Monday, 13 March 2017

Organise Your Home Office Day

After being unaware that Pancake Day was a thing, and not knowing the date of International Women's Day, I made myself research all the upcoming holidays and note down any that I might want to write a blog post about, and it's definitely one of the best decisions I have made.

Whilst many that I found most likely won't be well known - and I think they're mostly based in America (Australia has no cool and unique holidays!) - I still think they're really fun. For example, April 2nd is Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, so of course I tried a recipe that incorporates peanut butter and jelly (jam for my fellow Aussies) to post for that day.

Today, I will be talking about Organise Your Home Office Day, which I discovered on the Days of the Year website. The only other mention I could find of it was on the Home Office Organizer website, so it's obviously not a huge deal, but it did inspire me to actually organise my office - well, more so my desk, as the only other thing in my half of the office is my Pokemon shelf, which is always organised.

Here is the obligatory before photo that I was very reluctant to include. I hate mess and disorganisation so it hurts to even look at this photo, even though it's been a lot worse before.

Technically Organise Your Home Office Day is on March 14th, which is tomorrow, but I'm trying to stick to uploading on Mondays and Fridays (at least) so I maintain a regular schedule, so I thought a day early wouldn't hurt. Plus, now that you know about this 'holiday' beforehand, you have the opportunity to join in on organising your home office if you want to!

Here it is after. It's nowhere near what I want it to look like (basically everything on this Pinterest board, I want), but it still makes me happy. I love all the pink, the photos of Daniel, and my beloved pin collection. I will never get sick of looking at them.

I change what's on the wall all the time, but at the moment I have a backing card that came with the Friends frame pin I bought from Goellnerd; a Cry Baby print from Elorasaurus; a picture I got from a magazine, illustrated by Mel Stringer; a pink paint sample card; a camera picture I received from a pen pal; a small card by Mel Macklin; two cards from Daniel; some mini cards by Able and Game; and a tiny picture of a mouse, which I can't remember where it came from!

Once my little house of pins (which was definitely one of the best Sunday Savings finds of last year) is filled up, I'll do a collection post on them and the artists who made them. For now, you can find most of them mentioned somewhere in my Instagram feed.

Underneath my top shelf isn't as pretty unfortunately (that's blu tack stuck under the glass, not chewing gum, in case you were wondering), but I like having all these things nearby. The gorgeous pink box is something I received for my last birthday, as are two of the journals that are on the right.

The thick journal next to the box is my art journal, then there's just some pencils (that I've had since year 7 back in 2009!); my DS; Pokemon Sun; a pencil case; four notebooks; a clipboard and paper; and a mug that says "craft makes me happy" that's filled with random things like magnets and bobby pins.

Lists are my favourite thing to write. The yellow notebook that's in an earlier photo is primarily for future reference lists, such as the baking items that I own and things I want in my future house, but my clipboard and sticky notes are for daily, weekly and monthly reminders.

The pink journal is my every day one, the light brown one is my bullet journal, and the dark brown one is for blog things. If I don't write things down, I will forget to do them, so having all these journals really helps me stay organised.

To the right of my pin house is this photo of Daniel and one of my oldest friends in the cutest photo holder (which is an old thrift shop find), a lamp that I never use but still love, and some very cute and derpy chickens.

Inside the pink box is a bunch of scrapbooking and snail mail decorations and accessories, most of which I received from a pen pal. I have heaps more scattered in different drawers and containers around the house, but these are my favourite pieces that I want to use first - yet also don't want to use ever because they're too cute.


Even though I spend most of my time in the lounge room now (there's more room, plus it has great natural lighting), I still love my office. I love being in there with Daniel, whether we're doing our own thing, or watching something together. My desk is definitely my happy place; it makes me feel very relaxed, which is rare for me. Do you have a favourite room of the house? Or a place that instantly makes you feel happy when you're there? I'd love to hear about it!

Until next time,
Indya xx