Friday, 27 January 2017

Adventure #16: Loritz Circus

I am an adventure hoarder. Any event that I can go to, I will try my best to attend. That being said, I am also an adventure repeater; I often go on the same type of adventures, just at different locations. Circuses are one example of those adventures. Every year for the last three years, Daniel and I have gone to the circus. So far we have seen the Lennon Bros Circus, Silvers Circus, and now the Loritz Circus.

I always forget that the seating at circuses is very sub-par. There were four different sections, and we chose the second most expensive, thinking that'd give us a better viewing point, but it was all pretty much the same - apart from the VIP seats right in the front. No matter where you sat, it was on a plastic chair that threatened to break under your weight if you leant too far back. I really wasn't too fussed though, I love circuses and am always amazed by them, no matter how many times I've been.

After being to three different circuses, I've realised that a lot of the acts are very similar. You have your clowns, jugglers, ribbon climbers, etc - but I've also noticed that everyone has their own unique acts, too. For example, the Lennon Bros Circus is known for having lions as part of their acts. As far as I know, they're the only circus in Australia to feature lions (don't quote me on that though). The Loritz Circus, though, had some more unique acts.

I'm not going to talk about every act I saw because that'll just ruin it for anyone who may see this circus at some point, but I have to talk about one of them involving a horse, because it was so unlike anything I've seen before. This sweet old guy pretended he owned a motel and that the horse was a customer. It was quite humorous. The horse sat down on a chair at one point, and then laid in a bed later on - and every time the guy would take the blanket off the horse and say it was time to get up, the horse grabbed the blanket and pulled it back on himself. It was so freaking adorable.

Animals being in circuses does make me a little worried as you never know how they're treated off-stage, but this guy seemed to really love this horse. He was very kind and gentle, and the horse himself seemed very calm and looked well-fed.

My favourite parts, though, were the Wheel of Death and the Globe of Death. Once again, they're both common acts that I've seen at other circuses, but they're always amazing and breathtaking to watch. The Wheel of Death involves a guy running freely inside - and outside - a huge wheel while it spins around really high off the ground. In one of the photos below you can see him upside down inside of the wheel whilst it's spinning. It was absolutely terrifying to watch, but I just couldn't look away.

The Globe of Death involves three people on motorbikes, all riding inside one round, metal cage. It is so intense, but I love it. I would honestly pay the same price just to see these two acts. Photos just don't show off the vulnerability of it all; the fact that something could go wrong at any second. I don't usually like things that stress me out so much (who would?), especially since I struggle with anxiety, but these tricks are just too amazing not to see at least once in your life.

Daniel really is such a trooper when it comes to taking me out on little dates and adventures. He constantly jokes that he hates going outside and having to talk to people, but he's always up for taking me somewhere if I really want to go. 

He bought us tickets to Taylor Swift's 1989 tour in 2015, even though he hates music, because he knows how much I love her. It was a really long night - not to mention absolutely freezing, especially for him since he gave me his jacket - but he said it was worth it because he'd never seen me so happy and carefree. I really am very lucky to have him in my life.

Until next time,
Indya xx