Friday, 16 December 2016

Adventure #13: Butterflies and Japanese Gardens

Daniel and I went to the Melbourne Zoo again a little while ago. It had been a little while since our last trip, and I was really missing being around animals. We had our annual passes too, so it was a nice, cheap day out - especially since we packed our own lunch.

I know I have already written an adventure post about the Melbourne Zoo, but this time I bought my camera and took some really nice photos of the Butterfly House and the Japanese gardens. Unfortunately, there wasn't as many flowers in bloom as last time, but it was still really pretty. Someone was even getting married! You'll see a photo with a few of their seats in it below. Hope you enjoy!

The above photo was the only photo I took that wasn't at the gardens or the Butterfly House. Just look at the (not so) little guy munching away! I love tortoises, so I couldn't not include this photo. As I already went on about all my favourite animals and whatnot in my last post about the Melbourne Zoo, I decided to let the photos do the talking in this post instead.

This month has been pretty busy, but I've been loving it. I've been decorating the house, as you will have seen in a couple of my posts, and I've got three different dinner plans! That's more than I usually have in a whole year. I caught up with some friends last night, I am seeing more tonight, and then I get to see some family on Saturday! 

As much I have become a real homebody over the last few years, I really do love the people in my life, and every time I see them I'm always so happy and carefree. It's a really nice feeling.

Until next time,
Indya xx