Monday, 8 January 2018

Kawaii Box Unboxing

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I adore all things cute, that's no secret. So, when I discovered that there's a plethora of subscription boxes filled with adorable items who love to work with bloggers, I was over the moon! I couldn't think of anything better than being sent a literal box of happiness and sharing it here on the blog. I did some research and chose the subscription box that matched my interests the best: Kawaii Box!

I liked that Kawaii Box features a range stationery items, accessories, and even a sample of sweets. I have never received a subscription box or anything like it before, so I was a little nervous about the randomness of it all. What if I didn't like anything I received?! Well, I can honestly tell you that I am genuinely happy with every single item I received! The Kawaii Box is exactly what it claims to be: a box full of cute items. As long as you like "cute", you'll like Kawaii Box!


First up I'd like to talk about the stationery items, since I know so many of you will love them too. I received alphabet stickers, adorable sticky notes (which are some of my FAVOURITE things to have on my desk!), and a bunch of corgi stickers - ALL of which will go to great use as I adore scrapbooking, and am currently working on a memory book for 2017!

Next we have some of my favourite items: keychains, and candy-themed accessories! I adore all three of these things. The unicorn keychain will match my unicorn handbag perfectly, the squishy ice cream fits in perfectly with all of my ice cream home decor pieces, and I love any way to incorporated my love of food - candy, in particular - into my everyday life!

These last three items are absolutely adorable. The bunny ears pen will definitely go to good use, and will also make me smile whenever I see it sitting in my pen holder on my desk. The adorable forest animals purse was an instant love of mine, and it fits in with the rest of my purses and bags so well!

And, of course, the strawberry chocolate hearts. I was so excited to try these as I've seen people go crazy for Japanese candy, but also nervous because I have no idea what's in them! 😂  Whatever they are made of, they're delicious and made me even more determined to make a trip to Japan in the near-ish future so I can experience more of their kawaii items, delicious treats, and general culture. Plus, the fact that it's the home of two of my favourite things in the world - Pokemon and Sailor Moon - certainly helps.


Kawaii Box were also kind enough to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win their own Kawaii Box for free! If you'd like a box of cuteness delivered to your doorstep, just enter the giveaway below. I wish you the best of luck! ☺️

The Small Adventurer Kawaii Box Giveaway

I am so happy to have been chosen to receive a Kawaii Box in exchange for this review. My smile continued to grow larger with every item I pulled out of the box! As cliche as it may sound, it was honestly like opening a box of sunshine. 

If you'd like to go ahead and order yourself a Kawaii Box you can do so by clicking here! Each time someone purchases a box from that link, I get $5 off my next order! You surely don't want to deny me more kawaii items, do you?! 😜

Until next time,
Indya xx