Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Things To Look Forward To || Weekly Musings

♡ I feel like this post is calling me out, and it's exactly what I need. Time really doesn't move anywhere near as quickly as I think it does; I need to slow down and appreciate what's around me.

 Daniel ordered all twelve volumes of the Sailor Moon manga as a present for me for our 4 year anniversary next month! I am over the moon. I cannot wait to learn the story and characters as they were meant to be!

 Low-key wishing that I could put this sticker on my forehead at all times. Or even this picture.

 This piece on mental illness and self neglect definitely hits home. Whilst it's not as bad as other ways that people deal with their depression, self neglect is still treating your body badly. I know that my body, hair, and skin all wish I took better care of myself, but it's hard when you don't feel like you're worth it.

 I figured out how to make my photos a much crisper white - without that annoying yellow tinge - and I really think my Instagram looks 10x better already!

 Daniel and I bought jackets, gloves and boots for our snow trip! There were so expensive and we still need to buy things like ski pants, thermal clothing, thick socks, and beanies, but we're so excited so we don't mind spending the money. We're even thinking of making this trip a yearly thing if we really enjoy it!

 I am so heart breaking-ly jealous of everyone who has visited the Museum of Ice Cream. If it ever came to Melbourne, I think I'd die of excitement. I want a room with icy poles coming out of the walls so bad!

 A scientist won Miss USA recently, which is awesome as it will hopefully help get rid of the viewpoint that beauty and brains are mutually exclusive (especially since beauty is subjective anyway, but that's another issue altogether).

 I have all but completely lost interest in going to the gym as there are so many things I would rather do at home, but after reading this article on temptation bundling, I am interested in giving it a try. I don't listen to audiobooks though, so I'll have to come up with a different temptation to get me to go to the gym.

Until next time,

Indya xx