Friday, 19 January 2018

How To Generate More Blog Post Ideas

I am hesitant to even type this as I really don't want to jinx anything, but here it is anyway: I honestly feel like I will never run out of ideas for blog posts. I don't mean for that to sound cocky, it's just that there is so much that I want to and see and create in this life that I can't imagine ever feeling bored or unsure of what to do next. 

However, I had read many posts from bloggers who have claimed to feel the same way for a long time - years, even - and eventually found themselves at a dead end, and that sounds terrifying. So, I am planning ahead. I am writing this post for my future self who might need it some day, and for those of you reading this who might need it today. These are some great ways that I brainstorm my blog content; I hope you find something that might help you out!


Whenever I read these kinds of posts, people always say that listen to what others are asking you - or Google, or Quora - and answer those questions, and whilst that's a great idea, you should also start answering your own questions! My post about how to save money as a DIY blogger was inspired by myself. 

I had asked both Twitter and Instagram if you guys preferred to read DIY posts or recipes, and on both platforms DIY projects won by quite a bit. That left me feeling a bit down as I thought about how much easier and cheaper recipe posts were to make, but I knew I couldn't let down my audience, so I decided to make notes of how to save money as a DIY-er, and I got a great post out of it. Don't forget to listen to yourself!


I guess these are two very similar terms, but I think of them differently when I'm brainstorming blog post ideas. Whenever I need a new idea, I write down a list of genres - cookies, pillows, cupcakes, pinatas, etc - and then I think of the themes I am loving - tv shows, holidays, "That Pink Door", etc - and I mix and match the two together. 

I made both the disco ball cookies and cake pops on the same day since disco balls were on my mind and I wanted to create them in multiple ways. Right after I made the sushi roll pillow, I thought it'd be awesome to make sushi roll cake pops, so I begun planning them too (that post will be up later this month!). It's pretty easy to take a theme you love and run with it, and it's a lot of fun too!


Just like the last point, with this one you make a list of the things you like to create and another of the things you like to look at, chuck them in a word randomiser and see what comes out! The very first time I did this I was playing around with flavours and recipe ideas, and I got "fairy floss" and "cupcake", which eventually turned into my fairy floss-filled cupcakes. This was my first original recipe and one of my favourite creations of all times. I've had some more pretty good word combinations since I started doing this, plus it's a lot of fun!


This one depends on how much content you absorb, and how it affects you. I absorb a lot of content, but I have never felt that it brings me down. I follow and read over 120 blogs, and I am always looking for more because I am inspired by other humans and their worlds. I can't get enough of other people's minds, I love seeing people create from their heart and it always inspires me to do more - but not everyone is like that. 

Many bloggers say that reading too many blogs messes with their own thought process and affects how they produce content, so if you're struggling to get any posts written, it may have something to do with the amount of content you are absorbing in your day-to-day life.


Sometimes it's hard to get the right words out because your mind is full of others one that need to be let out first. Sometimes, you need to vent, or to experiment, or to just get your thoughts onto paper (or screen) before you have any idea what might become of them. So often I'll start writing a lengthy, not-very-well-read post about the many thoughts that are clouding my head, and half-way through it I'll have an epiphany and will suddenly be inspired to write another, much better post. Remember that you don't have to publish everything you write, but it is a good idea to write anything that you're feeling. Once you've let that feeling out, it's a lot easier to let it go and move on.


Do you struggle with coming up with content ideas? If so, let us know what ways you have learnt to overcome it! You never know how much help your advice could be to someone who is stuck in a rut.

Until next time,
Indya xx