Wednesday, 11 April 2018

DIY Licorice Allsorts Gift Boxes for National Licorice Day

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You all know how much I love my novelty holidays, I honestly don't know what the majority of my blog content would be without them! Whilst I'm not actually the biggest fan of licorice, I do think licorice allsorts are really cute. I absolutely love their bright colours, so when I found out that the 12th of April was National Licorice Day, I knew I had to create something to celebrate.

I didn't actually do much research into licorice until after I had already made these boxes, so I wasn't aware of all the health risks that were associated with licorice! High blood pressure, muscle weakness, and the chance of being poisoned if you eat too much are just a few, but that's enough for me to feel much better for not liking it!

You don't necessarily have to fill these boxes with licorice, though. You could add any candy or small toys that your recipient might enjoy. I also think it'd be really cute to add a little piece of paper with a small joke or limerick on it! I am such a sucker for really bad, cheesy jokes and puns, so that would be right up my alley 😂 

You will need:
3 mini square papier mache boxes
♡ White, black, orange, yellow and pink paint
Paintbrushes and cup of water
♡ Masking tape
♡ Toilet empty paper rolls, to rest the boxes on
♡ Shredded paper (that's what I used, but tissue paper would be much nicer!)
♡ Licorice Allsorts

1. Paint your boxes and their lids white. Since the insides of mine were already white, I just rested them on top of the toilet paper rolls whilst the outsides dried. If yours aren't white on the inside, just wait until the outer layers are completely dry, then paint the insides and set them aside to dry as well. Repeat with as many layers as you need.

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2. Paint the outside of one box lid yellow, another pink, and the third one orange, then rest them on toilet paper rolls to dry. Add any extra layers you may want until you get the desired coverage.

3. Place one of your boxes upside down on a toilet paper roll so that the bottom of the box is facing the roof. Stick a strip masking tape across on the top half of the side that is facing you, which should be closest to the bottom of the box. Rotate the box and continue adding a strip of masking tape to the same spot on the other three sides.

4. Paint the areas below the tape with black paint. You may also want to lift the box up by the taped off part and paint the very top edges black as well, but this is optional. Add as many coats as you need, remembering to leave the box resting on the toilet roll whilst it dries.

5. Once the black paint has dried, very carefully peel the masking tape off the box. If it peels off any paint, just add more. Now fill your boxes with shredded paper and licorice allsorts, and you're done! 


I think these would be really cute options for party favours, or even just really cute party decorations to have around the table as licorice is certainly an acquired taste that not all of us have 😅


If you're like me and love the bright colours that licorice allsorts feature, but aren't a huge fan of the taste, here are some recipes and projects that allow you to have all the good stuff without any of the same taste:

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How amazing are all those projects?! I am so grateful for the internet enabling me to discover such inspirational creators from all around the world, and I really hope one day something I make will make someone as excited as I get whenever I see any of the above blogger's posts!


Where do you stand on the licorice debate? Are you for it, or against it? If it makes any different, I'm a huge fan of strawberry and raspberry flavoured licorice, but I'm not sure if that really counts 😂

Until next time,
Indya xx