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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sunday Savings #10

You'd think after I bought all those books in the last Sunday Savings post, I wouldn't have felt the need to get more this week, but alas, that was not the case. I actually did some quick adding and discovered that I have saved nearly $700 since I started writing these Sunday Savings posts! I didn't include any old game consoles and accessories that we've bought though, as they're not available anymore.

I've been looking out for a copy of Madame Bovary ever since I first discovered the Rory Gilmore Challenge, so I'm very happy that I finally have it. I already have the next 4 or 5 books that I want to read lined up, but I am hoping to cross quite a few books of the Rory Gilmore Challenge this year, so hopefully it won't be too long before I read this one.

I've honestly never been interested in reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The movie didn't even interest me - although, not many do, so that's not too surprising - but when I saw the book was only around 200 pages long, I thought I'd pick it up. It will be a quick and easy read, and I might as well see what all the hype is about.

Both of these books were $2.99 each, but Book Depository has this edition of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe listed for $16.98, and another paperback Penguin Classics edition of Madame Bovary (as I couldn't find this exact one) for $12.93.

Total spent: $5.98
Total saved: $23.93

I just want to first say I am not a fan of Lena Dunham, and I agree that she is very problematic (if you're unfamiliar with her, here is a quick list of some of the questionable things she has said and done). Even the name of this book makes me cringe! Terms like "that kind of girl" pit girls against each other and try belittle others for their own life choices. 

However, I have heard both good and bad things about this book, and I really just want to see what its like. I know my opinion on Lena won't change either way, and since I bought it secondhand, the money is going to charity, rather than to Lena.

This next book is one I haven't heard of before, but I picked it up as soon as I read the spine. This book analyses religion and society and talks about how common the oppression of women still is today, which I think will be very interesting. It sounds quite similar to The Second Sex by Simone Beauvoir (which I haven't picked up in far too long), although this book is a lot shorter and easier to read.

This edition of Not That Kind of Girl is listed as $34.71 on Book Depository, but I only spent $3.99 on it, and Does God Hate Women? is a whopping $40.30 (already reduced, too!), whereas I only paid $2.99 for it.

Total spent: $6.98
Total saved: $68.03

I can't even remember how I first found out about The Color Purple, but I added it to my to-read list in August, and now I finally own it! It sounds very confronting, but intriguing nonetheless. I've always been told that any book that has been frequently challenged and/or banned is worth looking into.

Catch-22 has also been on my to-read list since August, and is on the Rory Gilmore Challenge as well. It doesn't like anything that I've ever read before, but it has over 500, 000 ratings on Goodreads, so it must be somewhat interesting! I spent a total of $6.48 on these books, and saved myself $29.43.

Total spent overall: $19.44
Total saved overall: $121.39

I really am so grateful that secondhand shops exist. I would be so incredibly broke if I bought this many books brand new every week.


By the way, Happy New Year! There will be lots of talk about goals for 2017 and photos of NYE fireworks in next week's posts. Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year's!

Until next time,
Indya xx