Friday, 6 January 2017

Adventure #14: New Year's Eve Fireworks

Daniel and I attended the early bird fireworks held at Yarra Park on New Year's Eve. Public transport was free after 6pm (yay!), so we couldn't complain too much that we had to get off the train halfway and get onto a very crowded bus for the rest of the trip.

We got to Yarra Park around 9pm and walked around for a little while. It was a really nice night, and there were kids everywhere with glow sticks and bubble wands (which I'm so bringing this year if we do anything for New Year's). It was a such a peaceful atmosphere; very family-friendly and safe feeling. 

The fireworks went off at 9:30 and they were amazing. I absolutely love fireworks - which is why Daniel suggested that we go out, because he knew I'd want to see some, and there weren't any being set off in our town.

Since we were already so close to the city, we decided to go and see the midnight fireworks as well. Being in the city at night made us both a little nervous, especially on such a busy night, but once we got there we felt fine. We had no idea what we were going to do until midnight, but that didn't matter as it took us until ten past eleven to actually get to the city. 

The nearest train station to Yarra Park was so full that security told everyone it would be faster to walk to the next station, which is what we did. One side of the road was completely blocked off so pedestrians could get through the tunnels. That was actually a pretty cool aspect of the night; it's not often (or at all) that we walk through tunnels at night - especially within a crowd of hundreds.

The city was packed. We were completely blown away by how many people there were, but it was good because it made you feel safe and that, if something went wrong, someone would be there to help. Once we'd walked through the tunnel and over a bridge, we ended up at Alexandra Gardens. 

I was starving, but we had a really good view of the water - which is where everyone thought the fireworks would be - and didn't want to risk losing it. Besides, we had no idea where to get any food, so we decided just to sit down and wait for the fireworks.

At midnight, the fireworks went off all around us. Everyone had been facing the water, thinking they'd be set off there, but they were set off in so many different areas that no one knew where to look. I know I saw at least five different spots where they were being set off, but there were even more behind some tall buildings that we couldn't see properly. 

It really was amazing. Every time some would go off, you'd have to quickly turn around to look, and before you knew it, more would be going off in the other direction. It was more or less the same group of fireworks at each spot, which I thought was nice as it meant that pretty much no matter where you were in the city, you could see at least some of the fireworks.

I tried to get lots of photos, but I also just wanted to be there in the moment. This is mine and Daniel's fourth New Year's together, our fourth kiss at midnight on December 31st, and it was the first time we'd been in the city at night, just the two of us. It was really nice. Everyone around us just seemed to fade away and all I saw was Daniel, and the fireworks.

The trip home was definitely not as fun. As soon as the fireworks were over, we practically started running back to the train station to try and beat the crowd. We had wanted to leave before they were finished, but the crowd was way too thick to get through. It didn't take too long to get to the station, but it took quite a while to get onto a train. The first one that arrived filled up before we could get on, so we had to wait until the next one, which wasn't for another half an hour.

We stood right at the yellow line so we could be first on - then, just before it arrived, the screens swapped and said it was going to arrive on the other side, which was absolutely packed, so we couldn't get on. We waited again for the next one, and made sure we got on this time. We had to swap to a bus halfway again, and then walk, so it was after 2am by the time we got home.

I was exhausted afterwards, but very happy nonetheless. We'd had a nice night out, I'd gotten some good photos, and best of all, we weren't going to wake up feeling awful since we didn't drink! I haven't drunk in nearly a year, and I never regret not drinking when we go out. It's just so nice to come home and not feel sick for the next day or two.

I had been nervous about 2017, but it really hasn't felt any different so far. I've been doing typical New Year's stuff, such as making goals and getting rid of a lot of stuff I don't need, but other than that, it feels just like any other day. Hope you all had a safe and fun New Year's Eve!

Until next time,
Indya xx