Monday, 17 July 2017

Adventure #19: Lake Mountain

As promised, here is part two of our holiday! The whole reason we went away was to go to the snow. We both hadn't been since we were very young and could hardly remember it at all. We chose Lake Mountain as it was the closest snow to us, and I had heard good things about it from other people.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I am super scared of everything, so of course I didn't want us to drive up the mountain ourselves as icy roads are very dangerous, plus you need to put chains on your tires, etc. It's just too much hassle and worry, and we were going away so we could relax and enjoy ourselves, so we caught a bus up there instead.

The bus stop was just across the road from where we were staying. We got on at 10:30am and arrived at Lake Mountain by 11am. The bus was $42 per person, but that includes entry into Lake Mountain as well. There was only one other couple on the bus so it was a nice, quiet drive up there.

We had hired a toboggan from a store in Marysville as I'd read that the line to hire them at Lake Mountain was often extremely long. It was only $10 for the whole day, and they let you pick what colour you want! I chose pink, of course.

The first thing I did once we arrived was take photos, naturally. I had my digital camera with me, a waterproof disposable camera (as it had been years since I'd used one), and my phone. I took most of the photos on the waterproof camera, but I didn't use all the film so I am yet to get them developed.

We had wanted to try out skiing or snowboarding, but there wasn't enough snow when we were there so those things were closed, but we were still able to go tobogganing. It was honestly terrifying and I shrieked every time I went down. I was so nervous about accidentally hitting a child or something! I saw quite a few people completely wipe out others. 

The first time Daniel went down the hill he flipped over before he got to the end! I couldn't help but laugh. He got better as the day went on though, and ended up going down a bigger hill that we discovered later on. That particular hill was too scary for me, so luckily there was a later starting point for those who didn't want to go down such a big hill (in other words, it was for kids...) 😋

Whilst tobogganing was fun, walking back up the hill once you'd slid down was not. In fact, it was exhausting - especially once we went over to the steeper hill. We were both completely wrecked afterwards.

Once we were too tired to keep walking back up the hills, we went over to the Snow Play area and built a snowman - which is so much harder than it seems! We just couldn't get the snow to stick together, but everyone else around us could! I ended up taking a photo of another family's snowman because I didn't think we'd be able to make our own, but Daniel persisted. 

He made a pretty solid head after a while, so I crafted a very wonky body on top of our toboggan, and then we found some rocks and a carrot (there were heaps around, I'm assuming they give them out or something) and gave him some eyes and a nose. I was quite proud of our work. It really did take us a long time 😂

Before we left we visited the gift shop, since I am exactly the kind of person that those types of shops are catered towards. I'm such a sucker for souvenirs. I have a shot glass from the Eureka Skydeck, a mug and whisk from the Chocolaterie, a pressed coin from the Melbourne Zoo, and lots more. I'm also a hoarder of receipts and pamphlets that represent an adventure.

There were so many adorable things to choose from in the gift shop! I'm a sucker for anything with a snowman or penguin on it, and they were everywhere. Pen holders, snowglobes, shot glasses, pen toppers, soft toys... it was all too much! At first I was learning towards a shot glass since I have the Eureka Skydeck one, and a set of Sailor Moon ones too, but then I realised it was pretty useless since I don't even drink.

I was then thinking about getting a pen holder because they were pyramid shaped and looked pretty cool, but I had just bought a donut pen holder before we left, so that seemed pretty pointless too. 

In the end we decided on a snowglobe because I like snowglobes (as you will see at Christmastime), it's pink, and it has two adorable snowmen making their own snowman! It was Daniel's favourite of the bunch too, and it goes with all my pink Christmas stuff as well, which I'm happy about 😊

We had planned to go to the snow two days in a row, but the weather forecast for the next day said there was an 80-90% chance of rain, and we didn't want to be stuck there until 3pm with nothing to do, so we decided to stay in Marysville and visit the Steavenson Falls instead.

Visiting the waterfalls was quite an adventure of its own! I'd never hiked before, and I certainly wasn't prepared to do it that day, but at least I got a blog post out of it 😉  which will be coming soon!


Have you ever been to the snow? Do you enjoy skiing and/or snowboarding? I'm very nervous to try them, but I think I'll give them a go next year!

Until next time,
Indya xx
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