Monday, 23 January 2017

My Favourite Pick-Me-Ups

I try not to mention it too much on here, but I get sad quite often. It's something that I just can't help. My lifestyle and general mental health have both improved so much over the last 3-4 years, but there's still so many things that I struggle with, and one of them is that - mainly when I'm at home, and especially when I'm alone - I get sad a lot.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I feel so lucky to be where I am, who I am, living the way I do. I know that so many people have it so much worse than me - I personally have already had it so much worse than I do now - but I can't help feeling down sometimes. It comes on at random times, often for no reason. It's mostly when I'm alone and I'm not preoccupied by another person or work, etc. 

try not to fixate on it and instead focus on something else, but I often can't think of anything to do and instead I just sit there, letting the bad thoughts roll around in my head. I don't like doing that, so I decided to write a list of things I can do to help cheer myself up next time I feel down, and I decided to share it on here as a bit of a getting-to-know-me post. Plus, I think it's very important to address mental health issues and reduce the stigma behind it.

1. Read.
This will be a blatantly obvious suggestion to anyone who has read any of my Sunday Savings or Read In... posts, but I still wanted to include it. Reading makes me so happy... most of the time. Sometimes I do force myself to read books that don't interest me all that much simply because they're "classics", but I always feel good about myself when I finish them. It's not that they're bad, because I'm usually quite interested in their plots, it's just the older language can make my brain fall asleep. Regardless, whether I'm reading a book for fun, or reading a book because I feel like I should, I always feel great when I've finished it. Time is never wasted if I've spent it reading.

2. Watch TV Shows.
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I've watched this show more than any other show (Friends used to hold that title), and I could continuously re-watch it every single day and not get sick of it. I love this show. Admittedly it's mostly because seeing Jake and Amy pine over each other really tugs at my heart strings, but there's so much more than that. I love Terry Crews' character, and how he's so tough but also has a big heart. Boyle, who just wants to find love, and absolutely adores his best friend Jake. Gina, who has more self confidence than anyone I've ever known. Rosa, who is so badass but is also a huge softie. Captain Holt, who is just fantastic and hilarious, and has a very important backstory. Most of all, though, it makes me laugh and it's easily my number one pick-me-up because it's always guaranteed to make me feel better.

- Jane the Virgin: This show is so addictive. It's actually not a show I would go to for a pick-me-up, as it is super stressful and heart-wrenching, but it's definitely something I watch whenever I'm bored. There's never a dull moment in it. Plus, I am always trying to diversify what I watch, but Australian Netflix doesn't really have much to choose from.

- The Big Bang Theory: I'm aware that a lot of people don't like this show, but I love it. I've loved it since it started and I will love it well after it is finished. I've really enjoyed watching the character and writing development. It has come so far from being about a dumb blonde, an downright jerk and a desperate-for-love loser. Penny is confident, smart and independent now; Leonard is much more sure of himself; and Sheldon is practically a completely different person. Even Raj grew to be more confident, and Howard got himself in order too (well, not 100%, but there's still been a huge improvement). Plus there's two more main girl characters now, who are both scientists, and who I admire so much. This show has a permanent place within my heart.

3. Shop.
I have a shopping problem, I'm well aware of that. Before I moved out I never used to buy myself anything because it would make me feel so unbelievably guilty (I also had no money because someone would always "borrow" it and not give it back, but that's not what this post is about), but once we started living on our own and I actually got to keep my own money, I started shopping and practically haven't stopped since.

90% of what I own I have bought in the last 11 months. I have spent so much money on clothes, jewellery, make-up, knickknacks, books, bags, pop culture items, and - my latest obsessed - enamel pins. I have spent hundreds on them already. I can't deny it though, shopping makes me happy. Super happy. I am all about trying to make my home a happy environment so my random feelings of sadness don't happen as often, which is how I justify most of my purchases. I bought a $20 door stop just because it's shaped like an ice cream, even though we already had a door stop that we barely use. I'm a sucker things shaped like other things - particularly if those things are shaped like food!

4. Distract myself.
Reading really is my favourite thing to do, but if I'm feeling really down, I'm just not able to give books the attention they need, so I'll do something that doesn't require me to focus as much. These things include listening to music, online window shopping, playing my DS, or going on Pinterest. I actually hardly ever play my DS, but I do love it. I love Animal Crossing (I have both Wild World and New Leaf) and Pokemon (I have ten Pokemon games, but I'm currently playing Sun) the most.

Out of all these things, Pinterest is the one I do the most. It's just so addictive and often inspires me to write, do a DIY project, cook something, or/and organise the house, so I don't always feel like it's a waste of time afterwards.

Depending what kind of mood I'm in, cleaning and organising can also be really relaxing and uplifting, especially if I'm going through my stuff and looking for things to get rid of. I own so much stuff, and I live in a small space, so it can feel quite crowded and cluttered at times, and doing a spring clean always makes me feel better.

Until next time,
Indya xx