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DIY Sailor Moon Piñatas: Luna + Artemis

It's here: my very first DIY project! I have been planning and brainstorming my own DIY projects for so long now, and I am so excited to finally start sharing some with you! This post came at a perfect time too, as Embrace Your Geekness Day is on the 13th, and nothing brings out my geeky side like Sailor Moon!

I love party decor, so I knew that a piñata would be the first DIY project that I would try. I had so much fun making these guys, and I've already made more that I'm super eager to share, but I'll try to spread them out so you don't get sick of 'em 😉

These piñatas were a long time coming as I just couldn't figure out what shape I wanted to do! There are so many awesome piñata DIY projects scattered all over the internet - my personal favourites are from Studio DIY and Brit + Co - and I felt like all the cool designs were taken.

I didn't give up hope, though. I took a step back and analysed my life, what I love to surround myself with, and what I wouldn't mind talking about for the rest of my life, and suddenly my head was filled with hundreds of ideas! Not just for piñatas, but for heaps of different DIY projects.

I have so many projects and recipes that I am dying to create and share with you all! I am so excited. Don't worry, they won't all be Sailor Moon-themed, but that name will pop up quite frequently as I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon and everything involved with it - not that that should be a surprise by now!

Anyway, once I wrote down the million-and-one things that I wanted to create, I chose which one I wanted to try first, and these babies are it! Piñatas that look like Luna and Artemis. Luna is one of my favourite characters from Sailor Moon, she is just so caring and intelligent, and I loved watching her and Artemis grow closer together (I know they're two cats, but I'm a hopeless romantic, okay?!).

As this was my first time making a piñata, I went with a simplistic look for the faces. Very simplistic. As you can see, they don't have eyes, noses or mouths - but they do have their crescent moons, which is obviously the most important part!

Before I tell you what to do, I am going to tell you what not to do: don't use thick cardboard boxes! The ones I used came with our microwave when we bought it, and it was very thick and difficult to cut and shape. I don't plan on actually using these as piñatas because I love them too much, but I don't think they would work very well anyway as the cardboard is just too thick. Paper mâché or old cereal boxes would work much better.

Now, onto the project!



♡ Thin cardboard or paper mâché - you'll need four large pieces for the heads, and extra for the ears and sides

 Purple and white streamers or tissue paper
 Purple and white paper
♡ Sparkly gold paper or washi tape
 Tape (LOTS of it!)

 Pencil or pen


1. Draw an oval shape on one of the large pieces of cardboard and cut it out. Use this piece as a stencil on the other three pieces, trace, and cut those out as well. (If you're only making one piñata, you'll only need two oval pieces altogether.)

2. Cut your extra pieces of cardboard into strips. The thickness depends on how much candy you wish to put into your piñata; I made mine about 5cm wide. Lay one of the oval pieces down and position the thin strips of cardboard right on the edge of the oval, standing up. 

3. Working from a bird's eye view, carefully bend the strips so that they're shaped like the oval, and tape them down so they stay standing up. I found it easier to work with shorter strips rather than one or two longer pieces for this step. Once all you've taped the strips to the edge of the oval, if should look like a weird, oval-shaped cardboard bowl. 

4. Get one of the other cardboard ovals and tape that piece on top of the strips. At this point, it should look like a 3D cardboard oval. If you're wishing to use this as a piñata, now is a good time to fill it with candy - before you tape it completely shut - to avoid having to puncture a hole later. 

If you're only making one piñata, move onto the next step. If you're making two, repeat the above steps to make your second base.

5. With your extra cardboard pieces, draw eight triangle shapes for the ears (or four, if you're only making one piñata). It's really up to you how you would like them shaped; I personally wished I made them stand up a bit more, so you could differentiate them from the head better. 

The tricky part with the ears is making sure the bottom line matches up with where they will be positioned on the head, as it will need to have the same shaped curve, so you can tape them on easily. I recommend using the head as a stencil for this part, making sure to line it up where you want the ears positioned.

6. Once you've cut out the triangle pieces and lined them up with where you want to attach them to the heads, you'll need to cut more strips of cardboard to go in between them, just like the body. Once you've cut everything out, tape two triangles to the back of the head, bend the strips so that they match the shape of your ears and tape them to the ears, and then tape the last two triangles on top. This is exactly what you did with the head, just on a smaller scale.

7. Another issue I found was that the brown colour of the cardboard was showing up under the streamers - particularly the white ones - so I decided to cover the base in paper before adding the streamers. You don't need to make this look pretty as you'll hardly see it behind the streamers, just make sure the paper you choose is as close to the colour of the streamers you're using as possible. After this, you should have two kitty-shaped cardboard heads covered in coloured paper.

8. Now onto the fun part: the streamers! Starting at the bottom of the face, measure out a strip of streamer or crepe paper so that it's long enough to cover an inch of the bottom from left to right. 

Before you stick it into the head, fringe it - which just means to cut tiny little strips into it; I usually do mine as half as long as the piece of streamer. Stick the strip onto the head. Some of the fringe will be hanging over the side of the piñata, but we'll fix that later. 

9. Measure your next streamer strip, fringe it and stick it on. It's up to you how close you would like your streamers to be together, but I usually have my top streamer sitting over the non-fringed part of the streamer below it, so you can only see the fringed parts. Continue doing this all the way up your piñata.

10. For the sides of the piñata, start at the middle bottom and work your way up the left side. Measure out short strips of streamer, fringe, and stick. Do this until you get to the middle top, then go back to the bottom and work your way up the right side. If you're planning on using this as a piñata, I'd recommend covering the back in streamers as well, the same way you covered the front.

11. To make these piñatas look like Luna and Artemis, rather than just two ordinary cats (which you could totally do if you wanted to!), their crescent moons are essential. In the show they're yellow, but I would never pass up an opportunity to make something glittery, so I used gold glitter washi tape instead. I drew a crescent moon on a piece of paper, cut it out, put washi tape around it, and stuck it to the piñata with some looped sticky tape - or you could use hot glue.


Whew! You're done. If you managed to keep up with all that information, congratulations! I promise I'll try harder to take process photos next time, it's just that living in a unit with poor lighting + the fact that I do most of my work at night and therefore don't have any natural lighting does not equal very pretty photos! I'll figure something out though. In the mean time, if there's anything you don't understand from my instructions, just leave me a comment and I'll try my best to explain a little better! 😅

If you give this little DIY a try, I would love see it! Feel to leave me a link below to your project, or hashtag it #thesmalladventurer on Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you have any ideas or requests for recipes, piñatas, or any other DIY projects, comment them below! I'm always looking out for inspiration 😊

Until next time,
Indya xx
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