Monday, 20 February 2017

Female Bloggers You Need To Follow

I'm going to begin by warning you that there will be a lot of fangirl-ing in this post. I never really read blogs before I started my own, but since then I have discovered so many amazing blogs that are run by equally amazing people, and I'm honestly in awe of them all.

Blogger/blog: Kate from Scathingly-Brilliant.
Favourite post:
If you like it then you should have put a coat of paint on it.

Read if: you're looking for some creative inspiration.

Kate honestly seems like the coolest person ever, and I am completely in love with her blog - and her house. Everything she posts is so bright and colourful, I can't help but feel happy when I see something associated with her. Judging by her posts, she seems like a really sweet person who likes a lot of the same things I do (pastel colours, reading, cats, etc), but my favourite thing about her is her creativity and ability to turn anything drab into fab! The above post completely changed the way I see the world. There were so many things in my home that I've been planning on slowly getting rid of and replacing with things that are more "me", but now I've realised the power of DIY, that's all going to change! Kate's post is mostly about painting things, but it opened my eyes to the fact that I can give just about anything a makeover, and I've already got some great ideas planned!

Blogger/blog: Jemma from Dorkface.
Favourite post: Editing old blog posts.
Read if: you're in need of some helpful blogging tips.

Jemma's bright and colourful photos were what initially drew me to her blog and Instagram, but it was her helpful and positive content that made me stick around. Jemma's always has good advice on all aspects of the blogging world, and has endless ideas for how to pass the time, what to post on social media, or what DIY project to do next. She also sells her own artwork, amongst other things, on her Etsy shop.

Blogger/blog: Tara from Cattitude and Co.
Favourite post: 6 Things I'd Teach in Sex Education.
Read if: you want no-nonsense advice on life, feminism, sex and more.

The first post of Tara's that I ever read was her Sexual Milestones post and I remember thinking how badass she was for talking about things like that publicly. I love women who are unapologetically themselves and don't care what people think, and Tara is definitely one of those women. I think her post about sex education is really important because she's right: we hardly get taught anything. There's so much more to our bodies than how to make a baby, and it's dangerous to let teenagers enter that stage in their life so unprepared. I live in Australia and, from what I can tell, our sex education is a lot better than other countries, but it wasn't until I discovered Laci Green on YouTube that I realised how much is still left out, and it's just not right. Tara blogs about heaps of other things too - food, life, books, travel, etc - but it's her candid, straight-to-the-point posts about sex and feminism that I love the most.

Blogger/blog: Kaylah from The Dainty Squid.
Favourite post: Collection of Curiosities.
Read if: you want to browse through incredibly extensive and unique collections.

It was honestly nearly impossible to choose a favourite post from The Dainty Squid, as I love every single thing that Kaylah posts. She has basically the complete opposite life to me, and yet I am so intrigued by it. I find that I'm just living vicariously through her blog posts. All her posts about her abandoned building adventures, her beach findings, and her unusual collections are incredibly addicting and I don't think I'll ever get sick of them. She's also a fantastic photographer and an animal-lover, which makes her even more awesome.

Blogger/blog: Nicole from Writes Like A Girl.
Favourite post: anything under her 'goals' tag.
Read if: you want to feel motivated about life.

I hated goals before I started reading Writes Like A Girl, and now I love them. At the end of each month Nicole sets herself some small goals to achieve the next month, and reflects on how she did for that month's goals. I don't know what it is, but reading about other people's goals and plans makes me feel really motivated, which is what inspired me to set some small goals for myself this year - and they're going great so far! I also love Nicole's annual birthday bucket lists, where she sets herself some goals to achieve by her next birthday, as well as the anti-bucket list she wrote at the end of last year that listed all the things she had done in 2016.


Some more (but not all!) of my favourite blogs that deserve a mention:

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What's the best blog post you've ever read? Or better yet, the best blog post you've ever written?

Until next time,

Indya xx