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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sunday Savings #9

After staying away from the op shops for nearly an entire month, my urge to go in and look at the books was just too strong, and I caved. I've bought all of Daniel's presents except for one, plus I have been doing a few more hours at work recently, so this week was a good time to visit Savers.

I only watched Gilmore Girls this year, and I loved it, so when I discovered that Lauren Graham (who plays Lorelai) had written a book, I knew I wanted to read it. I added it to my "Want to Read" list on Goodreads, but I never thought I would find it so quickly! 

It was $4.99, which is definitely on the pricier side for a book from Savers, but it is relatively new - plus, with Year in the Life coming out, it will most likely be on people's radars again. Not to mention that it's a hardback edition, which is currently unavailable on Book Depository, but is listed at a very steep $42.38. The $4.99 that I spent on it doesn't seem so bad anymore!

I don't know much about Death of a Salesman other than the fact that it's a classic - and it's on the Rory Gilmore Challenge, which I am hoping to cross a few books off of within the new year, so I thought I'd pick this one up while I had the chance. 

I can't find this exact edition on Book Depository or even the Dymocks website, so I'm just going to compare it to the most popular edition since they're both paperbacks and were only published a year apart. That edition is $11.20 on Book Depository, which isn't bad, but still not as good as the $2.49 that I spent!

Total spent: $7.48
Total saved: $46.10

Today really was full of great finds. Crime and Punishment is another one on the Rory Gilmore Challenge (one that I'm actually excited about reading, unlike some of the other ones listed), and whilst these exact books aren't on the list, the work of both Henry James and Nick Hornby are on the list, so I thought I'd give some of their other titles a go. 

I've also been wanting to read something by Zelda Fitzgerald ever since I fell in love with her husband's writing in The Great Gatsby. I've already read two books by Nick Hornby and I was left thoroughly unimpressed, but About A Boy was 'good enough' to be made into a movie, so maybe I'll like this one.

All together I spent $14.95 on this pile of books, and ended up saving $75.75 when compared the prices on Book Depository - except for About A Boy, which still had its original sticker for $22.90 on it.

I swear I see Stolen nearly every single time I go into a second hand shop, so today I finally broke down and bought it. This particular edition - with the 'cracks' on the cover - is currently unavailable on Book Depository, but is listed as $17.98. I only paid $2.99.

I've heard so many good things about Kurt Vonnegut that I'll pick up anything with his name on it.. I've only read one of his books, Hocus Pocus, which certainly didn't blow me away, but I've heard quite a bit about Cat's Cradle so I have higher hopes for this one. Book Depository has this edition listed for $11.85 (although it's currently unavailable, as usual), but I only paid $2.49.

Total spent: $5.48
Total saved: $24.35

I don't usually buy DVDs because Netflix exists, but I really do miss watching The Simpsons. It was such a big part of my childhood, watching it every night at 6pm (and then Neighbours at 6:30!), and now that it's been so long since I've seen any of it, it will seem like new to me.

Family Guy basically goes against everything I stand for, but there's just little things about it that I like - such as Brian's love of literature, and Stewie in general is pretty funny - and both of these DVDs were only $3 each, so it's not like I spent heaps of money of it.

Total spent: $6
Total saved: $33.96


Total spent overall: $33.91
Total saved overall: $180.16

Wow, I saved nearly $200! I'm super happy with that. I'm really excited to read some of these books, but I've also recently discovered free kindle books on Amazon, so I now have over 300 of them to get through as well. I definitely won't be short of books to read in 2017, that's for sure!

Until next time,
Indya xx