Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Daniel and I have been together since we were 16 and 17 years old. We are now 21 and 22, so we have definitely done our fair share of growing since we got together. Obviously we have grown as a couple, but the most prominent ways we have grown are separate from each other, whilst still relating back to our relationship.

For example, Daniel had never thought about owning a house before we started dating. That's not too shocking seeing as he was only 17 years old, but I had always known that I wanted to own a house when I was older purely because it seemed so out of my reach. As we started getting older and began figuring out what we wanted to do with our lives, the thought of owning a house became a big goal for Daniel - as did going to uni. 

If it wasn't for each other, neither one of us were likely to have gone onto further study. In fact, we'd probably still both be living at home! He'd still be there due to lack of ambition, and I'd still be at home due to fear - but together, we grew, we moved out, and we started planning for our future. Over the last four and a bit years, I have grown a lot, I have gone through a lot, and I have changed a lot, and it has all been for the better. 

I constantly think back to who I was at 16 years old and it feels like I am looking at a completely different person. I honestly don't know what Daniel saw in me back then, but boy am I glad that he stuck with me, because I certainly wouldn't have become the person I am now without him! Today's post is about reflecting on the ways I have changed since meeting Daniel, and how much better off I am with him in my life.


When Daniel and I first started talking, I was still pretty fresh out of a relationship. A very long, gruelling, awful relationship that left me with many issues, but one of the biggest issues was jealousy. My last partner would make any friendship with a female seem like a threat to me on purpose just to mess with me, and what made it even worse is that those girls went along with it. Together, they tormented me and made me feel like I could be left so easily, and being so young, that really messed me up. 

Even when I was with Daniel - who was so much kinder and sweeter right from the start - I was convinced that he would leave me any day for someone else. I constantly compared myself to other people, and I am still so shocked that I no longer think that way at all. Overtime I realised that Daniel really did love me and wasn't going to leave me for someone else.

I became a lot more comfortable in our relationship, and now I can joke with one of my best friends about how much she adores Daniel, because I trust them both and I know that she has her own boyfriend who she is madly in love with. 2013 me would not have been able to handle that at all, so I am super proud of myself for letting go of such a toxic feeling.


Whilst this sort of ties in with the jealousy thing, my issues didn't just stop at my lack of trust for anybody. I also had an awfully strong detestation towards myself, and that hurt Daniel just as much as it hurt me. It was difficult for him to understand how I could be so unhappy with myself and my life when we were so happy together, and I still think back to those times where I could see how much my sadness affected him. It never actually put a strain on our relationship, and he never once showed signs of wanting to get out of that situation, but it still wasn't a very fun time. 

We have since changed so many aspects of our lives - where we live, who we are in contact with, how we spend our time - that have enabled me to have a newfound love for life and I will never not be grateful to have had him by myself through that personal journey of mine, but I am so glad that that time in my life is behind me and I can now focus all my time on making our lives even better.


It's hard for me to explain what it's like to have absolutely, 100% trust and faith in someone after going my whole life expecting people to let me down. Daniel has never let me down, and that is an amazing fact to reflect on. I can count on him at all times, for absolutely anything, and I am so incredibly lucky to have someone so genuine in my life.

I also never realised how amazing it is to feel content until it happened to me. Most of my life I have been searching for more, for something exciting, or some sort of change, and - whilst Daniel and I have goals for the future, of course - I now know what it's like to feel absolutely content with what you have. To be able to look around and know that things could stay exactly as they are and I would still be just as happy 20 years from now is amazing. It is so nice to feel so calm and happy with how life is at this very moment.


Don't get me wrong, it still scares me a little. The unknown is always going to be somewhat frightening - not to mention the fact that time is just passing by so fast these days - but it's far more exciting than it is scary when you have someone by your side through it all. Whilst we have our goals, we have no idea where the future could take us, and that is exciting as hell. Talking about all the possibilities we have, all the paths we could take, all the things we are still yet to experience, is so much fun, and I can't wait to see what our futures have in store for us.


Daniel's not magic, so there's plenty of things that will probably never change about me, even if Daniel tries to make them happen. For example, I will never drink water unless I'm about to throw up from a headache, and I will never suggest that we walk to work when we have a perfectly good car that will drive us there, but I am definitely more likely to take more chances on myself now that I have someone who supports me and builds me up at all times. 

So much of my blog content has a lot of Daniel in it as he is always offering suggestions on how to improve things or go that one step further, and as scary as it can be trying new things, I really do love having someone in my life who encourages me to get out of my comfort zone. I honestly think he is to thank for all of my self growth over these few years. The Small Adventurer wouldn't be what it is without him cheering me on from behind the scenes!

Wow, that was a long post! I have done a lot of growing and changing since Daniel and I got together in mid-2013, and nothing makes me happier than comparing who I am now to who I was then. 

I never imagined I could ever live such a happier and calm life, filled with so many amazing things and people, but I am living it right now and I will never take it for granted! What are some ways you have grown and changed for the better over the last few years? I love hearing about people creating the lives that they have always wanted to live for themselves!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 26 February 2018

Do you know what tomorrow is? It's Pokémon Day! On February 27th, back in 1996, Pokémon Red and Green were released for the first time on GameBoy. Since then, Pokémon has become a cult classic all around the world, and this day has been celebrated as the moment in all began ever since. 

Anyone who knows me at all will know that I adore Pok
émon - even those that have walked passed me whilst I was using my phone should know, as my phone case is a Poké  Ball! - so of course I had to make something to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

I've been trying to bring more DIY projects to the blog since a poll that I ran on Instagram said that most of you prefer them over recipe posts, but since I absolutely love baking and just want to be in the kitchen 24/7, I tried to find a happy medium - and I think I've found it: cake toppers! 

Cake and cupcake toppers are some of my favourite DIY posts to read. I love the fact that you can personalise any cake or batch of cupcakes to suit any kind of party theme just with a simple topper! 

I've included a list of some of my favourite cake toppers by other bloggers at the bottom of this page, but for now, let's get onto the tutorial! I've broken this post up into the three different section for each Poké Ball that I made so it's easier for you all to follow 😋



What You'll Need:
♡ Foam ball
♡ Red, white, and black paint
♡ Paint brushes and palette
♡ Toothpick and something to stick it into, such as a block of foam
♡ Black fineliner pen

1. Paint one half of your foam ball red. You may need to do multiple coats to get an even coverage. Whilst you are waiting for the paint to dry, stick your toothpick into the bottom of the foam ball, and then stick the other end of it into a foam block to prevent the ball from rolling and messing up the paint. Make sure you let it completely dry before moving onto the next step.

2. With a thin paintbrush, paint the black line all around the ball at the edge of your red paint. Be very patient with this step and take your time so you get it as even and steady as possible. Stick the ball back onto the toothpick whilst it dries.

3. Now it's time to paint your white circle! I traced a small circular object into some plastic and cut it out to use as a stencil, but if you're confident painting freehand, then all the power to you! I had to do quite a few layers to get the circle even, and to make sure it covered up the red and black beneath it. Place the ball back onto the toothpick to dry.

4. For the inner black circle, I tried to paint it freehand, but it just didn't work, so I decided to draw it with a fineliner instead. It still isn't as uniform as I would have liked, but I did the best I could! 

NOTE: It is essential that your white circle is 100% dry before you start this step, or you'll mess it up. I also recommend working quickly with the fineliner as it can cause the foam to deteriorate if you leave your pen on it for too long!

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What You'll Need:
♡ Foam ball
♡ Blue, white, and black paint
♡ Paint brushes and palette
♡ Toothpick and something to stick it into, such as a block of foam
♡ Red permanent marker
♡ Black fineliner pen

1. Decide which way you want the ball to sit so that the front is facing you, then draw the two red lines that are on top of the great ball with your red permanent marker. You may need to go over it again to get an even coat, but don't leave the marker on the foam for too long or it will deteriorate, just like with the fineliner. Let the marker dry for a few minutes.

2. Paint that same side of the ball blue, being very careful not to paint over the red lines you have just drawn. Do as many coats as needed until it is even, remembering to place your ball onto a toothpick while it dries so it doesn't roll around.

3. Paint the black outline circle with a thin paintbrush, right on the edge of the blue line. Once again, do this very slowly to ensure you get the straightest and cleanest line possible. Put on toothpick to dry.

4. Using your stencil or just your paintbrush, now it's time to paint your white circle. You want to make sure your circle is in between the two red lines you drew earlier. It's always a good idea to have a photo up for reference during this step! Paint as many coats as needed, and remember to rest your ball on the toothpick in between layers.

5. Once your white circle is completely dry, draw your inner black circle with your fineliner. Try to do this quickly as quickly as possible, but don't rush too much! 😂


What You'll Need:
♡ Foam ball
♡ Red, white, and black paint
♡ Paint brushes and palette
♡ Toothpick and something to stick it into, such as a block of foam
♡ Black fineliner pen

1. This one is definitely the trickiest out of all three. I recommend having up a few photos of Ultra Balls from different angles for reference whilst you paint yours. Decide where you want the front of the Ultra Ball to be, then lightly paint the outlines of the yellow parts. 

You'll need to move the ball around to different angles to make sure you get it all correct, but don't forget which side is your front! Also, don't stress too much if you muck up the back as hardly anyone will know what it's meant to look like anyway 😂

2. Once you're happier with your rough outline, go ahead and paint the insides as well, until you've got a nice and even coating. Stick your foam ball onto a toothpick and then into your foam ball until it dries.

3. Now it's time to paint around the yellow parts of your Ultra Ball with black paint. Be very careful when you get close to the yellow paint so that you don't accidentally paint over it, whilst still making sure that you get as close as possible so that no white foam can be seen underneath or in between the two colours! 

4. Since you're using black paint, you can go ahead and paint the outline circle now instead of waiting for the paint to try. When you're happy with your outlining, let your foam ball dry on the toothpick once again.

5. Your white circle may take a few more coats this time as it has to cover up the black paint underneath, so do as many coats as needed. When your last coat is 100% dry, draw your inner circle with your blackfliner, and ta-da! You're done!


I am a huge novice when it comes to painting, so these guys took me quite a while, which is exactly why I love them so much. I still have a lot to learn in terms of painting, what brushes to use, how paint will show up on different surfaces, and just how important primer is (IS it important?! Like, if I paint wood? Or fabric? Help me!!), and I am really looking forward to learning more about it and hopefully improving in the process!


Now, as promised, some DIY cake and cupcake toppers that you NEED to check out:

Bowling Ball Cupcake Tuppers by Handmade Charlotte
Rainbow Cake Topper by Tell Love and Party
Fridge Magnet Cake Topper by Brit & Co
Record Cupcake Toppers by Studio DIY
♡ Sprinkles Cake Topper by The House That Lars Built
♡ Mini Paper Lanterns Cake Topper by Oh Happy Day!

How amazing are they all?! They've really inspired me to brainstorm more of my own cake and cupcake topper ideas! Do you guys have any requests for specific items or themes? The possibilities are endless!

Until next time,
Indya xx

PS. This post isn't affiliated with Nintendo at all, nor am I making money off this post. I just wanted to make something to celebrate Pokémon Day. On the other hand, if anyone from Nintendo is reading this, I'd love to collaborate on a post together! You can find my work email here 😉

PPS. Just in case any of you reading this are also big Pokémon fans, I KNOW that I forgot to include that black line around the white circle, and I'm sorry! I had already taken and edited all the photos by the time I realised 😅

Friday, 23 February 2018

In January I shared a post on how I think we were born to work and pay bills, and I could not be more proud of how that post turned out. Usually I plan out my posts for a few weeks - or even months - in advance, but that post came to me after a particularly busy day at work. I sat down and the words started spewing out. That post ended up becoming my second most popular blog post of all time, which really shows how effective and important passion is when it comes to your writing.

After I wrote that post, I realised I had another topic to cover that relates back to that one, which is what today's post is about. Yes, we are here to work and pay bills, but we are also here to actually work hard. Having some work ethic and pride in how you conduct yourself in the workplace is something that I am seeing less and less, and that makes me really sad. How you carry out tasks says a lot about yourself, regardless on what the actual task is, and whether or not you think it is "beneath" you.

It is a privilege to have a job, and I really hate that people don't realise that. Not only is it a privilege for us women as we weren't even allowed to work at one point in history, but it's a privilege for any human to just have the physical ability to work, and the means to get to and from your job. 

I have friends who struggle to work due to illness, and I see how much that affects them. Having a job and working to earn money for yourself is such a bare minimum for most of us that we see it as an annoyance, whereas there are people out there wishing that they could have a typical 9-5 job - or, hell, even just a part-time job! - but simply can't. With all that in mind, it really gets on my nerves when people have absolutely no work ethic. 

As someone who works in customer service, I understand that everyone has their off days. We're only human. But when I go to a store or restaurant and am "greeted" by someone who clearly hates their job and doesn't care about the customers at all, it's really disappointing. It's really not that hard to put on a smile and talk politely to someone. I honestly can't not do that while I'm at work, even if I tried! It's a natural reaction for me to greet people warmly, and it's quite saddening that other people aren't the same way.

I know I am lucky to live in a country like Australia, where you can live off of a minimum wage job, so I understand that my view when it comes to work is somewhat biased, but I also know that what you get paid has nothing to do with the customers, so don't take out your issues with your employer on them. 

I also know that some jobs come with really unpleasant tasks that no one likes to do, but I really do believe that how you complete your tasks is a direct reflection of who you are, so I try to give my best whenever I can. I talk to customers like they're my favourite people in the world, and I do everything in my power to ensure that they leave our establishment in a good mood, and it's always worth it. 

Whether the customer is kind back to me or not, I can walk away knowing that I am a good person and that I gave it my best - and every time a customer tells me how helpful and kind I am, I am reminded that it's all worth it. I really do believe that people are genuinely good, and I am going to continue living my life as honestly as I can in hopes of encouraging others to do the same. You should always have pride in yourself and in your work, no matter what it is.

Until next time,
Indya xx

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may be familiar with some health issues that have really been getting me down lately. I'll admit that I have been a bit vague on the exact details, but that's just because I don't have any answers for what it is yet. I go into a bit more detail in this post if you'd like to read it. In it, I mention how I think it is dissociation - which is one of the options my doctor recently told me as well - but I am still undergoing some tests. I had an EEG recently to see if it's a type of epilepsy (such as absent seizures) as that is another option as well, but I've still got to wait over a week for the results.

I bring this up as it has been getting me down. I go through stages where I have these "episodes" of mine constantly, and I'm in the middle of a pretty bad cycle of them at the moment. They leave me feeling incredibly drained, confused, exhausted, and often with a headache. One of them occurred before work on Monday, and I felt so sick at work that they sent me home. I then had another one afterwards, and then pretty much slept from that afternoon until Tuesday. It was not fun.

Anyway, I don't like to be negative, so I've been trying extra hard to focus on the good things in life lately. I genuinely love my life and I am not going to let something that is out of my control bring me down. I am doing everything in my power to figure out what's wrong and try to fix it, and that is all I can do. So, here's to soldiering on through the hard times and knowing that brighter days are ahead! What better way to do that than to share some of my favourite recent online finds? Hope you enjoy them! ✨

♡ I have recently discovered Lovepop Cards and have re-fallen in love with pop-up cards all over again. They even have burger, ice cream, AND donut pop-up cards! I need them all 😍

♡ For someone who was never taught any basic survival or adulthood skills, Wife Sense's Teach Me To series is an absolute life-saver. Not many people think to teach people such basic life skills, but I really appreciate it, and thought I'd share it here in case any of you are in the same boat as I was. There are so many topics covered, from changing a tire to setting the table! It's definitely worth a look at.

♡ After getting my first watch last year, I have been DYING to start a collection, and I have completely fallen in love with Klasse 14's gorgeous range. I especially love the colours mustardpowder, and coral. I want one so bad!

♡ In case you missed it: Sushi Roll Cake PopsPizza Sugar Cookies, and a Palm Springs "That Pink Door" Pillow are just a few of the creations I have shared on the blog recently! I am hoping to get a lot more baking and creating done this weekend as well, as my mind is absolutely bursting with ideas!

♡ Something very important to remember regarding Fergie's performance of the American National Anthem.

♡ You should all know by now how much I adore anything that is miniature and/or shaped like food, so naturally Bakery Charms is my new favourite shop. They have necklaces with pendants shaped like some of the best foods out there, such as peanut butter cupschoc chip cookiesrainbow cakes, and pizza. Now, my birthday isn't until September, but there's no harm in getting my presents a little early, right? 😜

♡ Ever since I began purchasing kid's toys to use as decor, I just can't stop, and this wooden pastel baking set is not making it any easier! How adorable is it?!

♡ How to turn a bad day around - even if it's 8pm! This article is filled with so many wonderful, simple, but often overlooked, tricks on how to make any bad day better. It has honestly changed the way I think in my day-to-day life!


What have you found recently that has caught your eye, or your heart? I would love to hear all about it!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 19 February 2018

If you're a regular reader here, you'll know that instead of setting myself some specific goals for 2018, I decided to go for a Word of the Year instead. I felt that a Word of the Year would be better for me as it is a broad goal - which suits someone like me, who changes their mind constantly - but it's still something to aim towards. 

The definition of my Word of the Year is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way. Whilst I still have so, so far to go to achieve that, I do believe that I have begun making small changes that are helping me get to the point I want to end up at. So, here are some of the ways I've been spending 2018 so far:


Daniel and I are always together, even if we're not actually doing the same thing. We share an office so are always in each other's presence, but we have quite different hobbies so it's not often we're doing the same thing at the same time - except for eat, which we always do together. However, this year we've become a little movie obsessed and have had so many movie days and nights together! 

We've watched The Green Lantern (my new favourite superhero!), the Batman movies, the Men in Black trilogy, and a few Monty Python movies. I'm usually not a huge fan of movies as I have a short attention span, but it's been really nice to just stop and only focus on one thing at a time - especially when you get to do that with your best friend!


By "better" I mean more organised, calm, and making sure I spend my time on things worth doing. I've given myself the project of giving our house a huge reorganisation and declutter throughout 2018. As I'm writing this I have three bags of things that I'm going to donate to a thrift shop, and I still have a heap more things in mind that I'd like to donate.

I'm also slowly purchasing more storage containers to better organise our belongings, particularly in our cupboards. Everything is just so cluttered and gets full of dust and spider webs way too easily, which makes me really reluctant to regular clean everything and it's really getting to me! I'm hoping to implement a more consistent cleaning schedule once it's easier to get into all the nooks and crannies of our small space!


Daniel is on holiday from uni until late February, which means we only have three days a week where we needed to be up early, and I have definitely been taking advantage of it! Daniel unfortunately still wakes up really early since he's used to his uni schedule, but since it takes me so long to fall asleep at night, I'm always able to sleep in pretty late. 

Since I had most of my blog content ready to post weeks in advance, I've been able to grant myself some regular sleep ins on my days off, and I've been loving it. However, I am also looking forward to Daniel going back to uni as I get so much done when he's at school!


I haven't done a lot of this yet, but I hope to do more in the future. The biggest thing that I've done for the first time this year would definitely be go on my first plane ride to Queensland with Daniel, but I've also been painting more often, which has been a lot of fun. I still have so many new ideas for DIY projects that I have never tried before, and I can't wait to share them all with you on here - if they turn out well, that is 😅


These are a just few, simple ways that I am beginning to make 2018 a well spent year for me. I still have so many things that I would like to achieve, but as much as I would like to, I can't do everything at once! I just have to take things one day at a time and try to always work towards being the person I want to be. How is 2018 going for you so far?

Until next time,
Indya xx
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Friday, 16 February 2018

This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what this means, visit my disclaimer.

Yep, we're back at it again with another sushi roll inspired post! I shared my sushi roll pillow not too long ago, and loved it so much that it made me think about what other things I could turn into sushi. I made Brit & Co's sushi cupcakes back in June, but this time around I wanted to make something that was the same size as sushi rolls, then it hit me: cake pops!

I had a lot of fun making those disco ball cake pops last month; I am so glad that I finally decided to give these treats a go after fearing them for so long. I still couldn't manage to find any gummy fish candies, which is what I would have liked to use, but I did manage to find some fish-shaped hard candies instead - and, as for the green candies, they can represent cucumber or avocado, depending on what sushi rolls you prefer 😋 

Also, just a little FYI, I just use a regular vanilla cake recipe in my cake pop pan instead of Bakerella's traditional recipe, simply because it's easier. Usually it wouldn't matter which method you use, but the reason I like my way for this recipe is because they don't rise to complete spheres. Instead, they have a flatter side, which is helpful for this recipe as sushi rolls have flat ends, which means the coconut and other decorations won't fall off as easily. Just something to think about!


♡ Your favourite cake pop recipe
 Black fondant
♡ White chocolate melts
Fondant rolling pin
♡ Shredded coconut
♡ White royal icing
♡ Fish shaped hard candy
Cake pop sticks and stand

1. Place white chocolate melts in a microwave-safe bowl and melt in 30 second intervals. Dip cake pop sticks into melted chocolate, then push into the cake pops about 3/4 of the way, and wait for the chocolate to set.

2. Once the chocolate has set on the sticks, pick the cake pops back up and dip the entire thing in the chocolate melts. Let the excess chocolate drip back into the bowl, then stand your cake pops up on your stand while the chocolate sets. It may be a good idea to put paper towel down to catch any more drips.

3. Roll out your black fondant and cut it into thick strips. Wrap the strips around each cake pops, pressing the fondant down as you go around so that it sticks to the pop. If your fondant doesn't seem to be sticking the pops, lightly brush some water on the side that will be touching the cake pop to make it stickier.

4. Whip up a small batch of royal icing that isn't too thick or too thin. Spread a small amount on the top of each cake pop, then sprinkle with the shredded coconut. Add the hard candy before the icing sets so they have something to stick to.

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That's it! How super simple are they to make?! Much easier than real sushi 😜  although not quite as healthy. Do you like sushi? What's your favourite kind to get? I'm going to admit right now that I usually just get California rolls, so I'm not sure if you can even call me a true sushi fan 😅

Until next time,

Indya xx

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! You guys didn't think you'd get away without me writing a post about my lovely boyfriend, did you?! Clearly you don't know how cheesy and in love I am 😜  I ran a poll on Twitter on what this post should be about, and "future plans" won by a landslide! Whilst Daniel and I don't have the exact years set out for when we would like to achieve these goals, we do have a rough idea. For now, I've just listed them somewhat in order from soonest to latest!


Financial stability is a huge priority for the both of us as we both grew up in a single parent household where money was limited most of the time. We're very driven to get good jobs and earn good money so that we can give ourselves the lives we deserve, so that is our first goal. Daniel's already into his second year of school, whereas I am hoping to start at the end of this year. 

I am confident in our ability to reach this goal as we are already really good with money (just think of how much better we'd be if I didn't like to shop so much! 😅) and seem to be far less stressed about it than a lot of other people our age. Whilst money certainly isn't the most important thing in life, it is essential to achieving to some of our other goals!


As much as I just want to buy a house right now, I am hoping we'll be able to travel overseas a few times whilst we're both in school, as it seems like the perfect time to do so. Neither of us are going to get a full time job while we're studying, so we have plenty of time to travel whilst we're on holidays. Once again, this just comes down to how well we manage our money - and when we finally decide to get off our butts and apply for passports!


I am unsure whether I want to get married or buy a house first, but it will probably be get married, as that will be a lot cheaper and easier 😂  As I've already said, finishing school and getting good jobs is our first priority, so it will still be quite some time before we get married. In fact, it will probably be close to our 10th anniversary! 

I know that seems like so long to wait, but since we met so young and are having our fifth anniversary when I'm only 21, it's definitely the right thing to do. Whilst we could engaged at any time (if I ever find a ring that I like!), I am perfectly happy waiting until we're fully-fledged adults before actually tying the knot!


Ahh, our biggest goal! Neither one of us thought we would ever own a house as the people around us while we were growing up never did, but we are determined to beat all odds. I'm sure you've all heard that our generation is buying houses less and less, but I honestly don't think anything could ever compare to the stability of having our own house after a lifetime of renting. Plus, I can't wait to renovate it and decorate it however I want! That is going to be an amazing time in our lives, and I won't give up until we have reached this goal!


I cry pretty much every day over one animal or another. I am dying for a pet, but we can't have one where we are living right now, and we have agreed that we should wait until we have our "forever home" before we take on a responsibility like that. We don't plan on having kids, so getting a pet will be like our last piece of the puzzle - except for the fact that I want so many! We both want a dog each, and we've got to have at least one cat, but there's still so many others that I adore! However, with a house full of collectibles, I am really not sure how that is going to go 😅


There you have it: mine and Daniel's plans for the future! The timeline and the minor details of things may change from time to time, but our end goals will always remain the same. I already love our life together more than I ever thought was possible, and I can't wait to slowly cross these goals off our list and truly live the life we've always dreamed! Happy fifth Valentine's Day to my perfect other half, there's no one else that I would rather tackle life with than you! 💞

Until next time,
Indya xx