Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Changes and New Perspectives || Weekly Musings

I am constantly trying to think of ways to improve my blog. I don't think a moment goes by where I am not brainstorming content, thinking of how to incorporate something specific into a blog post, looking for inspiration all around me, or doing all those things at once.

One of the things I've been working on/struggling with is my What I'm Loving Wednesday posts. I've only written ten, but that's enough to know that I'm not loving them. I still like the idea of a broad topic though; a type of post where I can cover a range of subjects - such as an article I read, or a fun memory from throughout the week - so I have decided to change the WILW posts into Weekly Musings posts.

This way I feel less pressure to talk about items that I'm loving, and more about life in general. It also eliminates the need for these posts to always be on a certain day of the week, which makes it easier on me. Hopefully these posts will have a bit more substance than my WILW posts as well, and will allow you to keep up with my life outside of this blog.

 I've been getting out of the house a lot more lately, and seeing friends almost weekly. This is a huge change for me, and it's definitely both benefiting and hindering me in different ways. Of course I love spending time with my friends, but now whenever I'm at home, I overthink everything and end up convincing myself that they don't like being around me, despite them telling me different. I know it's just my mind playing tricks on me, but it gets exhausting always having such negative thoughts.

 I finally joined a gym! I wanted to at the start of the year, but didn't end up doing it, even though Daniel did. I finally got sick of my low self esteem and decided to just do it. I hate it when I'm there, but I feel so much better about myself afterwards. I hope I can see some results soon.

 I really enjoyed this article by a mother who believes she doesn't own her daughter's body, and therefore shouldn't get to dictate what she does with it, such as forcing her to hug and kiss family members. I think it's a unique point of view that people should take into consideration.

 Why do poor people 'waste' money on luxury items? This may be one of my favourite articles, and I definitely think you should give it a read if you've ever found yourself thinking this question, or something similar.

 With all the negativity that's constantly happening in the world, it's nice to know that good people still exist. This list of good deeds from all over the world really warmed my heart and lifted my spirits.

Until next time,
Indya xx