Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Chibiusa/Black Lady Cake ♡ Sailor Moon Recipe

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Despite only appearing once in the manga and anime, Chibiusa's alter ego Black Lady has quite a large fan base. I was a fan of her before I had even read the Black Moon Arc purely because of how awesome she looks. I love her pink hair and her provocative clothing, and it's cool to see a completely different side to Chibiusa. 

I still can't get past the kissing-her-dad thing, though. I know it was about power and control, and not actually being into her dad, but it was still a little too much for me. Regardless, I still love Black Lady and knew I had to create a recipe inspired by her. 

I usually like to base my Sailor Moon recipes off the names of their attacks, but as far as I know, Black Lady doesn't have any attacks with actual names, so I decided to create something that looked like her instead. Even though I didn't include her face, any true Sailor Moon fan would be able to tell who this is straight away by the hair, as it's such an iconic feature of her character.


♡ Cake of your choice
♡ Royal icing, coloured deep purple, enough to ice an entire cake
Fondant rolling pin
♡ Pink fondant
♡ Angled spatula
 Fondant carving tools
♡ Baking paper
♡ White paper and pencil

1. Cover the entire cake in royal icing and put it in the fridge to set. You could also use buttercream icing, but I wanted a really smooth finish and knew that would be easier to achieve with royal icing.

2. Either drawn the outline of Black Lady's hair onto your paper freehand, or trace a photo that you found online, ensuring that your design will fit nicely on your cake.

3. Place your baking paper on top of your drawing of her hair. I made mine a little longer than the photo so that I could roll the fondant out directly onto the baking paper as it is non-stick. 

Get two small-ish balls on fondant, roll them out flat, then carve out the shape of her hair buns with your fondant tools. Carefully slide your angled spatula underneath one bun at a time to lift them up, then place them on top of your drawing.

4. Get a bigger chunk of your fondant and roll it into an oval shape, then carve out her fringe, using your drawing as a guide. If you're having trouble cutting the fondant with your tools for this part, use a small knife instead, then smooth over any harsh edges with the flat side of one of your fondant tools. 

Carefully slide your angled spatula underneath to lift it up, then place it on top of your drawing. You may want to alter the shape of your buns so that they sit flush against this piece.

5. Get two long strips of fondant and roll them so they are as flat as your other pieces. Carve out both of her pigtails, ensuring that you add a slight curve to them as Black Lady's hair is definitely not straight. 

If I was more skilled at using fondant, I would have made her pigtails far more curly. Carefully slide your angled spatula under each pigtail and place them underneath the buns, once again altering any necessary pieces so that the pigtails and the buns sit nicely together.

6. Once you've carved out all the necessary pieces and are happy with their placing, it's time to add them to your cake. Make sure that your royal icing is completely set, then slide your angled spatula underneath the fringe piece of fondant, and place that on the top middle of your cake, ensuring that you leave enough room for the buns to sit above it.

7. Carefully slide your angled spatula underneath each bun, one at a time, then place them on the cake. Do the same for both pigtails, then you're done! Be very carefully not to stab your icing with any of your tools (or your nails!) as it will ruin the smooth finish of the icing.


Considering how much I love Black Lady, I only own two things relating to her, and their both pins. You can see the one from Adam Grey Shop in my second pin collection post, but my other one from Akuma Press arrived after that post went up. 

I really hope they release a Black Lady Pop Vinyl as I will be ALL OVER THAT, but until then I'll work on my Chibiusa collection as her shelf in my collection is emptier than the other inner Scouts. 

Once my shelves start getting a little more full, I'll be sure to do an updated collection post as the photos from my last one were not the best, plus the way I have everything displayed now is so much better. 

It was impossible not to get any reflections when taking photos of the icing in the cake 😅

For now, if you're in need of some more Sailor Moon content, be sure to check out my Chibi Moon Compact piñata and my fairy floss-filled cupcakes that were inspired by one of Chibiusa's attacks. They're two my most popular posts and, even though she's a brat, everyone loves Chibiusa 😜

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