Sunday, 16 April 2017

Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

After I continuously saw many variations of this recipe on Pinterest, I knew it was a sign that I had to make them for Easter. They sounded delicious and not too difficult to make, which fits my criteria perfectly. I had to change a few things as I was unable to find butterscotch chips or chow mein noodles at my supermarket, but they still turned out great.

For the noodles, I chose a random packet of noodles that somewhat resembled a bird's nest effect. I honestly can't even remember what they were called, but I found them in the Asian section of the supermarket. I did find this similar recipe that used pretzel sticks instead of noodles after I had already made mine which sounds delicious as well.

I decided to attempt to melt some butterscotch candies in a pot, but they turned out extremely thick and would have been impossible to mix over the noodles, so I ended up using chocolate melts instead.

After melting the chocolate and peanut butter together in a microwave, I slowly added the noodles and stirred until they were all covered, then spooned small amounts into a muffin tray so that they were in the shape of small bird's nests.

Once they had cooled down and the chocolate had hardened, I realised I had failed to put enough of a hole in the middle for the easter eggs to sit in, so I put the nests in the oven until they started to melt slightly and I was able to reshape them and sit the eggs in the middle.

I honestly wasn't convinced that these nests were going to taste nice at all as they had uncooked noodles in them, but you couldn't even taste them under the chocolate and peanut butter coating. In fact, you could barely taste the chocolate either, which is perhaps why the original recipe suggests butterscotch as that is quite a rich flavour, whereas the peanut butter seemed to overpower the chocolate in my ones. Although, as I mentioned in my Ugly Muffin post, I love peanut butter and will not object to eating it straight out of the jar, so I didn't mind that that's all you could taste.

I really did like this recipe as it was a simple one that I'm sure most families would be able to do together and, most of all, the end result is absolutely adorable. I would say that they were too cute to eat, but I've already eaten over half, so that would be a lie.


Is there a certain treat or meal that you love making for Easter? Or perhaps something new that you tried this year? I would love to hear about them!

Until next time,
Indya xx