Monday, 12 December 2016

Favourite Donut Themed DIY Projects

I don't need to tell you that I love donuts, because everyone should know that by now (especially judging by my last What I'm Loving Wednesday post!), and I am also a fan of cute DIY projects, so it was only a matter of time before I put the two together and thought: Hey, there must be some donut themed DIY projects out there! - and yes, there are quite a few, and they're all way too adorable.

I've been a fan of Kelly from Studio DIY for a while now, and the fact that she loves donuts as much as I do certainly makes me like her even more, so most of these projects are by her since she is a genius and can turn pretty much anything into a donut. However, I did try to find projects from other people too! I've listed the ones that I think I could personally do, or that are made with items that aren't too hard to find, or too expensive. I hope you like these projects as much as I do!

Photo from Studio DIY.

1. Donut sunglasses by Studio DIY.
This project is high up on my to-do list. I am so in love with them. I'm all for novelty items, and have been wanting to start a colourful sunglasses collection ever since I saw Kate from scathingly-brilliant's collection, and I think these will be a great addition. The glasses Kelly uses are only $10 from Amazon, so this isn't a project that's going to break the bank either!

2. Donut piñata by Studio DIY.
My next birthday may be my 21st, but I know I certainly wouldn't complain if there was a piñata present... especially if that piñata was shaped like a donut! I can't think of anything more fun than hitting a big treat repeatedly until a heap of smaller treats fall out of it. If you can somehow put donuts inside of it (inside a wrapper or something) that would make me even happier. Although, on second thought, I would need two donut piñatas: one to actually use, and one to hang up somewhere in my house so I can just admire it.

Photo from whydontyoumakeme.

3. Donut clock by whydontyoumakeme.
I love clocks! I only have three at the moment (one with Hello Kitty on it, one with the Eiffel Tower on it, and one with cupcakes on it), but I used to have a lot more, and probably will have more in the future. I don't actually use them because I'm too lazy to put batteries in them, my phone already has a clock, and I think hearing the ticking of 3+ clocks would eventually send me up the wall. That being said, if I was going to actually use a clock, it would be this one. It's bright, colourful and, most importantly, a donut!

4. Donut beach umbrella by Studio DIY.
I hardly ever go outside, let alone go to the beach (and when I do go, it's only to take photos), but I still absolutely love this idea. I wish I wasn't superstitious about opening umbrellas inside, or I would constantly have this baby on display. If I was going to do this project though, I would probably use a regular size umbrella, or even a parasol, so I actually have a chance of using it.

Photo from paintthegownred.

5. Donut bulletin board by paintthegownred.
I love bulletin boards. I think that's why I enjoy journaling so much, because they're sort of like mini bulletin boards; just scattered with mementos and photos. Daniel and I spend most of our times in our office, and it's important to me for my space to be filled with things that make me happy and will send off positive vibes - and it makes me happy just looking at the photos of these bulletin boards. Maybe I'll get around to making them sometime over the new year.

I also quite like this DIY donut purse and these DIY donut stools, but they look more difficult as cutting vinyl without a fancy machine is evidently a tedious task. I would really like to have a few donut stools in my own house one day, though. (FYI: I have no affiliation with any of these blogs or their authors. I just really admire these projects and wanted to share them!)


I would really like it if 2017 becomes the year that I finally do all the things that I say I want to do (more baking, more DIY projects etc), but I honestly have no clue what my future entails so I'm hesitant to make goals I may not be able to complete. I really do want to make those donut sunglasses though...

If you know of any cute DIY projects, donut related or not, feel free to comment or link them down below!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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