Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Savings #3

This week's Sunday Savings post is going to be quite long. As it is my "birthday month", I decided I was allowed to splurge a little extra on myself... My back account isn't happy (especially since we just bought a new washing machine as well), but I sure am.

This top was $6.25, which is pretty pricey for an op shop, but it was too pretty to pass up. I couldn't find it online ANYWHERE, but the clothes that I found from the same brand (L'America) were quite pricey, so I think I got a good deal.

The next thing I got was this pretty n' pink magazine file for $2.99. Upon inspection I discovered it's actually from IKEA in a pack of two for $12.99, which would make them which would make them roughly $6.45 each, so I got it for less than half price, which is pretty good.

The second pretty n' pink item I certainly did NOT save on. I paid $3.99, and found it for sale on the American website Ali Baba for US 20 cents. Even with the conversion rate, that would only bring it up to AUD 27 cents, which means I paid $3.72 more than I needed to, so I'll deduct that from the total savings.

Total spent: $6.98
Total saved: $0. Even with the save from the first item, I still ended up "losing" 26 cents. At least my office will be pretty!

This is probably my favourite thing that I bought today. There are so many things I want to do with it, I can't make up my mind! I found hundreds of similar items online, but couldn't manage to find the exact item. It has no label or words anywhere on it, which makes me wonder whether it would possibly be a homemade item. The backboard is a little loose, but nothing that I (*ahem* Daniel) won't be able to fix.

Etsy has a bunch of similar boxes ranging from $30-$100, but I'll compare it to one of the $30 ones just to be reasonable. I still saved quite a bit considering I only paid $5.99.

Total spent: $5.99
Total saved: $24.01

~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

The next few items are things that Daniel bought from Cash Converters (we went to four different ones just today). Daniel has been wanting a Play Station 2 for a while now, so he could play Guitar Hero. Obviously, you can't buy Play Station 2's anymore, considering they're 16 years old (feel old yet?), but when these bad boys were brand new, they were sold for US $299.

Since we only paid $49, I think we got a pretty good deal - although, every time I've seen one at a Cash Converters, they've all been the same price, so are we really saving anything? I guess that's up to you, but I'm going to compare to the original price (I won't convert it to AUD though, since this already isn't a very accurate comparison)
because I think the nostalgia alone made it
quite a good save.

The controller pictured above the console is actually a Play Station 1 controller, but is compatible with PS2. However, the X button didn't work, which is the most used button, so it's kind of useless. Regardless, it was only $3 and you don't need a controller to play Guitar Hero, so Daniel didn't mind too much. I will deduct from the total saved though, since it technically money wasted.

Total spent: $52
Total saved: $247

It was very difficult to find the original prices of the old Guitar Hero games. I managed to find an article that said World Tour was released on Play Station 2 for $90, and since there's only a year between that and Legends of Rock, I'm going to assume they were around the same price. We paid $3 and $5 for them (respective to how they're laid out in the photo). Either way, I'm glad Daniel decided to buy them all now, and not when they first came out.

I couldn't find the price for Guitar Hero 2 either, so I'm going to compare it to the original price of the first Guitar Hero game, which was $69.99. I couldn't find the original price for the Gibson SG Controller, but I found a bunch of second hand ones online for $20-$40 - and we managed to pick up both the game
and the guitar for only $9.

Total spent on games and accessories: $17
Total saved: $252.99

Take these numbers with a grain of salt though, since you can't get the games or the console new anymore, and you can (obviously) get them second hand a lot cheaper than they were originally priced, but I just wanted to see how much we saved buying them so long after they were released.

~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

There probably won't be a Sunday Savings post next week as it's my "birthday weekend" and I've got a lot planned. However, there will be a Sunday Spendings post, as I bought a bunch of new things this week that weren't secondhand that I want to share, plus I'm going shopping again next weekend - and, if that's not enough, I might even post some of my birthday presents, since I know what most of them are and I'm very excited.

There's just something about birthdays that makes me feel like a little kid again - and, considering most of the things I'm getting are Pokemon-themed, one might say I still am a kid!

Until next time,
Indya xx