Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hot Chocolate 6/13: Banana Hot Chocolate

I consider myself blessed to live in the same state as the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. You can't get much more magical than a place with the words chocolate and ice cream in the title, right? 

The first time Daniel and I visited was in August 2015, and the only reason I remember that so clearly (as I have an abysmal memory, and I didn't have my blog back then to keep track of things like that) is because they happened to be having their Hot Chocolate Festival!


Each year in August, the Chocolaterie hosts a Hot Chocolate Festival where they sell 31 different hot chocolates across the 31 days in August. I know, right? How "me" is that? The first time I went I had a banana hot chocolate because banana is one of my favourite flavours ever. I remember loving it, so I knew I had to attempt to make my own! 

The second time I visited was during the 2016 Hot Chocolate Festival - which was actually what my very first blog post was about! I had a mint hot chocolate (another favourite flavour of mine, which I have already recreated) and Daniel had a salted caramel one, which is a flavour that I am certainly open to making! 

I hadn't made any plans to go to festival again this year, but it would be cool to write a new blog post about it and see how far my writing and photos have come throughout my first year of blogging. If our schedules permits it, I might see if I can convince Daniel to take me again this year!

I'm not sure how the Chocolaterie made their banana hot chocolate. They might have a really cool banana flavouring or something, but I haven't seen anything like that in the shops before, so I decided to use real bananas. I Googled around to see if this was the best way to go about it, and saw that plenty of people have made banana hot chocolates this way before, so I decided to go ahead with it.


To make a banana hot chocolate, you will need milk, water, chocolate drinking powder, and bananas, obviouslyI used two because I have found that the amount of chocolate drinking powder I use often overpowers the other flavours that I try to add, but everyone's banana-to-chocolate preferred ratio will be different.

I put the two bananas, chocolate drinking powder, and milk into my blender (yes, I actually used it for this recipe! That's how much I love banana flavoured things!) and blended it all until I couldn't see any chunks of banana anymore. 

99.99% of hot chocolate recipes say to heat your water up on a stove, but you should all know I'm just not about that (I actually have a really awful stove, so it's not just out of laziness, I swear!), so I just boiled some water in the kettle and added it to the banana mix.

The result was... strange. Whilst it was warm from the boiling water, I still couldn't help thinking of it as a smoothie. This may have been because it was in the cup that came with the blender - which is what I have my smoothies in - or that it was bubbly and frothy like a smoothie. It might have even just been the fact that it very clearly tasted like banana, which is how I usually make my smoothies. 

The flavour of the chocolate still held its own in comparison to the banana, although I did add a bit more to see if it would drastically change the flavour of the drink, but it didn't. It was a strange - but still nice - banana hot chocolate. 

Have you ever made a banana flavoured hot chocolate? If so, is there something you did differently? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx
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