Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is officially over for 2016, and I can't help but a little feel sad. I love this time of year, all the decorations and catching up with family, and I always feel a little deflated when it's over - but this post isn't about me complaining, it's about me telling you what a great Christmas I had!

Throughout December I was able to catch up with (nearly) all of my best friends over two dinners, and I saw two 'lots' of my family over a dinner and a lunch, so that was really lovely. The last lunch was on Christmas Eve, and after a month full of catching up with people and working in an extremely busy shopping centre, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the car ride home, which I haven't done in years. The drive wasn't even an hour long! I fell asleep again when I got home even though it was only 6pm, and then I did it again yesterday afternoon. This month has really worn me out!

Daniel and I got up around 9am on Christmas Day, so it wasn't too early. This year I put together a little 'hamper' of Daniel's favourite treats, pictured below, which I gave to him first. I'm thinking about making it a yearly gift, and I've already been noting down things to put in next year's hamper.

After that, we got up and opened our presents. This year was definitely the most I've ever spent on anyone, and it felt really nice to be able to do so. I had picked out most of my presents, but I had forgotten what a few were so it was nice to open them and be surprised.

Daniel also thought that I had gotten him a clock (which he doesn't like), and that I hadn't gotten him some wooden chopping boards (which he actually wanted), so he was pleasantly surprised to open up the present he thought was a clock and discover that it was actually three chopping boards!

Some of Daniel's presents from me.

I am so in love with all the things I got this year, but one gift actually made me cry. Daniel had told me he was going to make me something for Christmas, and I was instantly over the moon, and also completely stumped over what it could be. It turns out that while I was at work on Christmas Eve Eve, Daniel spent five hours making me a candle! Not just any candle, but a candle made with all my favourite things combined. 

He bought a bunch of red stick candles (because I love red) and melted them into a mason jar (I also love mason jars), and added coffee to it (because I've been wanting a coffee scented candle forever)! It took five hours because he'd melt a bit of one of the candles into the jar, add some coffee, and then wait for that bit to dry before adding more so that the coffee was evenly distributed, plus he had to hold the wick until the candle had set so it didn't fall in!

It still wasn't finished by the time I came home from work so I found out what it was a bit early, but that didn't matter. I just couldn't believe how much time and effort he put into it, and the fact that he included all the little things I love into it really proved how well he knows me. So I cried, because I'm a huge softie! I also thought of getting a peg to clamp onto the wick, then resting the peg on the top of the jar so he didn't have to stand there holding it, so it was probably good that he let me see what he was doing!

A few of my Pokemon and Sailor Moon presents.

Once we'd opened our presents, Daniel had to start on dinner. He got a recipe for pressed pork from a Gordon Ramsay YouTube video, and it was going to take over 8 hours to make, so he had to start soon if we wanted to eat dinner at a normal time. Once he'd done that, and it was in the oven cooking, we just relaxed for a while. I played Pokemon Sun, which I've been dying to play, and he played Battlefield 1, which was an early Christmas present I got him.

After a lovely and relaxing day, we set up the table for dinner. We usually eat at our desks, but since it was a special occasion we ate the table. I even bought a red table runner to make it feel Christmassy. We had the pressed pork (which turned out so good!) and some vegetables, then pavlova for dessert - which we smothered in cream, and then decorated with fruit. It was gorgeous and delicious!

It was a really nice Christmas, and I couldn't have asked for more. It was really nice to be able to spoil each other after such a rough start to the year. I am so lucky to have such great family and friends around me. Even though I don't see them often, they're still my favourite people in the world. It's so nice to not have anyone in my life anymore that brings me down, or makes me question myself. I am only surrounded by love, and that is a truly special thing.


As much as I liked this year, I am looking forward to most aspects of 2017. I am looking forward to a fresh slate, and to starting a whole new year with just Daniel and I. I like feeling that anything is possible at the start of a new year.

Until next time,
Indya xx