Friday, 21 April 2017

A (Much Needed) No Spend Month

Last month on Instagram I mentioned that I had started bullet journaling, which I mostly wanted to do to track my spendings. March was the first month I had ever tracked my spendings - and my savings - and it's safe to say that I was absolutely mortified at the result. I am overall happy with what I have saved within the first 3 and a half months of this year, but when I compare it to how much I've spent, it's pretty awful. In March alone, I only saved 1/6 of the amount of I spent - so, times the amount I saved by 6, and that's roughly how much I spent.

In my spendings tracker I wrote down where I spent my money, but I didn't write exactly what I got so it was hard to say what purchases were necessary or not, but I do know what my biggest 'trigger' is: sadness. Whenever I get sad, which is quite often unfortunately, I either shop or eat junk food. Or both, which is even worse.

I have big plans for the future. I want my dream house, a fancy wedding, and to travel the world, but with how my current spending habits are going, that's not going to happen, so I am trying a no-spend month to help get myself into a better routine. I realise that it is currently the 21st, which is nowhere near the start of the month, so my no-spend month will be from today until the 21st of May.

My no-spend month is going to be very lenient compared to other people's. Very lenient. My biggest goal for the month is to not give in to impulse and comfort purchases, as they really are my biggest weakness, but there's still a lot of things I'm going to allow myself to spend money on that I know a lot of people will think are silly, but they bring me a lot of joy. The rules I'm setting myself for my no-spend month are:

I can:

- Buy new pins if I really want them, as long as I don't spend over $100 on them for the entire month.
- Go out on pre-planned adventures and spend time with friends, being as frugal as possible with my meal and activity choices.
- Buy things for DIY projects and/or recipe testing as these usually aren't very pricey anyway.
- Replace products as I use/need them, such as hair dye.

I can't:

- Go on spontaneous shopping trips or visits to the food court. Leaving my card at home will help this.
- Buy things when I'm sad, especially online.
- Visit any thrift stores, as they are one of my biggest weaknesses.
- Get takeout due to laziness, boredom and/or sadness.

I know it sounds like I'm still allowing myself to spend quite a lot, but the thing I spend most of my money on is pins (I spent $100 on them in one day in March), and now that I've set myself a limit, hopefully I'll be able to stick to it. I've already got two packets of hair dye, so I really shouldn't need to buy any more. The things I need for some DIY projects and recipes that I want to try are very inexpensive, and I don't usually spend much when I go out with friends either, so I actually am pretty confident that I won't spend much this month.


This is my first time trying a no spend month, so I'm really not sure what to expect. I know it's going to be hard to get out of the habit of giving in to sadness and boredom, but I've just got to remind myself of all the things I am saving for. In fact, I might make some lists and/or collages of those things as a way to keep myself on track.

Until next time,
Indya xx