Friday, 14 July 2017

Ice Cream Cake Pops for Ice Cream Month

Happy Ice Cream Month! 

The fact that Candy Month and Ice Cream Month are one after the other really shows what a wonderful world we live in, doesn't it? I found this recipe for Ice Cream Cake Pops on Pinterest months ago and have been dying to give them a try, but I managed to wait until the perfect time - which is now!

As fun as it was to come up with my first original recipe, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I manage to recreate other recipes that I find on the internet. 

You will see in the original post that it says to fill the cone with ganache, but I thought that might cause the cone to soften - or even that the ganache might spill out of the end - so I skipped that step. This became a problem when it came to putting my cake pop on top of the cone, as it fell right in, so I filled with the cone with leftover cake to act as a stand for the cake pop.

The worst part about this recipe is definitely crumbing the cake, and then moulding it into sphere shapes. Crushing up cake in your hands - then mixing ganache into it and attempting to roll it into a ball - is very messy. I tried to use a tablespoon scoop as suggested, but that only made half-sphere shapes.

Of course, after I had finished this step, I realised how much easier it would have been to just make cake pops in my cake pop tin. Seriously, why didn't I think of that? I've been dying to use it! Granted, it wouldn't have had ganache in it, which is something I love, but it would have been so much easier and nowhere near as messy!

For the pink chocolate and brown chocolate decoration, I simply used chocolate melts in the microwave. I'm not someone who can stomach a lot of chocolate at once so I did wonder if it would have been better to simply cover these in icing, and then drizzle some Ice Magic on top of that, but I've got to admit, they do taste delicious!

I think these guys are just too cute, honestly. I've said this a hundred times by now, but gosh I love things shaped like other things! These babies really do look like mini ice creams. I love it! 

Also, for the cones, I was lucky enough to find mini waffle cones at the supermarket - meaning I could avoid having to cut up regular sized ones - but I'm not sure how easy they are to find around for everyone else. I just thought cutting up regular sized waffle cones would make them crumble, and I wanted to avoid that!


I know we're halfway through the month already, but it's only just starting to feel like Ice Cream Month now that I'm here writing this post and snacking on one of these delicious little treats! 

Have you been doing anything to celebrate Ice Cream Month? Is there a certain ice cream dessert or treat that you're particularly fond of? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx