Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Small Goals || May 2017

2017 has definitely been the year that I have embraced setting goals. I have already set myself goals to reach by the end of the year, goals to reach by my 21st, and some blogging goals that I will cross off when I am ready. 

Looking back on those posts, though, I realised that I wasn't interested in the same things as I was when I set them - particularly the ones I set in January. I'm still going to try my best to achieve as many as I can, but I'm also going to set myself some smaller, monthly goals in order to keep up with myself and my ever-changing plans.

Many blogs that I follow do posts similar to this one, but it seems as though most of them are inspired by Writes Like A Girl - AKA the Queen of Goals - so make sure you go check out her monthly Small Goals posts!

Small Goals for May || The Small Adventurer

1. Give away things to a charity store.
I recently went on a big clean out and over-filled two ALDI bags with things that I no longer want or need, and now they're just sitting by the door taking up space in our already crowded lounge room. I need to quit slacking and take them down to the op shop; it will clear up some room and give them a chance to be useful to someone else.

2. Organise our containers and lids.

They're all scattered in a cupboard in the kitchen and it's almost impossible to find things that match - especially without having everything fall onto the floor - so I really want to take them all out and organise them properly. I'd love to be able to open the cupboard without a container or lid falling on my face!

3. Go to the gym at least 8 times.

I really should be able to get this done. It's only twice a week - I know some people who go to the gym four times a week! I really need to start getting my money's worth out of this membership.

4. Cull our crockery.

When Daniel and I moved out, we took the plates with us and bought a brand new crockery set, so our cupboards are filled to the brim with plates. It's annoying and unnecessary; two people really don't need that many plates, plus it means there is heaps to wash once they're all dirty (we are not wash-things-as-you-use-them people). We also got given two boxes of small glasses that we want to keep for things like jelly and such, but we certainly don't need them all within reach right now, so I want to organise what will go in our cupboards and what will go into storage.

5. Finish two books.

I'm not going to get through my 100+ to-read pile if I don't actually read. I am really hoping to make more time for reading this month.


I feel much better about these goals than the ones I set at the start of the year, but it's still quite a foreign concept for me to even have goals. I never usually have any expectations because I can't handle disappointment, and truth be told, I'm already stressed that I'm not going to get any of these things done and will end up looking lazy, but all I can do is try. Who knows, this may be the beginning of a new, goal-orientated me - we'll see at the end of the month!

Do you set yourself monthly or yearly goals? How do you make sure you stick to them?

Until next time,

Indya xx