Monday, 5 December 2016

DIY & Budget Christmas Decorations

I am just going to pre-warn you that these ideas may be mediocre at best - especially compared to all the wonderful blogs out there that are dedicated to budget lifestyle ideas and do-it-yourself projects - but I felt like sharing them as they're a quick and easy way to give your house a nice, subtle Christmassy feel. Besides, I wanted to show you some more photos of my other decorations and ornaments.

At the end of this post I'll also include some links to some other better budget and/or DIY decoration ideas that I really like. Hope you enjoy!

Some of my favourite Christmas items.

Idea #1: Use streamers in place of tinsel.
I know that tinsel isn't particularly expensive, but some families really struggle around Christmas time, and every cent counts. Instead of buying 500cm of tinsel for $6 at Kmart, you can get 48 metres of streamers for $1.50

It'll go a lot further, and you'll have a wider range of colours to choose from. Christmas is far from just red and green nowadays. Plus, as an added bonus, streamers won't shed everywhere like tinsel does, so you can put them anywhere! I even decorated my exercise bike in streamers.

Idea #2: Make mini presents.
Mini trees really are all the rage right now. I got a small fibre optic Christmas tree from my local supermarket for $9 a few years ago, which I like to have in my office throughout December, but it can look a tad bare without any presents underneath it, so this year I decided to make some. 

I found any small, flat items that I wouldn't need - mostly bits of cardboard and some dominoes I had lying around - and arranged them into different shapes before wrapping them with some left over wrapping paper. I am a sucker for small versions of bigger things, so I practically swoon every time I look at them.

Idea #3: Decorate your photos.
These decorations actually stemmed from another idea of mine, which was to buy small Santa hats to put on all my soft toys, but I soon found out that not many places sell individual tiny Santa hats because, let's face it, that's weird as hell. 

My next idea was to go to op shops and buy small Christmas themed soft toys and take their Santa hats off and put them on my toys, but that seemed somewhat cruel, and I knew if I did buy any soft toys, I'd end up wanting to keep them as well. After that, I thought of making the hats, before I realised that I have no idea how I'd stitch two different coloured fabrics in the shape of a hat when I have never picked up a needle in my life.

Clearly, this idea was not going well, so I abandoned it for a while. Once I started decorating the coffee table, pictured above, I felt that the photos really stuck out as there was nothing Christmassy about them, and that's when it hit me: draw little Santa hats and blu tack them on! You'll see in another photo above that I did the same thing with some pictures in my office.

Two Christmas plates I found at Savers.

Idea #4: Display some cards.
If you receive any Christmas cards, or have some old ones stashed away somewhere, hanging them up on the wall of any room will give it an instant Christmassy look. Same goes for Christmas-related pictures from newspapers and/or magazines.

A pink Christmas bottle brush tree I bought from Kmart.

If you Google DIY/handmade/budget Christmas decoration ideas, you will find hundreds of ideas, but I have listed some of the easiest ones I could find that are all made with materials that you will most likely have, or won't have trouble finding. Hopefully you find something that piques your interest!

Until next time,
Indya xx