Monday, 10 April 2017

A Day In The Life

These posts are very common; they're almost a rite of passage for bloggers. I personally love reading them as I always think it's interesting to get a look into a blogger's life outside of what they show on their blog.

I've had trouble writing my own as my schedule has always been all over the place, but recently it has become somewhat normal. Whilst my hours at work always change, the actual days have stayed the same for quite some time, and I actually feel like I have a routine now!

A Day in the Life | The Small Adventurer

Daniel's work hours and days change weekly, so it's impossible to add them into our schedule accurately. However, they are all at night time, and never on Sundays. Apart from that, our week days usually looks like this:

Monday - Daniel has uni, I stay at home.
Tuesday - I have work, Daniel stays home.
Wednesday - Daniel has uni, I stay at home.
Thursday - Daniel has uni and I have work.
Friday - I have work, Daniel stays home.
Saturday - A free day! We might go on an adventure, clean the house, or just relax.
Sunday - This day is always reserved for Daniel and I to spend with each other. We treat ourselves to something nice for breakfast, visit some op shops, go food shopping, then come home and organise the kitchen.

The days I am most productive are Mondays and Wednesdays, so those will be the days I talk about today. I love being around Daniel, and get very lonely whenever he's not at home, but I do get a lot more done when I have the house to myself. Whilst it can differ every week, this is how a usual Monday or Wednesday is for me.

7am - Alarm goes off and I wake Daniel up. I stay in bed until he leaves at 7:30, then I go on my laptop.

7:30-8am - I check my blog views and comments, and catch up on my reading list. If it's a Monday, I will publish that day's blog post, and post about it on Twitter and Pinterest.

8:30am - I get up, have some breakfast, and move my laptop into the lounge room. I catch up on the Facebook blogging groups that I'm part of, and scroll through the dashboards of various social media platforms.

9-10am - I work on some blog posts, whether that involves adding some finishing touches, or drafting up a bunch of new posts for the future. I also check my various lists that I have on my laptop, phone and notebooks to see if there's anything that needs to be done for an upcoming blog post, such as take photos.

A Day in the Life | The Small Adventurer

10-11am - I tidy up the lounge room, because I hate being surrounded by mess. This usually just involves putting away shoes, folding the washing, and clearing the table so I am able to take photos later. I then take a bunch of photos for my blog, whether I actually have plans for the photos or not. I like doing this whilst the sun is nice and bright as it provides the best lighting.

11am-12pm - I tidy up a bit more - usually my bedroom this time - and put some washing on. Eventually I'll make myself some lunch, which might be a sandwich or a salad - unless I'm feeling a bit down about something, then I'll usually treat myself to something less healthy.

12-1pm - I've been getting more into exercise lately so I might use this time to go on my exercise bike (especially if I didn't have a good lunch) or do some weights. I usually put on some music or watching something funny whilst I'm doing this.

A Day in the Life | The Small Adventurer

1pm onwards - The rest of the day is usually spent cycling through things I've already done, such as check up on my reading list every couple of hours, doing more washing, checking social media, and writing a heap of ideas for blog posts. Although I've been very slack over the past month, I do usually read a lot too, which I can easily spend hours doing if I'm really into a book.

When Daniel comes home we'll spend some time together, have something to eat, maybe watch an episode of something on Netflix, before going off and doing our own thing until dinnertime. I'll be doing a night time routine post soon so you can hear all about the cute things that Daniel and I have incorporated into our routine.

Do you have a daily or nightly routine? Or perhaps just a few select things that you do each day? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx