Friday, 26 May 2017

(More) Awesome Blogs That You Need To Follow

Back in February I shared a handful of my favourite blogs, which was met with a great response. Since then, I have discovered and fallen in love with even more blogs (I am currently following 130 blogs - and yes, I read all of them!) that I have been eager to share. 

There are so many great bloggers out there who have kind hearts and interesting minds; these are just a few that have particularly stood out to me!

Blogger/blog: Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved To Write.
Favourite post: 8 Reasons to Just Be Happy Today.
Read if: you believe that every moment is special and worth appreciating.

It was honestly very difficult to pick just one post for my favourite as I absolutely love everything that Chelsea writes - especially her 'What I'm Learning' posts. The way she views the world and is so appreciative of everything she has in her life is so inspiring; it's like a lovely breath of fresh air. She has such a good heart and reading her blog has definitely encouraged me to live in the moment more, and not let the little things get me down.


Blogger/blog: Mandy from A Girl Obsessed.

Favourite post: Ways to Procrastinate While Still Getting Things Done.
Read if: you love simple but effective beauty and lifestyle posts that are paired with gorgeous images.

I don't actually read a lot of beauty or fashion blogs, but Mandy's blog is still one of my favourites. I'm not one to keep up with trends or try new make-up products unless I absolutely need them, but I still love reading Mandy's reviews and tips - especially since all the photos in her posts are absolutely breathtaking. She also writes great lifestyle posts about her personal goals, tips for leading a healthy and positive lifestyle, and much more.


Blogger/blog: Kayleigh from Kayleigh Zaraa.

Favourite post: My 2017 F*** Budget.
Read if: you like blogs that cover a range of topics from blogging and social media tips, to plans and goals for the future, to reviews of beauty products, and more!

Kayleigh writes about a range of topics, which is one of my favourite things in a blog. I know a lot of people like to stick to specific niches, but I love reading one person's take on all kinds of subjects - that way you're sure to find at least one post that you will enjoy. The posts that I enjoy from Kayleigh the most are all list-type posts, such as blog post ideas, places to visit in Venice, small achievements, and so on.


Blogger/blog: Summer from Coffee With Summer.

Favourite post: How to Overcome Your Fear of Self Promotion.
Read if: enjoy posts about blogging tips, the important of self care, and how to live a happier life.

There is something about Summer and her entire blog that just makes me feel warm inside. Whenever I read one of her posts, it feels like I'm sitting in her living room having coffee with her, which I think is her aim honestly. I love how open she is about her mental health struggles, and how supportive she is of taking care of yourself. Summer is full of great ideas for everything from blogging to home decor to lifestyle in general. If I were to name any bloggers that I wish I could befriend in real life, Summer would definitely be high up on the list!


Blogger/blog: Hilary from The Cutie Life.

Favourite post: Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.
Read if: you love collecting cute things and are a firm believer in never growing up.

Hilary is another person that I wish I knew in real life. I believe we are very much the same person: we love all things cute, have a problem habit of collecting a lot of things, and refuse to ever stop liking something just because of our age. I particularly like following her Instagram as seeing her smile on my newsfeed always manages to cheer me up, plus I love seeing all the cute things she buys!


Blogger/blog: Kelly from Donuts and Daisies.

Favourite post: One Good Deed a Day.
Read if: you love trying out new recipes - especially the sweet kind!

If you've known me for even 2 seconds, then you should know that I like sweets. I like making them, I love filling my house with things shaped like them, and I also enjoy reading about other people making them. Donuts are definitely my favourite kind of treat, which probably played a big part in me reading Kelly's blog to begin with - and I am so glad I did! She posts the cutest, prettiest and most delicious looking recipes that always make me want to get in the kitchen and see if I can whip up something half as gorgeous as her creations. She also has a very kind heart and a beautiful Instagram account - how could you want more?!

Other fantastic blogs that deserve a mention:

Krista Aoki.

Ice Cream and Clara.
 A Beautiful Chaos. (an amazing mental health blog!)
Coming Up Roses.
A Bit Brighter.
Mooey and Friends. (I mentioned this blog last time too, but it deserves repeating just for the gorgeous photos alone!)
Pretty Cake Machine.
♡ One Pleasant Day.


There are still so many other blogs that I absolutely love that I have yet to mention, so expect to see one of these posts every few months or so! I love talking about the things that I love - especially other blogs - and I love giving others the chance to find more great blogs to read. If there's any blogs that you love and are dying to tell people about, free free to comment them down below! I love discovering new blogs to read and people to admire 😊

Until next time,
Indya xx