Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday #7: Cute Bookmark Edition

I am obsessed with Pinterest, there's no doubt about that. I have 39 public boards, and 20 'secret' ones. I love being able to keep all my ideas and inspiration in one place, and it's one of the only activities that can completely distract me when I'm feeling really anxious and/or down. Plus, it's also the place that I find most of things for these posts!

One thing I really like about Pinterest is that it shows you certain things based on what you often pin, so ever since I pinned those super cute collar bookmarks that I talked about in my last WILW post, I've been seeing so many other adorable bookmarks that I just have to share with you guys.

1. Pokemon,
I'm sure it's not going to surprise anyone that I love these bookmarks, as I am very open about my love of Pokemon. These are so cute (and handmade!), and I can practically see their little legs wriggling as they're trying to get in between the pages.

2. Witch legs.
There's nothing better than a bookmark that references an actual book - especially a cult favourite like The Wizard of Oz - and I find the ruby redness of her shoes contrasts beautifully with the black and white stripes.

3. Sailor Moon (magnetic).
Sailor Moon is one of my most favourite things ever, and I love collecting things with her weapons and other "tools" on them. I have an enamel pin and a choker of the Crisis Moon Compact, which is the one at the end, and I'm dying to get everything Sailor Moon-related from this Etsy.

If Sailor Moon isn't your thing (gasp!), but you still like the idea of magnetic bookmarks, they also have Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and other pop culture themed ones as well.

4. Lamp.
I think I like this one purely because it reminds me of the Pixar lamp (most likely for no reason other than they're both lamps), but it's still pretty cute. By the looks of it the yellow bit isn't actually that long, so I'd be worried it would fall out easily, but I like that it appears to be 'highlighting' the page. It's almost as though you could actually use this bookmark as a reading light - now that would be cool!

5. Donuts.
These bookmarks are great because they're donuts, they're free, they feature a pun, and they're easy to make. You just download the template, print, fold them in half, and glue! I think I might make them just for the novelty of them, even though I only ever use my ones from Book Depository or Cassy Fry.

6. Cabaret Legs.
I know I've talked about this shop a lot in this post, but I just love their items! I've never seen a cabaret show or anything even close to it, but I really like this bookmark because it's just so pretty and feminine. Plus, I still have a soft spot for fishnet leggings, even though I haven't worn them since 2012 - or perhaps even before that.

7. Magical Girl weapons.
I am so, so in love with these bookmarks. Both Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura were my childhood, and I love that you get all five of them for only $9 - although I just noticed that shipping to Australia is $19, so I guess I won't be getting these anytime soon! They're designed for you to cut out, but I'd probably keep them as they are as I wouldn't trust my cutting out abilities, and I feel like they'd bend easier once they were cut out.

Until next time,
Indya xx