquarium, and you get to see so much more. However, there is usually quite a line, so it's much better to pre-pay your tickets or annual pass online, and skip the queue.

Until next time,
Indya xx

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