Friday, 29 September 2017

Even though not many people care about it here in Australia, I do actually like Halloween. As a teenager I would always look forward to Halloween parties so I would have the chance to dress up, it's so much fun! I have a Misty from Pokemon cosplay outfit patiently waiting in my closet for me to wear it, complete with her red bag and a Togepi plush toy.

Since I stopped drinking and only go to parties when it's a really close friend's birthday, the only kind of Halloween celebration I was part of is now gone. Here, we don't really have trick or treaters, or people who deck out their house with decorations, so the only place I can get my Halloween fix is online.

Anyway, my point is that Halloween isn't for everyone. Not everybody loves it as much as the internet does, and even though I'll still be trying my hand at a few Halloween-themed recipes, there are plenty of other fun holidays throughout the month of October that deserve some of our attention too. Here are just a few that interested me:

What I love about these holidays is that there is so many ways that you can celebrate them. For Balloons Around The World Day, you could literally display balloons in any space that you can think of, or you could simply send some balloons to a friend and make their day.

Improving Your Office could mean adding something, taking something away (for me, that would be the pile of open envelopes and packages that I need to recycle), or rearrange the furniture so that it feels brand new. Do something nice on the fifth, display your pearly whites on the sixth, and try your hand at decorating a cake on the 10th, even if it's just you who is going to see it!

If you're unsure of how to take back your time on the 24th, why not indulge in some self care? Even something simple like reading or having a bath is a great way to take back your time and truly make it yours. Take advantage of National Frankenstein Friday on the 27th and finally get around to reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - it really is quite a good book, and it feels great to finally know the whole story!


It's little novelty holidays like these that add a bit of whimsy to life and make regular days feel a little bit more magical. There are also a bunch of month-long celebrations during October that are a lot of fun, including  National Cookie Month, National Dessert Month, National Pizza Month, National Book Month, and heaps more. 

If you're ever interested in finding out about more novelty holidays that I haven't mentioned, I recommend the websites Days of the Year and National Day Calendar, as they are where I find most of mine. However you decide to spend the month of October, I hope it is a happy and fun month for you all! 

Until next time,
Indya xx

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

♡ The prettiest DIY desk makeover that I've ever seen, thanks to Best Friends for Frosting.

♡ I decided to sign up for Stan's free 30-day trial so I could watch the new Will & Grace episodes, then realised that Stan is so much better than Netflix so it looks like I'll be keeping my subscription! (However, only Netflix has Rick and Morty, so we'll be staying with them too.I cannot wait to binge-watch Will & Grace, Fraiser, Community, McLeod's Daughters, Friends, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, and so much more. I'll continue to keep you updated on the shows and movies I've been watching in my monthly goals posts.

♡  Need some dessert inspiration for Halloween? Here are 40 different Halloween-themed cupcake recipes! I need to try them all!

♡ I say this about all her Sailor Moon-themed desserts, but Pretty Cake Machine blew me away once again with her dessert for Sailor Venus, AKA Minako. She has plenty of great content and recipes for those who aren't fans of Sailor Moon as well!

 Eleven tips on becoming more selfish, and how it will improve your life.

♡ This month has been absolutely crazy for me after having three different birthday dinners on different weekends - which is way more socialising than I am used to - plus the fact that I got really sick, and have now passed it on to Daniel. I was hoping to go to the Melbourne Show this weekend, but after having three busy weekends and having plans for the weekend after, I've decided just to stay home and hibernate instead. If anybody wants to get me the Powerpuff Girl showbag I will love you forever ðŸ˜œ

♡ A reminder that you don't have to win at every single aspect in life, and that it's perfectly okay to live a 'mediocre life', if that's what you want.

♡ I loved this piece on becoming an introvert after living most of your life as an extrovert! I've been struggling to accept my recent introvert-ness, but knowing that other people have switched between the two makes me feel a lot better. 

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 25 September 2017

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon then you'll know all about Chibiusa (AKA Chibi Moon, Small Lady, and - in the English dubbed anime - Rini). You'll know that even though she is annoying, frustrating, bratty, and sometimes downright selfish, there's something about her that you can't help but love.

Her overall pinkness is definitely what made me like her initially. I am still yet to finish watching the anime and am only up to the part just before she turns into Black Lady, so until I started reading the manga, I only saw her as an annoying kid who seems to lie a lot. 

I am still yet to see many of her key character development stages within the manga as I have only read the first five volumes, but I've already gotten a much better look at who she truly is from what I have read. So, even though I couldn't stand her at first, I now completely adore her, and have been wanting to make a piñata inspired by her first quite a while.

I love her Chibi Moon Compact as it is such a gorgeous, yet simple item. I knew it wouldn't be too difficult to turn into a piñata, and that it would be pretty enough to keep on my shelves as I don't actually use my piñatas. I really think this would be perfect to have at a birthday party for anyone who loves Sailor Moon, as I do not know any Sailor Moon fans who don't like Chibiusa (and believe me, I know a lot of fans!).



♡ Two rectangular cereal boxes (the larger, the better!)
♡ Light pink streamers
♡ Dark pink streamers
♡ Pencil
♡ Scissors
♡ Yellow paper♡ Light pink paper
♡ Black permanent marker

♡ Lots of sticky tape (you could also use hot glue, but tape is more kid-friendly!)
♡ Dark pink paper (optional)

Chibiusa-Inspired Cupcakes


1. Cut out the front and back of one of your cereal boxes so you're left with two cardboard rectangles. Be careful not to cup up the sides too much as you will need those later on. 

2. Grab one of the cardboard rectangles and face it so that the longer edge is parallel to you. Draw a large heart shape, using up as much room as possible. Drawing on the plain cardboard side would work best, and a larger cereal box would help you get a more accurate heart shape, as the compact is actually a little longer than I made it look.

3. Once you're happy with the heart shape, cut it out and trace around it on the second cardboard rectangle and cut that one out too. Pick one of the cardboard hearts to begin with, and flip it over so that the side with the pictures is facing you.

4. Get the sides of the cereal box that you cut out earlier and stand them up around the edge of the bottom of the heart - AKA, the pointy bit - with the pictures of the edge pieces facing the inside of the heart. 

5. Tape the edges of both pieces together. Continue to work your way around the heart shape with more edge pieces until you end up with a heart-shaped bowl. Unless you're familiar with making piñatas, I would suggest cutting the strips up into shorter pieces and adding them bit by bit, especially at the curved part of the heart. 

The reason I listed two cereal boxes in the supplies is just in case you need the more sides to fit around the heart - so, if you run out of sides, just use the ones from your second box!

6. Once you get to the curved part of the heart you will need to use more tape than usual to ensure that the bent pieces of cardboard don't become unstuck and try to straighten themselves out again. This is the most difficult part of the piñata, which is why I say to have lots of tape. Just keep taking those edges down until they no longer move!

7. Fill in your heart-shaped bowl with your preferred candy or other fun surprises before getting the other cardboard heart and taping it on with the plain cardboard side facing you. Hopefully, if I've explained everything correctly, you'll be left with a 3D cardboard heart! I suggested facing all the pictures on the inside to avoid them peeking through the streamers and throwing off your design.

8. This next step is optional as it's not something that I ever see other DIY-ers do, but it's something that I like to do for good measure, which is to cover your piñata in paper that is the same colour as the streamers you're going to use. I do this because some of the streamers I buy are very transparent and the brown cardboard would show up underneath, which is not something you'd want - but, once again, this step is totally optional!

9. Now it's time for the fun part: the streamers! Get your dark pink streamers and cut out a very small strip to go across the very bottom of the heart, ensuring the bottom 1/3 of the streamer will hang over the edge of the piñata. Fringe the bottom half of your streamer strip, and tape it into your heart. 

10. Measure out a second strip of streamer that will sit above your first strip. Fringe that piece before sticking it halfway over the first strip, so that only the fringed areas are visible. Don't worry about the streamers going over the edge of the piñata just yet as we'll fix that up at the end.

11. Continue measuring, fringing and sticking your dark pink streamers all the way to the top of your heart, then get your scissors and trim away bits that are overlapping the edges. Now flip your piñata over and do steps 9 to 11 all over again!

12. For the sides, start at the bottom left side of your piñata and cut out little strips of dark pink streamers, fringing and then sticking them halfway over the ones below them, all the way up to the top of the piñata, just like you did for the front and back. Then, start from the bottom right side of the piñata and do the same thing again to the top. Be careful when trimming the overlapping parts as you might accidentally cut some of the streamers on the front of your piñata!

13. As you can see in this photo from the anime, the lighter pink area of the compact takes up more room than it does on my piñata, so you can adjust the size of your inner heart to more accurately match the anime if you like. To get the size of the inner heart that I wanted, I placed the light pink paper on top of the piñata and start sketching until I was pleased with the size and shape. Once you've drawn your inner heart shape, cut it out and decorate it with the light pink streamers using the method in steps 9 to 11, then stick that heart piece onto your piñata. 

14. For the yellow part of the compact, I Googled around until I found an image with easily traceable outlines. I then enlarged the image and held my piñata up to the screen until I was pleased with how they would match up. I really wanted to make sure that the bottom two points of the star touch the top of the inner heart, as that's how it's portrayed in the anime. I traced the lines with a pencil, then went over them again with my permanent marker before cutting the entire thing out and sticking it into the piñata.


Congratulations! You're done. I know it's difficult to follow directions without progress photos to accompany them, but as I do most of my crafting at night, the lighting is always awful whenever I try to take photos. I will work on it though - especially since improving my photography is one of my goals to achieve before I turn 22!

Those out there who do watch Sailor Moon - or have read the manga - what's your opinion of Chibiusa? Is she just a brat, or merely a kid going through a rough time? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 22 September 2017

Before I get into my goals for my 22nd birthday I am going to do a little re-cap on the 21 goals that I set myself back in April. Spoiler alert: I did not do too well. In fact, I only managed to achieve six! Whoops.

The five goals I achieved were: watch more classic movies, do some DIY projects, go on an overnight adventure with Daniel, make money from blogging, try new foods, and cook dinner for Daniel and I. I didn't have very high hopes for those last three so I am super pleased that I was able to do them!

Lots of factors affected my ability to complete them all - including the fact that I only gave myself 6 months instead of 12 to do them - but I am still happy with the ones I did do, and I am a lot more confident in my ability to cross more off of this year's list.


As you probably guessed from the title, I am only setting myself 10 goals this year. I honestly couldn't come up with more than that. Also, since I set myself monthly goals, plus the fact that I'll be setting myself more goals at the end of the year, I thought I'd cut myself some slack and make this list shorter. Wish me luck!

Do you set yourself goals to achieve by your next birthday? If so, what are some goals that are on your to-do list?

Until next time,
Indya xx
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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

♡ I celebrated my 21st birthday on Saturday! I had dinner with some family friends the weekend before, I have one with my friends planned for this weekend, and I had dinner with some family on my actual birthday. During the day, Daniel and I took a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium, where I took a lot more photos than the four I showed you in my first post about the aquarium over a year ago, so expect to see an updated adventure post soon!

♡ Speaking of which, here's some advice on how to enjoy a milestone birthday, even if you're freaking out about it (AKA me at my 18th, and again at my 21st!)

♡ I was going to say how excited I am about a Sailor V Pop Vinyl figure coming out, but then I re-read this tweet and realised it's an New York Comic Con Exclusive. Boo. Ah well, guess I'll keep waiting for the Chibi Moon Pop Vinyl to be released.

 This pastel n' pink popcorn by Studio DIY looks both gorgeous and delicious. I'll definitely have to give it a try next time Daniel and I have a movie night!

 I really need to start playing around with clay, there's just so many cute things that you can make from it! These palm leaf push pins by A Kailo Chic Life are absolutely adorable.

♡ I need these cupcake-shaped tea candles ASAP.

♡ Daniel and I finally got our forms in the mail to vote for marriage equality, which is great because I was worried someone had taken them out of our mailbox as I had heard people have been doing that. We are both very adamant on voting yes. I've even been writing on social media that if friends of mine don't want to vote because they don't care or can't be bothered, they can give their forms to me and I'll mail them out, but as far as I know most of my friends are also very passionate about voting yes. Now we've just got to hope for a positive outcome!

♡ William Shatner referenced Queen Serenity (from Sailor Moon, for those who don't know) in one of his tweets, and it made my entire day.

♡ The most I have ever spent on a mirror was $100 - and that was because it was a full length one, which I'd never had - and I would never dream of spending anything like that again on such an item, but this rainbow mirror is so damn cute I had to share it.

♡ This is the sweetest adoption DIY project ever. Adoption happens very rarely here in Australia, so it's quite interesting to follow numerous bloggers who have adopted children, or are in the process of doing so, as it's something that I know so little about. If I have learned anything from them so far, it's that no parents ache for a kid more than those who can't have them, and it truly is heartbreaking to see. Let's hope these guys find their baby girl soon!

Until next time,

Indya xx

Monday, 18 September 2017

At times when you start to question if there's any good left in the world, something magical like Cupcake Week comes around and you realise how blessed you are to just be alive. Okay, I swear I'm not that obsessed with cupcakes, but they are pretty amazing! 

From trinket holders and handbags, to money boxes (collection post on them coming... eventually) and recipe books, my house is definitely not short on cupcakes! They hold a special place in my heart. They're basically mini-sized cakes, and anything mini is right up my alley! 

Not only that, but cupcakes are a lot easier to decorate than large cakes, and you can do much more with them. Anyway, to celebrate this wonderful occasion that is held from the 18th to the 24th, I am sharing with you six awesome cupcake recipes for you to try out!

Sushi Cupcakes

These guys are from a recipe by Brit + Co that I tried out back in June. They were so much fun to make, and I am so happy with how they came out! I was expecting the combination of fondant, whipped cream, and coconut to taste strange, but they were delicious

These are probably one of the nicest things I have ever made. My partner even liked them, and he doesn't like coconut! I really think you should give these a try if you're looking to be more creative in the kitchen, as they aren't too difficult, yet they look amazing!

Gumball Machine Cupcakes

I talked about these in my Amazing Recipes I'm Dying to Try post, but I needed to mention them again because I am just so in love. These gorgeous things were created by Aww Sam, and they feature a cupcake covered in fondant with a clear bauble filled with gumballs! 

These are some of the most unique cupcakes I've ever seen and I wish I could have them in my house every single day. I actually do have a gumball machine at home, but unfortunately it's not pink!

Party Piñata Cupcakes

You guys know I love piñatas - and, clearly, I love cupcakes too - so when I saw that Sally's Baking Addiction had put the two together, I was in awe! If I was the type of person to throw a party for my birthday, these would be a must have... buuuut I'm not, so I just made them for Daniel and I! I am yet to edit the photos, but I already know that mine don't hold a candle to these beauties. 

I didn't have cream or sour cream on hand, so both my cupcakes and my frosting were completely different to Sally's, and I just can't help thinking what I missed out on by not following her exact recipe! Sure, the sprinkles inside were fun (and will be a lot easier to do next time since I have now purchased a cupcake corer), but I really want to give this recipe another try in the future with all the ingredients!

Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes  

How. Pretty. Are. These?! Sugar and Soul have managed to make a treat look so delicious appetising, yet way too pretty for me to want to touch, and I love it! These guys are another recipe that feature sour cream, and as much as I love smother my wedges in the stuff, I am so nervous to try it inside a cake! Obviously it works pretty well, but I am still so hesitant. I guess it's not hard to tell that I'm still such a novice baker ðŸ˜…

The frosting on these cupcakes sounds super interesting too, as it features strawberry milk powder, and strawberry and creme instant pudding mix, which are two things I've never had! I've noticed a few recipes use instant pudding mix which I find interesting, but am also nervous to try as I don't think I've even had pudding before! I really need to expand my tastebuds.

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes

These gorgeous treats were my first original recipe, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! Not only were they absolutely delicious, but the photoshoot also came together really quickly and the photos themselves hardly needed any editing at all! They are now my most popular blog post by far!

The buttercream icing is bubblegum flavoured, and that was easily my favourite part about them. I hadn't tried that flavour extract before and it is amazing. I have never tasted something so sweet and delicious! I am nervous to try creating my own recipe again as I just don't think anything will top this one!

Mermaid Cupcakes

These breathtaking cupcakes were brought into this world by the wonderful Sugar Hero, and I don't think there could possibly be a better name for her! Her creations are always amazing, and she is such a kind soul; always willing to help out those who are having trouble re-creating her recipes.

The mermaid tails actually seem a lot easier to make than they look if you check out the video on her post, but if you don't trust yourself drawing and following a template (like me), you could always put some Candy Melts into this mermaid tail mould and draw the scales on with an edible marker. There I go again, always looking for the easy way out!


What do you guys think of these recipes? Would you ever give them a go? Feel free to leave me links in the comments to any cupcake recipes that you love, I'm always looking for more ideas! Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a lovely Cupcake Week 

Until next time,
Indya xx
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Friday, 15 September 2017

Wow, I can't believe I've shared nine collections so far! That sounds like a lot, but I still feel like I heaps to show you - my cookie jars, my money boxes, my books, my novelty salt and pepper shakers, etc..

My Sailor Moon collection, my cups/mugs collection, and cake moulds and cookie cutter collection all need an update too - and far better photos! I cringe every time I look at the latter two! I can't believe my cake moulds post is my most popular post?!

Anyway, I've been meaning to share this collection for so long now, but pins are surprisingly hard to photograph! The ones with gold or silver lines have a habit of reflecting in the light, which makes it harder to see the details of the pin, but I think I've finally got some decent photos for this post.

I had to split this collection into two posts because I have so many Sailor Moon pins that I decided to do them in a separate post, which will be coming shortly. Today's will be of the rest of my pins, including - but not limited to - pins relating to food, animals, SpongeBob, Pokemon, magical beings, and more.

I tried my best to name every shop that these pins are from, but if you're wondering about a specific pin, just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to help!


These are a few of my extra pins which aren't clustered in a theme like the rest of my collection. The two on the left are by Erika, who I am such a huge fan of. These pins are from her Drowning Series, which is a series of illustrations about her struggles with anxiety. I related to them and fangirl-ed over every picture on her Instagram so much that we ended up being friends! ðŸ˜‚

The adorable kitty on a donut is by The Pink Samurai, who is another artist that I really admire. She is so adorable and creative, and has the most amazing pin collection ever! I definitely wouldn't mind being her. The banana pin is one of the first two pins that I ever bought, both of which are from Punky Pins. I'm not even sure why I chose this one, but I do really like bananas and it somewhat reminded me of Andy Warhol!

I was lucky enough to win these gorgeous mermaid pins in an Instagram giveaway! I was completely blown away. I particularly like the cute little starfish and the two seahorse that are kissing, but they're all gorgeous, and I'd like to give them their own mermaid-themed display board in the future.

I tagged all the makers on the corresponding pins in this post if you're interested in getting some for yourself. They are all gorgeous pins, and they made me appreciate the mermaid trend that has been going on a whole lot more!

In case you can't tell, I definitely prefer my pins to be bright and colourful, which is why I only have three black pins - and I only actually bought one of them! The black bunny pin was a freebie that came with a Lulu Bloo order (who is one of my FAVOURITE pins creators of all time!), and I won the circle pin on Instagram, but I can no longer find the person who made it! 

I purchased the bossy pin from The Good Twin a couple of weeks ago when I was in quite an empowering mood. I had planned to wear it on one of my collared shirts, but it's so tiny that I'm not sure people will be able to see it! 

Daniel had a good analogy for it though; he said that it might be tiny because sometimes you feel all tough and strong, but it comes out a little quiet or not at all threatening. Kind of like Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.

On to my TV show pins! The heart is the second of the two first pins I ever bought from Punky Pins, although I can no longer find it online. I got because it reminded me of The Powerpuff Girls heart background, even though it's completely different colours ðŸ˜‚

I won the Gene Spoons pin on Instagram; it fits in well as Bob's Burgers is one of my favourite shows. The Luke's cup pin is a homage to my favourite character - Luke Danes - from Gilmore Girls, and the Friends frame pin was one of the first pins I bought, and it's definitely one of my favourites. 

The Donut Gary pin was also one of the first additions to my collection, which I got because it incorporates my love of SpongeBob and my love of donuts. The Krusty Krab Pizza pin was a recent-ish purchase from Pintoons. It's unavailable now, but they have heaps of SpongeBob pins to choose from! I had to get this one though since Daniel and I constantly sing the Krusty Krab Pizza song.

Finally, my Pokemon pins! I love this collection so much, although it's nowhere near the size of my Sailor Moon pin collection. The Sailor Mew, Neopolitan Jigglypuff, Moon Meowth, Donut Pokeball, Adopt Me Eevee, and Alolan Vulpix are all from the shops tagged. 

The rest are either from Really Big Dill or The Sunday Co! Since taking these photos, this adorable Jigglypuff pin arrived in the mail, which I love because it features her signature "Puff!" from the show (in case you can't tell, I really love Jigglypuff)!


That concludes my non-Sailor Moon pins! Keep in mind that some pins are limited edition so a few of these may not be available anymore, although I'm pretty sure most of them are. My Sailor Moon pins feature a lot more limited edition pins that aren't available anymore, but you'll have to wait for part two to see that extremely extensive collection.

Until next time,
Indya xx
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Today is Positive Thinking Day! I can't talk about the power of positive thinking enough; it really has transformed my life so much. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to bringing more happiness and positivity into your life. 

In honour of this wonderful day, I am going to share with you 10 things that always make my day better, because focusing on the good things in your life as much as possible is the key to positive thinking!


1. Having a cup of tea.
I'm not sure why, but I romanticise the feeling of being warm a lot. I am never more at peace than when I'm in a room with the heater going, a warm drink, and a bowl of soup. 

I forego the heater and soup when it's Summer, whereas a warm drink I can appreciate at any time. There's something so calming about sitting and quietly sipping on a hot drink. Daniel has recently started drinking tea so I have it a lot more now, and I love being able to have a cup of tea with him and just talk.

2. Seeing animals.

Daniel and I love animals so, so much. Whenever we're out and we spot a dog being walked, we always make sure the other person sees as well. We also save photos and videos of animals that we see on social media and show each other before we fall asleep. 

We also have annual passes to the Melbourne Aquarium and the Victoria Zoo so we can go see those animals whenever we like. We really do love animals; both of us can't wait until we're in our forever home and can get pets of our own!

3. Sunshine.
I've only recently realised just how much the weather affects how I feel. I thrive off sunshine; the sun being out can be the difference between a great day and a horrible day for me. I am so, so glad that Winter is now over and Spring is finally here. 

I am so looking forward to warm, sunny days; flowers blooming; and fruit not being so expensive! I've been wanting cherries for ages, so as soon as they drop in price, I'm going to stock up!

4. Receiving mail.

It's no secret that I buy a lot of things. Nearly every second post on my Instagram* is of something I have bought. Most of the things I buy are online (eBay and Etsy are my favourite online places to shop!), which means that I am constantly getting mail. 

I don't even share half of what I get online, I usually on share my pin mail, and a few home decor pieces here and there. Buying so much means I get something in the mail nearly every day, which has made me more willing to get up in the morning and go check the mailbox. It's like Christmas every day!

5. Being productive.

I love binge-watching TV shows and reading the day away as much as the next person, but I also love the feeling of being productive. Being able to cross everything off my to-do list is such a satisfying feeling; and being so organised that I even have time to dust, vacuum, and wipe down benches is even better. 

Of course, sometimes a productive day for me means sitting at the laptop all day, editing photos and writing blog posts. Productivity and growth comes in all shapes and sizes, don't forget that!

6. Eating good food.

I don't necessarily mean healthy food - although I always feel less guilty when I eat healthy - I just mean good food. The few days after going food shopping is always the best because everything is stocked up and you have so much to choose from. 

Some of my favourite things to eat at the moment are dumplings, chicken curry pasta, butter chicken (the most eaten meal in our house), sun dried tomato chicken and pasta, and anything on Cruskits. If I want something healthy, I'll often have a huge plate of random vegetables such as cucumber, cherry tomatoes, beans, celery, and pickled onions.

7. Spending time with Daniel.

This is an obvious one, but it's also easily the best one of the list. Daniel is my best friend and there's no one I would rather be with than him. Ever since he started uni we've barely been able to spend any time together, which has made me appreciate his company even more than before. I love it when he's home and we can just watch TV, make food or just sit and talk together. Five minutes in his presence can fix even the worst of days.

8. Watching something light-hearted.

I get stressed out very easily, and very badly. I can't do anything when I'm stressed out because I feel too overwhelmed and just want to cry. When this happens, I let myself wallow for a while (which usually involves lying down doing nothing), and then I watch something to cheer me up. 

If Daniel's home, he'll look up cute animal videos on YouTube without me even asking until I'm happier. Otherwise I'll watch something like Fawlty Towers (LOVE that show) or SpongeBob - just something funny and uplifting that can distract me from my thoughts. After the pick-me-up, I can usually think a lot more rationally and do whatever I was stressing about - or I leave it until another day, so it becomes Future Indya's problem. 

9. Baking.

I can't believe how much I have fallen in love with being in the kitchen. Finding a recipe online and successfully re-creating in my kitchen is such an awesome feeling. There are still so many normal, adult things that I can't do, but with each recipe I try I feel myself growing more confident in my abilities to follow instructions and conquer my fear of hot things in the kitchen (stove, oven).

It's also such an amazing creative outlet. I love making things in so many ways - writing, drawing, crafting, etc - and baking is a great way to bring an idea in your head to life. I've made one of my own recipes so far, but I have ideas for more that I'm really excited to try, I'm just waiting for certain dates to post them - you know me and my novelty holidays!

10. Knowing that I am prepared for tomorrow.

I am certainly no Queen of Organisation, but I do believe that I'm getting better. When I was at beauty school I was constantly stressing about both homework and classwork. At one point it got really bad and I had a meltdown on the way home, so Daniel took me on a spontaneous drive to the beach

I felt nearly just as bad when I couldn't come up with any more Hot Chocolate recipes, and it was the night before a post was supposed to go live. I had tried four different flavours in one day and they were all horrible - such a waste of ingredients - and I was miserable. So, I gave up on the challenge, because my mental health was more important. 

Now I try a lot harder to be more prepared. I write bulk posts so they're ready far in advance, and I have back up posts ready in case something goes wrong with the post I am planning. It's currently the 24th of August when I'm writing this, and I didn't post it until day because I had so many finished already!


What things always manage to improve your day? Do you have a certain routine that you always do when you're feeling down? Leave a comment below, I'm sure everyone would appreciate some tips on how to make a bad day better!

Until next time,

Indya xx