Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I have a weakness for click-bait articles. I get sucked in so easily, especially late at night. Some part of me just HAS to know what dark secrets the cast of Friends were hiding, and which actors played more than one character on Gilmore Girls. I also particularly love the articles that are "[number] things that a [random topic] lover CANNOT live without", so of course I had to read Buzzfeed's article 31 Gifts For Anyone With a Sweet Tooth, since I am a massive sweet tooth, and I was not disappointed.

I found so many things that I definitely do not need and yet simultaneously must have, and the ones that really stood out to me were (of course) donut-related, so I decided to dedicate this week's What I'm Loving post to a bunch of donut themed things that I am in love with.

1. Donut shaped stress balls.
For me, worrying is on par with breathing. It's not something I can particularly help, yet I do it at all times. It's just who I am. I've never actually tried using a stress ball, but I probably should since my constant nail biting habit is not exactly fun. Plus, just the fact that I'd have something donut-shaped in my hand would probably help even more in calming me down.

2. Donut coasters.
I have a set of marble coasters from Kmart that I'm super in love with, and then I have another set of coasters with cupcakes on them that are just for decoration at the moment, but I certainly wouldn't say no to owning this set of donut coasters too!

3. Donut beanbag.
This is actually one of the things I am getting for Christmas! I've been wanting a beanbag for a while since our office is too small for a futon, and I get uncomfortable on my desk chair when I'm reading, so Daniel suggested getting a beanbag. 

I wasn't too fussed about getting one until I saw this one and immediately fell in love, so Daniel got it for me. Just keep in mind that it takes four $12 bags of beans to completely fill it up - which is nearly twice the price of the actual beanbag!

4. Donut pincushion.
I do not use pins and probably never will, but I honestly think this item is genius. The pins look like sprinkles! How adorable is that?! I own a sewing kit, so you never know, this may be useful one day..

5. Donut garland.
I know that garlands and buntings are meant to be for a child's room, but I absolutely love them. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by ice cream and donuts? I also like this similar, and much cheaper, version too.

6. Donut trinket holder.
I already own more trinket holders than I do trinkets, which I justify to myself by saying that I will eventually acquire more trinkets, so it's better to have a place to put them, than to get them and have nowhere for them to go... right? 

Either way, I think this donut trinket holder is adorable and I'm just so grateful that Etsy exists because there's no way I'd ever be creative or talented enough to make something like this.

7. Inflatable pool donut.
Honestly, can you imagine anything more relaxing than lounging on a giant floating donut?

8. Donut mug.
I already own a coffee cup with donuts on it, but I would love a mug that's actually in the shape of a donut, as things shaped like other things is easily one of my biggest weaknesses. (Imagine a donut in the shape of a mug! Now that's something I'd like to see.)

9. Donut tablet stand.
I love this so much I'd nearly go as far as actually buying an iPad or tablet just to have a use for it. I guess I could use it to hold open very thin books while I'm reading, or maybe even as a photo stand.

10. Donut art.
I love art prints, and I own many, but I find it difficult to find donut art that I like as they usually have messages such as "I donut care", and that's just not me. I do care. No matter the circumstance, I care - and because I always care about everything, I worry a lot, which is why I thought this print suited me perfectly. It's got everything I need: the colour pink, a pun, a reminder not to worry, and, most importantly, donuts!


Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 25 November 2016

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this (ironically), but I have a very bad memory. Horribly bad. Have-to-think-for-a-while-to-recall-what-I had-for-dinner-last-night bad. This tweet is a good example of it, actually.

Anyway, due to my horrible memory, I forget what happens in most books I read - which I guess isn't that strange when you read as many books as I do (55 this year!), but it still makes me sad when I look at my Goodreads and see that I've rated a book 4 or 5 stars, and can't remember what I loved about it. 

That's where these posts come in. I've decided to start writing about the books I read, and talk about why I did or didn't like them, so I can always come back to these posts and be reminded of why I felt a certain way about a book.

Moby Dick, by Herman Melville:

It wasn't until I was halfway through this book that I realised I was reading a heavily revised edition. The book I own is a mere 169 pages compared to the usual 600+ this book is supposed to have. I couldn't even find the edition I have amongst the 1963 editions listed on Goodreads, which really makes you wonder how many editions there are altogether. The one I have isn't even that old, I'm pretty sure it was printed in 2007, so I'm not sure why I couldn't find it. I have a feeling it may be one used to teach younger students, as the writing was very big and there were a lot of pictures.

Even though I don't know what I missed reading such a short version, I still enjoyed this book. I'm not sure if I would have liked it if I had to read over 600 pages of it, but if I ever find a longer edition at an op shop I'll be sure to pick it up and give it a try. This book really makes you think about greed, obsession and revenge; how you can become so engulfed in something that it takes over your life, no matter the consequences. For Ahab, those consequences were fatal, which he either refused to admit, or he was just so blinded by his hatred that he didn't think about what could happen. This book definitely reminded me to not hold onto grudges, and that hate is an emotion that my body and mind do not need.

A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby:

I own three books by Nick Hornby, I've read two of them so far, and I've been disappointed both times. I just do not see all the hype about him at all. The first one I read was High Fidelity, and I expected a lot more from that, especially considering it's on the Rory Gilmore Challenge, but I was greatly let down. I had lower expectations for A Long Way Down, and I was still let down - or, more accurately, I was unmoved. This book didn't make me hate it or love it.

I assume this book had a deeper meaning to it, to make you think about life and what it means to be alive etc, but the characters just didn't do it for me. They were either rude or boring, and the drug habit of one of them was just not believable. The fact that she could so many drugs, and then stop doing them, and be completely fine - no hangovers, no withdrawals, nothing - just wasn't feasible. I didn't mind Maureen though. In fact, wanting to know how her life turned out was what made me finish this book.

Girl Online: On Tour, by Zoe Sugg:
I'm weary about reviewing this book as I know I am not the intended audience for it. If I were a pre-teen/in my early teens, I would have loved this book - but, that being said, I actually didn't mind it. I read the first Girl Online in one day (they're very easy reads), and nothing about it really stood out to me, but I felt that On Tour had a stronger story with more unexpected turns. I also felt that, especially towards the end, Penny really grew up as she had to deal with some serious things happening in her life, and realised that her life was not going to be a fairytale.

I also do quite like Penny's character, as she loves photography and blogging, just like me, and she struggles with anxiety, just like me. There's something nice about reading about a character that you can relate to (you know, except for the fact that she's 16 and has a 'rock star' boyfriend). If you're going to read any of the Girl Online books, you just have to accept them for what they are: fluffy, young adult books with a protagonist who thinks and acts like a 16 year old girl, because that's what she is.

Marley & Me, by John Grogan:
My gosh, this dog sounds like a handful! This was mostly a nice and heartwarming story, although there were some parts, especially in the beginning, where I felt they were a little too violent and cruel to Marley. This book is a good read if you love animals, and/or have had a particularly misbehaving pet before - but beware, if you don't currently have a pet, you will be desperate for one by the end of this book. I'm very lucky to live with my boyfriend, who is also my best friend, but as he works a lot of nights I do get lonely, and during those times I really wish I had a furry companion to keep me company and demand attention.

Whilst none of these books ended up blowing me away, I was still able to take things from all of them, and appreciate them for what they were. Being able to cross Moby Dick off my to-read list also feels pretty good - although I will keep my eye out for a non-revised edition - and I've owned Marley & Me for so long I was beginning to think I'd never read it, so I'm quite happy now that I have.

I am trying to read as many books as I can before the year is over, but as December is set to be quite a busy month for me with work, seeing family, and getting ready for Christmas, I'm not sure how many books I'll be able to tackle, but I'll try my best!

Until next time,
Indya xx


PS. After writing this post and taking all the necessary photos, I realised that I also read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this month! I'm only just beginning the Harry Potter series - after owning all the books twice over, and for quite a long time - and I am actually really enjoying them. However, I am not looking forward to reading the ridiculously long ones, so don't expect to hear my thoughts on the entire series anytime soon.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Shaming or claiming the word "bossy".
I realise that I am talking about two completely different things here, but they both have the same outcome: women and girls who are not afraid of being called bossy. Whether you choose to completely ignore the word, or if you choose to own it and make it yours, something about this word needs to change.

I'm sure you've seen the video of Beyonce saying, "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss" (if not, it's here), and I think that's a great way to look at it. We need to stop worrying about people thinking that we're bossy when we choose to take control, when we choose to stand up for ourselves and become leaders. Lots of celebrities have joined in on taking control of this word and it's meaning, from Tina Fey and her book Bossypants, to Sophie Amoruso and her book #GirlBoss - which is also a hashtag on Instagram that has been put on over 3, 600, 000 posts!

I have always considered myself a follower. I've never thought that I was built for leadership, but now I wonder if that was just my concern of being called 'bossy' getting in the way. I do recommend that you watch the video that I linked above, it's got some interesting statistics in it.

Christmas decorations.

It's only November and I've mentioned Christmas in nearly every single blog post this month, but I just can't help it! Daniel and I always put up our tree on the first of December, but that hasn't stopped me from slowly putting up other decorations around the house. 

I've been documenting some things here and there on Snapchat and my Instagram, but I'm trying to restrain myself from showing too much so that, come December when I blog about the decorations I've put up, most people haven't already seen them on my other social media accounts. I even drew little Santa hats and stuck them on photos and pictures, as pictured above, which really amuses me - and it's a great idea if you're strapped for cash for decorations these holidays!

Brock Davis' art.
I first learnt about Brock Davis' work a couple of years ago, but only recently "rediscovered" him, and I was instantly reminded of why I loved his work in the first place. Brock Davis has a mind that blows me away. From creating a poodle out of blackberries for his daughter's breakfast, to carving a tiny Christmas tree into the end of a green crayon, Brock Davis never lets an opportunity to make something slip away from him. His photography is also incredible; I would love to know how he comes up with all of his ideas. His website is currently being updated, but you can still find plenty of things to browse through on his Instagram.

Shop Luella.
Luella is a shop that sell pins, t-shirts and other cute things with important and empowering slogans, such as 'Big Booty Club', pictured above, and 'Not Your Babe' - which is adequately paired with a picture of a knife. I really love the Big Booty Club items in particular, as body positivity is something I feel quite strongly about. My curves are something that I have always felt insecure about, so I am loving the fact that people are owning their curves and feeling great about them. Their watermelon and camper pins are also really cute!

Boomf is this awesome company that print your photos onto things like chocolates and marshmallows! How cool is that?! You can upload any photo you'd like, or choose from some of their adorable designs, and get them put onto chocolate, marshmallows, wrapping paper or their exclusive "Boomf Bomb" card, and send them to a loved one - with free shipping worldwide! I am dying to get some marshmallows with photos of Daniel and I on them, but as it is currently too hot to even go outside to check the mail, I think I'll wait until summer is over so they don't melt in my mailbox!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 21 November 2016

Not going to lie, for a moment I thought I was the smartest person ever when I thought of the name for this post, but according this tag on Instagram, at least 15 other people thought of it before me. Boo!

Anyway, I used to photograph walls with street art and/or interesting pictures of them, or even if they were just particularly bright and colourful, quite often, and I miss doing it. I miss when I used to take more notice of my surroundings, as I feel that was when I took my best photos, so I've decided to start sharing some of my favourite wall photos in hopes that it will inspire me to start taking photos of them again.

If you're from Melbourne, you may recognise some of these pictures as many were taken in Hosier Lane and Prahran. I love the bright colours and the incredible detail in some of these pieces, they really help brighten up the city. If you know of any street art hotspots within or around Melbourne, feel free to let me know where they are!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 18 November 2016

I have written quite a few art-related adventure posts, and I can't believe it took me this long to write about the National Gallery of Victoria. As soon as I discovered its existence (which wasn't until 2014, when I moved back to Melbourne), I immediately fell in love and now visit it nearly every time I go to the city. I have hundreds of photos from my various visits, which you can find scattered across my Instagram and Tumblr, but in today's post I'll try use the photos from my last visit, which I organised so I would have brand new photos for this post.

There is so much to see at the National Gallery of Victoria. There's a lot of historical art that is permanently on display, but as I've seen them a million times, I tend to only take photos of the temporary exhibits now, which is mostly quite modern and contemporary art. During my last visit I saw a lot of paintings that have been on display before (the ones in the first three photos), which surprsed me as I wasn't aware that they 'recycled' work in the temporary section, but I was more than happy to get some better photos on my camera of said pieces, rather than the ones I previously took on my phone.

The second marriage, 1963
Artist: David Hockney

Texture 4 & 2, 2013
Artist: Mika Rottenberg

Untitled (Layers of stuff building over time), Untitled (In his studio the artist
has no social responsibility), Untitled (Problem) and Untitled (I fell down), 2014
Artist: David Shrigley

I first saw David Shrigley's work in a 2014 exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, and I've loved him ever since (feel free to browse my David Shrigley tag on Tumblr to see more of his pieces). His work can appear simple at times, but that's modern art for you, and I love it for what it is. I also love how relatable David's work is, and, sometimes, how bizarre.

To change, to confound, 1983
Artist: A. R. Penck

It's difficult to write a post about a place that's always changing. There's always new things happening at the National Gallery of Victoria - and the best part is admission, and most of the exhibitions, are completely free. There is also a restaurant, a cafe and a gift shop that is filled with books, prints and other art-related knickknacks.

Some exhibitions also have "kid versions", for lack of a better name, that are usually titled '*exhibition name*: For Kids', which will be separate from the rest of the exhibition, and will feature lots of interactive and hands-on activities for children to partake in. Sometimes, throughout the gallery, there will be a few things for people of all ages to partake in, too.

I really do love the NGV. It's big, ever-changing, and, most importantly, free - and it's a great place to pop in for a look if you have some time to kill while you're in the city.

Until next time,
Indya xx

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Novelty salt and pepper shakers.

I've always loved novelty items, and I already have four different sets of salt and pepper shakers just because I thought they were cute, but since I created a Pinterest board dedicated to them, I've been wanting to start a proper collection of them. The set pictured above is one of my favourites, not surprisingly, as it is pink and vintage, but unfortunately it has been sold.

That's the only issue with finding things on Pinterest, there's always a chance that they've been sold or discontinued a long time ago. Such as these pencil-shaped salt and pepper shakers that really appeal to the writer in me, but the website they are from no longer exists. These pancake and syrup ones and Grumpy Cat (!!!) ones also make my heart skip a beat, but it looks like they've been sold too. That doesn't discourage me though, as I buy 99% of my things secondhand, so I'll just have to scout out the local op shops and see what gems I can find!

Solider by Destiny's Child.
One of my favourite things in life is re-discovering things you once loved, and this song is a perfect example of that! I have been listening to Destiny's Child quite a bit this year, once I realised how empowering their songs are, but only re-found this song in the last week - and it's been on repeat ever since. My favourite line is "I need a soldier that ain't scared to stand up for me" because, as much as I like to think I can look after myself, it's still nice knowing you have someone who will stand up for you if you ever need it.

Photo from

Kaylah from The Dainty Squid.
I'm not going to lie, I am a huge fangirl when it comes to Kaylah. I admire her and her blog so, so much. She's really interesting and just seems like a lovely person, plus her photos are always gorgeous. I especially love seeing any polaroid photos she's taken, and I love photos of her bike perched against brightly coloured walls so much that I save them into a folder so I can look at them later on (is that weird? I always save photos that make me happy). 

Anyway, back to Kaylah's blog, The Dainty Squid, and why you need to follow it now: there are ample photos of her pets; her collection posts are super interesting, especially her medical model and vintage globe collections; she visits heaps of interesting abandoned places and cemeteries; and documents all the things she finds at beaches. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Now go read her blog.

The Shoe Bakery.
The Shoe Bakery is an adorable online store that sells various bags and shoes that look like delicious, decadent desserts. My personal favourites are Pink Syrup Ice Cream Flats, pictured above, or the Pink and White Cake Heels. I'm not usually into shoes that much because I can never find shoes in my size (except for the children's section, but they never have the styles I like), but I am honestly so in love with these shoes.

I just love things that are made to look like other things. I have a wedding cake shaped kitchen timer and a hamburger shaped kitchen timer, and I don't use either because my oven has a timer on it, but I had to have them just because they looked like other things. I really am a sucker for novelty items.

I've always loved notebooks and, as I said in Monday's post, I've always kept a journal, but I was given a few notebooks for my birthday, pictured above, and couldn't wait until I needed a new journal to start using them (especially since I already have an empty journal that's next in line once I finish the one I'm currently using...), so I decided to use the smaller one as a brainstorming notebook for this blog. It's small enough to take with me in case I need to quickly jot down any ideas I think of. I usually just make a note on my phone, but I do that for so many thoughts I have, and they end up getting lost and forgotten about. This way, everything in this notebook is relevant to my blog, and it's all in one place.

It's already helped me out a lot; when I get into writing moods and I'm not sure what to write about, I go back and read some of my ideas and go from there. Plus I can plan out when I want to publish posts, and in what order. Besides, there's just something about actually sitting down and writing on paper that just feels so satisfying. 

Collar clips.
I don't actually own any collar clips yet, but after finding an array of them on Pinterest, I know I am definitely going to have to purchase some soon. I adore collared shirts, and I own quite a few, and I think collar clips would only make them that much cuter. The Luna and Artemis ones, pictured above, are from Etsy, although they are currently sold out - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll restock soon!

Christmas shopping.
I love Christmas, and always have, but I definitely feel like this is going to be the best Christmas yet. It's the first Christmas with just Daniel and I in the house (we do try to see his family around Christmas time, but they live 4 hours away so it is difficult), which means the only people we have to buy presents for is each other, plus we get to plan out the whole day as we like: get up when we want, open presents when we want and, best of all, choose exactly what we want for dinner. But my favourite part about it all is the Christmas shopping.

I've got so many ideas planned on what to get Daniel. I even when a little overboard and got him a replica of the car from Back to the Future, which was nearly $200 (it's okay, he knows he's getting it so this post won't spoil it for him), but I was more than happy to do so after all he does for me. Plus, he grew up having to share Christmas with two siblings, whereas I was an only child and always the centre of attention, so this year I want him to be able to experience that. He hates people spending money on him, but I know he's worth every cent! (Sappy, I know.)

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 14 November 2016

I have kept journals for as long as I can remember. My love of writing came to me quickly, and I'm not even sure why. I didn't know any writers. No one that I knew seemed to enjoy it like I did, but that didn't stop me from keeping many diaries throughout my primary school years (which, thankfully, don't exist anymore). I wish I kept a diary throughout high school, as I went through a lot, and it would be interesting to look back on, and use that material for my poetry (did I mention I write poems? I don't do it as much as I used to, but I still have a great love for poetry).

Anyway, I've always loved documenting things in my life with my writing (and photography), but sometimes I feel like a diary entry is either too much or too little for an event I want to remember. For example, if I had lunch with a friend after not seeing them for a while, I would like to make a note of it, but it seems a bit pointless to write "Dear diary, today I saw [insert name]. We had lunch at [insert food place]. It was nice." - that's where my art journal comes in.

I like doing "summaries of the month" in my art journals to remember the little things, like lunch dates. On these pages, I'll write the name of the month at the top and decorate the page will little pictures and notes that are relevant to that month. I'll post some examples below.

If only one or two things happen within a month that are worth noting, especially if I have some sort of memento from it, I'll often do a page dedicated to just those events. Not every page in my art journal is dedicated to a certain memory, though. Sometimes I just feel like making collages, which is another thing I've been doing since I was a pre-teen. Some of my older collages, that are in my first art journal, are much more simplistic and less colourful than my newer ones, but I'm still happy with the overall look of them.

My first art journal features more drawings and doodles of mine than my current one, since I have become a lot harder on myself over the last couple of years, which really took the fun out of drawing.

I do still keep a regular journal, as writing will always be my number one love. Besides, there are just some things that a picture can't say, and there's where words come in, but I love keeping a art journal for days I'm feeling inspired to create, rather than just document. 

My art journals are nothing compared to the masterpieces that I've seen online. Some people are just. So. Talented. It's not fair! But I've just got to keep in mind that, as long as I had fun doing something, it doesn't matter what the outcome is - and you should remember that too.

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 11 November 2016

I used to have reservations about openly admitting that I still like Pokemon, but then I left school and realised that a) a lot of people my age (and even twice my age) still like Pokemon, and b) anyone who would tease me over something that I like isn't someone that I want to be around anyway - and, by now, everyone in my life should know that I love Pokemon. If not, surprise!

Going through all my Pokemon things was actually a little upsetting as I remembered all the Pokemon things I once had (the original Red, the original Gold, FireRed) that are nearly impossible to find now. Still, I love all the things I own, and I love that they're always coming up with new things to bring out.

Most of my Pokemon items are displayed on a set of shelves in my office, behind my desk, which you'll see in the photos. I also have one Pokemon shirt that I forgot about when I was taking these photos, but I found this picture online of it.


I've spent quite a lot of money on Pokemon things, but I've been watching it my whole life, so I don't think I'm going to get sick of it anytime soon. I am still very much a child at heart - those who know me in real life can certainly attest to that - and I don't think I'll ever change. Then again, I don't see why I should.

Until next time,
Indya xx