Monday, 9 October 2017

Enamel Pin Collection ♡ Collection Series #9 - Part Two

Welcome to part two of my pin collection! Part one featured all of my non-Sailor Moon pins, so today's post will be about all my pins relating to the Sailor Moon franchise. 

If I counted correctly, I have 37 non-Sailor Moon pins, and 61 Sailor Moon pins (I'm not including the ones that are currently on their way to me, but I am including ones that have arrived after I took these photos). I honestly thought I had more pins, but when you factor in how much the average pin costs, let's just say the results aren't pretty... but moving on!

My Sailor Moon pins are some of my favourite things I own, I can't go a day without looking at them. Please believe me when I say that these photos do not do these pins justice and that they are so, so much prettier in person. 

I will do my best to link every shop that I have purchased from, but as many of these pins are from the same shop it may be a little unclear about where I got which pins, so just leave me a comment if there's a specific pin that you would like to know about.

Sit down and get comfy, because this post is going to be pretty long! Keep in mind that a lot of these pins are limited edition and are no longer being sold, but I'll still try my best to link all the stores!

I will start with the extra pins that sit just above my Pokemon pins. These guys are my most recent purchases and don't fit in my pin house, which is pictured below. Even though Chibiusa is one of my favourite characters, I only have six pins that are related to her, and only one of them is a Black Lady pin - although I recently bought a second Black Lady pin that hadn't arrived before I took these photos. The Sailor Moon Bubblegum pin actually glows in the dark, which is absolutely amazing. The Disguise Pen pin (which is one of my favourite items from Sailor Moon!) was actually a seconds pin - the only seconds pin that I have ever bought - but you can't even tell that there's any flaws! 

The cute Chibiusa pin is from Moon Phase Pins, who is one of my favourite pin shops of all time. You'll see a lot more of her pins as we continue. The "Do Not Underestimate What Girls Can Do" pin, the Chibi Moon Compact pin + Star Locket pin are from another two of my favourite pin shops - Sugarbones and The Lantern Girl, respectively. The Lantern Girl is actually the main reason I fell in love with pins so much; at one point I was making $100+ orders from her at a time! Sugarbone is also a really inspiring artist of all mediums, not just pins.

The Usagi Bunny pin is absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately you can barely tell in this photo. Since taking these photos I also received these Usagi's Bedsheets pins from Black Moon Clan, which I love just as much. Usagi's bed is so iconic!

Next up are these adorable Sailor Scout outfit pins from Miyuka on Etsy. They're different to my other pins since they aren't made from enamel, but I think they are absolutely gorgeous and deserved their own display board. The outer Scouts' outfits are also available, but as I am not yet familiar with those characters, I held off on purchasing their outfits. I am sure I will want them once I have finished the manga though!


Now onto my pin house. This was super difficult to get good photos of due to all the different colours of the pins, and the fact that the walls of the house kept giving off shadows where I didn't want them. You can still see the pins fine, but the photos just aren't as beautiful as what they all look like in real life.

The Sailor Scout heart-shaped outfit pins that are scattered around the top of the house are from Moon Phase Pins, as is the large Sailor Moon pin with the moon around her + pink background that is positioned at the bottom of the house. On the left side you'll see a lot of heart shaped pins: the top one is from Eerie Little, the bottom one is another Sugarbones pin - as is the large pin the very middle of the house - and the rest of the hearts on that side are from Lulu Bloo's Love Series, who is another one of my favourite pin makers. 

The circle-shaped Venus pin that's hiding amongst the hearts was a limited edition collaboration between Adam Grey Shop and Natty Cat Pins - the latter of which also made the Magical Girl Star Compact pin. The red bow pin towards the top of the house is from Di Depux, and over on the right at the top you'll see two Ami pins which are a collaboration between Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on Instagram, and Basura Gang. The crying Sailor Moon pin that's in the very top right corner, the sleepy Sailor Moon directly underneath, and the Chibiusa Brat pin that on the bottom right, are all from Elorasaurus, who is another artist and creator that I am personally a huge fan of.

The Sailor Scout wand pins, the Crisis Moon Compact pin, the Chibi Sailor V pin, the Inner Crystal Star Compact, and the Sailor Moon eating cake pin are all from the amazing Lantern Girl. The Sailor Moon Dog Filter pin - along with the Luna Flower Crown Filter pin that's on the right - are both from Stami Studios, who also made the glow in the dark pin featured earlier. The Neo Queen Serenity pin is a collaboration between Moon Phase Pins and Shop Rozarria. The random tiny crescent moon pin is from eBay, and the small heart with the ribbon around it at the bottom right corner is from Colourfy Me.

We're on the home stretch now! The purple Tuxedo Mask pin is from Cherry Magic Club, the Sailor Moon + Tuxedo Mask pin is another one by Lulu Bloo, the Luna + Artemis pins are from Tee Fury, and I cannot for the life of me find out where I bought the Sailor Moon transformation pin! I've looked through my purchase history and am now just sifting through the abundance of Sailor Moon pins for sale online. Once I find the shop, I will update this post with the link!


Phew, we made it! That was a lot of talking, linking, and sub-par explaining, but I'm sure most of you only came for the photos anyway. Next time I have to do an update on this collection - which probably won't be that far in the future when you consider how often I buy pins - I might just include photos on the newer ones so that I don't have to take photos of the whole collection again, but we'll see what happens.

Have you dived into the whole pin and patch craze that's taken over the internet? Let me know what you think about it!

Until next time,
Indya xx