Friday, 13 April 2018

Emoji Face Cheesecake Bites

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Woo, boy. This post was a long time coming! I actually came up with the idea of making emoji face lemon slice bites, but they failed twice. Both times heaps of bubbles came to the top of the mixture whilst it was in the oven and completely ruined the look of the slice; it looked incredibly uneven and pale, instead of the smooth, bright yellow that I was going for. I tried it again a second time, thinking that if I whisked the mixture by hand much slower, not as many bubbles would occur, but it made no difference.

I was super bummed as I had been looking forward to making a yellow treat that I could decorate like emojis, so I started going through the list of recipes and desserts that I wanted to try, and ended up seeing one that I could make work: cheesecake. Lemon cheesecake is already slightly yellow, so it only took a couple of drops of food gel to get these guys to be the bright yellow that emojis are known for. 

I wish I had taken some time to play around with different coloured fondant so that I could have made some different emojis, but I was exhausted after making two batches of disappointing lemon slice (well, look-wise, it still tasted delicious - and it was my first try too, so go me!) so I just used what I had prepared earlier. We all know that the heart eyes emoji is my favourite one anyway, so I'm certainly not complaining. If you'd like to learn how to make your own emoji face cheesecake bites, then keep on reading!

You will need:
♡ Your favourite cheesecake mixture, dyed yellow (as this was my first time making cheesecake I don't want to recommend a certain recipe to you until I find one I love, and this one was definitely only okay 😕)
Fondant rolling pin
♡ Black and red fondant
Small round cookie cutter
♡ Baking paper, pencil, knife, and scissors
♡ Mini eyeball and lip-shaped candies (both optional)
Heart shaped cookie cutter (also optional)

Sparkling Heart Emoji Whoopie Pies

1. This almost feels like a cop-out writing an entire post about these guys when they're pretty self explanatory: bake your cheesecake according to the instructions, remembering to add a few drops of yellow food dye into the mixture beforehand to give it that signature emoji-colour.

2. Once your cheesecake has set (or cooled, if you chose a baked recipe - this one is not), cut out small circles with your cookie cutter, plus some hearts if you would like as well, as a yellow heart is another commonly used emoji. 

I recommend greasing the inside and outside of the cutter with butter before pressing it into your mixture so it doesn't get too stuck, and wash the cutter after each use. If you're having trouble pushing it out, trying pressing up from the bottom so you don't push down on the cheesecake with your fingers.

3. Wash and dry your circle cookie cutter, then trace around it onto your baking paper. Draw in your heart eyes and mouth piece, then cut those small pieces out.

4. Roll out your red fondant, place your heart eye stencils onto it, and carefully cut around the stencils with the tip of your knife. The amount will depend on how many cheesecake bites you have, and how many you wish to turn into heart eye emojis.

5. Roll out your black fondant, place the mouth stencil on top, and cut out your mouth pieces with the tip of your knife. Remember, you will need one mouth piece for every two heart pieces if you're doing the heart eye emoji.

6. Since I had some eyeball candies to play around with, I also made a tiny mouth piece out of black fondant so that I could make the "😳" emoji. You could also make eyebrows out of the black fondant if you wish as well. For my mouth, I just tore off a tiny piece of the fondant and rolled it into a tube, then carefully placed it onto the cheesecake bite. If you have other coloured fondant on hand, then feel free to play around! Use pink for those cheeky tongue-sticking-out faces, or blue for the crying ones. There's so many options to choose from!

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Behind the scenes...
If you're going to make this over two days as I tend to do when experimenting in the kitchen, I would recommend making the cheesecake on one day, and the fondant decorations the next. I made the cheesecake one day, and cut out all my fondant pieces while it was setting, but decided to wait until the next day to decorate. Unfortunately, the smaller pieces for the eyebrows and mouths had dried out and fell apart, which is why I turned to the candies in the end, even though they didn't make an actual emoji face.

Something else to keep in mind that the fondant will eventually mix in with the cheesecake, so you also don't want to wait too long after making these guys before you eat them! Right now there's a plate in the fridge of some very melted and distorted emoji face cheesecake bites, and it's honestly terrifying to look at 😂


Where do you guys stand on the cheesecake debate: bake or no bake? Either way, do you have any recipes for me? I've definitely had cheesecakes that I like before, so I want to try out a few different recipes before I settle on my go-to one. Let me know your recommendations in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx