Monday, 17 April 2017

My Night Routine

As I mentioned in my Day in the Life post, it's difficult for Daniel and I to have a set routine as our work hours change every week, but there's still a few things that we do together every night to ensure that we always spend some time with each other.

Eat dinner and watch something together.
After we finally decide what to eat - which takes forever as we're both so indecisive - I will clean whatever utensils we'll need, and then Daniel cooks. Once it's ready, we'll either sit on the couch or at our desks, and watch something on Netflix while we eat. I know people think watching TV while you eat is a bad habit and stunts conversation, but it's very much the opposite for us.

We love watching TV shows together as we have the same humour, and there's nothing better than watching a good plot twist or cliffhanger with your best friend next to you, freaking out just as much as you are. Together we've watched Friends, Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother (which we're currently watching for a second time at the moment) and Modern Family, as well as parts of other shows here and there.

Brush teeth and get into bed.
Neither of these things are particularly groundbreaking, as everyone does them both each night, but they're things that we always do together. I don't think either one of us has ever gone to sleep without the other one next to us. Even on nights that Daniel is working - which he sometimes doesn't finish until after 11pm - I will wait up for him so we can eat, brush our teeth, and go to sleep at the same time together. It kills me when we have to get up at 6:30 the next morning, but there's no way I could sleep without knowing he got home safely.

Watch funny videos in bed.
Throughout the day, whenever Daniel and I check our social media accounts, we save anything that we want to show the other person. I usually save videos and photos from Facebook, and screenshot photos from Instagram, whilst Daniel will upvote things on Reddit. 99.99% of the things that we show each other involves a cute animal of some kind.

After we've gone through everything, we check Fail Army to see if they've uploaded a new video, and if they haven't, we watch an old one that we haven't seen before. Fail videos are a guilty pleasure of mine; I'd love to think I'm too evolved to find people injuring themselves funny, but those videos always get me. One thing I hate is pranks, though, so I don't watch any prank themed videos. They just cause me unnecessary stress.


That's it! I know it's not a particularly exciting routine, but I still love it. I hardly get to see Daniel during the day because I'm either at work or he's at school, and then in the late afternoon he'll be at work or/and I'll be cleaning or working on blog posts, so it's nice to have a few hours set aside each night to spend with each other. Do you have a nightly routine that you're particularly fond of?

Until next time,
Indya xx