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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday Savings #14

Today was such a good shopping day and I'm so happy with all the things I got! I absolutely love Sundays. Daniel and I have a routine of sleeping in, buying ourselves some delicious rolls from Coles for breakfast (Hawaiian for Daniel, sweet chilli and capsicum for me), then scoping out Cash Converters and Savers before doing our food shopping. It's the one day that we always try to keep free so we can spend it together, and it's always the highlight of my week.

First up is three DVDs I got from Cash Converters. They were all only $1 each, and you get a 3 month warranty on them, so I don't actually mind buying DVDs from there. The first thing I saw was a huge pile of Pokemon DVDs, but I already have them all except for two - Clash of Ages and Origins - so I didn't end up spending as much as I thought I would. I also picked up an Arj Barker DVD since I love his show Joy Harvest that's on Netflix.

From JB Hi-Fi, both of the Pokemon DVDs are $15.98 each, and the Arj Barker DVD is a very steep $28.99, so I ended up saving $57.95 altogether!

I couldn't find the mini easel anywhere online, but I found some similar ones online that were really expensive, which is silly when you think about how easy it is to make one out of popsicle sticks (there are so many DIY projects for it on Pinterest). I liked this one because the picture is protected by glass. I'm not sure if I'll keep the Paris picture in and put it with my Eiffel Tower things, or if I'll put one of my own photos in it.

I only got 3 books today, but I am super happy with the ones I got! They're all on my to-read list, and In Cold Blood is from the Rory Gilmore Challenge as well. It sounds really interesting, but also quite scary, so it may be a while before I read it. The cover for The Secret Garden is beautiful and all the "stitched" parts stick out in a cool 3D effect, I really like it. I'm also quite excited about Why We Broke Up and, even though it's quite a big book, I think it'll be a fairly quick read.

I spent $8.47 on these books, and saved $47.72 altogether! I know I say this all the time, but I am so grateful for secondhand stores. If I bought as many books as I do brand new, I would need at least three more jobs to pay for them all.

Another purchase that I'm so, so happy with! One of my friends is having a Barbie themed 21st which I am super excited about as I have the perfect Barbie-pink dress and handbag to wear to it, but I didn't have any pink shoes, or any shoes that I thought would go with the dress. I planned to have a look for some today, but as I have tiny feet I didn't expect to find anything that would fit me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these gorgeous things! I'm especially happy because they're wedges which I find a lot easier to walk in than normal heels, and they're not too dressy so I can wear them anytime.

I only paid $5.99 for them, which is good considering they're by the brand Rubi Shoes, who lists other wedges on their site for $29.95, which means I saved a very decent amount of $23.96 on just one item!


This next item has already made my entire year. Daniel spotted it pretty much straight away, and instantly came over to tell me, causing me to actually jog over to it, I was that excited.

It's a typewriter! I owned a typewriter before the fires (which is what I refer to Black Saturday as), and it has been the one thing I've always wanted to replace. They've become a lot more common now, especially electric ones, but I prefer the old "manual" ones.

I saw a lot of different prices for typewriters online. Pinnock have many different typewriters and I saw some going for $100-$150, but it felt unfair to compare it to those ones since they were a little different, so I kept looking and managed to find this exact one for sale on Gumtree for $50. I know it's not exactly an accurate comparison since it's just being sold by someone who doesn't want theirs anymore, but it seemed a lot more reasonable - and, since I only paid $24.99 for mine, I still saved $25.01!


Altogether I spent $42.45, which did make me cringe a little, but I ended up saving $154.64, which is awesome. Plus, I really am so unbelievably happy that after eight years, I finally own a typewriter again. I love it so much - and it works, too! The ink is running out, but Daniel's confident that we could find a place that sells the ribbons. I don't mind either way though, as long as I can look at it I'm happy.

Until next time,
Indya xx