Monday, 3 July 2017

Small Goals || July 2017

The reason I am a little late to sharing this month's goals is because I like to stick to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting days, and last Friday I prioritised my Sailor Moon Collection in honour of Sailor Moon's birthday. I think that's perfectly reasonable, don't you? Good. Now onto the goals!

June Goals: How I Went

1. Keep on top of the dishes.
Done! We had a house inspection this month so we cleaned the entire place top to bottom, and I have done quite a good job of keeping on top of the dishes ever since! Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

2. Do at least one DIY project.

Yes, finally! I tried a few projects that I found on Pinterest, and I made three pinatas for future blog posts! I love pinatas, I think they're so cute and fun. They're also not too difficult to make so expect to see quite a few DIY posts about them! I have lots of ideas for more. I'm really excited about posting more original content on here.

3. Write more blog posts in advance.

Yes! By the middle of June, I had 99% of the rest of the month's posts done and some of July's too! Posts such as this one couldn't be completed until a certain date for obvious reasons, but I could still begin the drafting stage and start brainstorming for next month's posts, so I think I did quite well on this one.

4. Use my planner more.

I am going to count this one as a yes because I did use it more, just not as much as I would have liked. Each weekend I wrote down the next week's plans and blog posts which I'm happy with, but in the future I'd like to go through and write more as the week goes on as well, so it's a little more full.

5. Go to the gym more.

Nope. I've decided I'm going to quit as I just don't have any motivation to go anymore, and I don't enjoy it at all. I've just got to muster up the courage to tell them I'm quitting! That $13 a week could go to much better things (more pins, for example).


4/5!! I am so, so happy! 

July Goals
1. Enjoy my holiday.
This may seem like a strange thing to put on a list of goals, but relaxation is not something that comes easily to me. Even when I actually let myself do nothing but indulge in something like watching a movie without doing something productive at the same time, I end up feeling so guilty that it ruins the day.

In July, Daniel and I are going on our first trip together, and we have so much adventure and relaxation planned, and I want to try really hard to let myself just enjoy every part of it. I'm planning on trying to have a bath every night we're away as I love them, but our bathroom is too cold to have them. I even bought my very first bath bomb for the occasion! Hopefully I come back feeling completely refreshed and re-energised!

2. Quit the gym.
Quite different from last month's goal, now that I've decided to quit I need to actually make myself do it. I do not like confrontation and am easily coerced into decisions I don't want to make if someone is trying to convince me otherwise, so going down there and telling them I want to quit will be a big thing for me.

3. Donate a bag of belongings to a charity store.
Even though I did a huge clean out not too long ago (I'm talking three ALDI bags full to the brim!), I have realised there's a lot more that I could get rid of and not miss, so I really should donate it all so it can bring happiness to someone else. Plus, at the rate I'm buying things these days, I need all the extra storage space I can get!

4. Organise my containers and lids.
This is one I didn't achieve back in May, so I'm giving it another try. As much as I will never, ever be a minimalist (I mean, I have a blog series dedicated to my collections), seeing so many people go on about how amazing de-cluttering has been for their overall lives, I've realised that I could do with a cut down on my belongings - hence the above the goal, too. I'm hoping that organising my containers and lids will encourage me to get rid of any old, broken or incomplete sets.

5. Spend more time off the computer.
Other than reading blogs, writing posts, and editing photos - which I love to do, and are all beneficial - I would like to spend more time doing things this month rather than just planning them. I have a bunch of DIY projects I want to work on and share with you all, and I have quite a few recipes that I would like to try, not including my weekly hot chocolate challenge, so I've got to make sure I keep up with everything!

Until next time,
Indya xx
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