Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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One of the best things about moving out of home with your partner (and there is so many great things about that) is being able to decorate your new place and make it feel like home.

Daniel and I currently rent a unit, but I always refer to it as 'our house' simply because it's easier. Plus, I think it's important to make any place that you're residing in feel like home, which is exactly what I've done.

Daniel is a very laid-back person. Nothing really phases him, so when we moved out, he said that as long as he gets his half-office (we share an office) to do what he likes with, then he doesn't mind what I do with the rest of the house - so, naturally, I went a little overboard.

I thought I owned a lot of stuff before I moved out, but my belongings have more than doubled since we moved in a little over a year ago - which, if you follow my Instagram, you will already know.

Today I am going to share my favourite home decor pieces that I have bought over this year. I love everything I own, but these few items never fail to put a smile on my face as they are quite unusual, and have "me" written all over them.


1. Ice cream door stop.
This was the first thing I bought out of all the things on this list, and it definitely set off a sweets n' treats themed decor vibe. For someone who doesn't like ice cream that much, I own a lot of ice cream-shaped items - in fact, I'm thinking about doing a blog post about them since there's so many now! They are just so cute, and can make any room seem a whole lot sweeter.


2. Lips phone.
Ever since I first saw Juno, I knew I wanted a novelty home phone. We never use our home phone (who does?), but we had to get one to connect the internet, and I was so sick of staring at the ugly grey one that we had, so I jumped on eBay - AKA my best friend - and found this gorgeous thing. I also really love the dark pink version, but I couldn't not get the classic red lip!


3. Polaroid toilet paper holder.
I love photos and cameras, and I especially love things shaped like cameras, so this has been on my wish list for quite a while. I can't actually use it yet because we'd need to take the one we currently have off the wall and put more holes in the wall, which we are unable to do as we are renting, so it just lives in its box for the time being.

I am mostly definitely looking forward to the day we have guests over and they discover it - I know I'd definitely be surprised if I saw something like this at someone else's house!


4. Typewriter.
Even though I am still yet to use it (which is why I'm counting is as a decor piece), the day I found this typewriter was a very happy day indeed. I had a typewriter that I used to use all the time before I lost it in the fires, and it was definitely one of the things I missed the most.

I'd had my old one for ages, so it was a proper metal one that are so incredibly expensive and hard to find these days. Even though the one I have now is relatively new, I am still so in love with it. It's definitely one of my favourite things in the house.


5. Donut bean bag.
As is stated in my bio on most of my social media profiles, I love donuts, so when I saw this in Kmart late last year, I instantly fell in love (and then Daniel bought it for me for Christmas because he's the best boyfriend ever).

The beanbag itself was decently priced, but it does take four $12 bags of beans to fill it up, so it ended up costing us $73 altogether. I don't even use it that often because I get a sore back and need to sit up straight, but Daniel uses it whenever we have dinner or watch something together, so at least it's still being used!


6. Stand mixer.
This isn't really a home decor item, but I've incorporated it into one. For starters, there is absolutely nowhere to put it in the actual kitchen. It could sit on a bench, but it would take up so much room and end up having stuff spilt on it, so for the moment it's just sitting on the dining table until I can figure out what to do with it.

I am hoping to use it as often as possible, but I also want it to have a home somewhere on display as it is gorgeous, and it goes with the pastel/food/vintage-esque home decor theme I'm aiming for.


7. My house of pins.
This was an old thrift shop find back when I used to do Sunday Savings posts, and it's definitely one of the best things I've found at a secondhand store. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I bought it, but that's what excited me about it - there was so many different options! Once I started collecting pins, I had to figure out how to display them, and eventually decided to turn this into a little house of pins.

As it is made of wood - not cork - it's very difficult to put pins into, and it's even worse when I want to rearrange them because you can see where the other pins used to be, but I'm hoping to cover them up with newer pins in the future. If that doesn't work, I'll probably end up replacing the backing with a cork board so I'm able to move my pins around more freely. (By the way, these aren't all my pins! I have another cork board for non-Pokemon and Sailor Moon pins, and then I have other Sailor Moon pins displayed separately.)


I have so many ideas on ways to decorate our house that incorporate the sweet tooth theme I've got going on, and I'm really excited to share them with you once they're completed. The next idea I'm currently working on involves a couple of these guys, which I'm eagerly waiting to arrive. This is a relatively simple decoration idea, but I think it's going to look so cute! I am trying to make it so that you see a dessert and/or sweet no matter what direction you look in our house. Wish me luck!

Do you have any home decor or interior plans for the future? Is there a certain look or theme that you particularly admire? I love hearing all about others' decorating plans!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 29 May 2017

I made a mistake. When I was researching novelty holidays for the year and writing down each one that interested me, it turns out that I read one incorrectly and didn't realise until after I had made the recipe that I thought would go with said novelty holiday.

You see, I thought May 31st was Macaron Day. It is not. It is Macaroon Day. Me, being the novice I am when it comes to cooking, must have assumed they were the same thing with alternative spelling or pronunciation. It certainly doesn't help that when you Google "macaroon", pictures of macarons still come up, but regardless, May 31st is not Macaron Day.

As silly as I felt when I realised my blunder, I definitely think this is a great example of a happy accident. I've loved macarons for a while now, and have wanted to try making them for just as long. I always thought they were extremely difficult to make, which is why I never tried, but when it comes to creating content for my blog, I become a little more brave. So, when I thought it was going to be Macaron Day, I convinced myself to finally try and make them - and I'm so glad I did.

I had no idea macarons were meringue-based, or else I would have made them a lot sooner. I perfected meringues when I was still in my pre-teen years and, up until I made this blog, they were the only thing I could confidently make in the kitchen.

It's hard to escape the craze that is macarons if you spend any of your time online, especially on sites such as Pinterest, which is where I found some different shaped and themed macaron recipes that I'd like to try later in the year. 

I got the recipe for these macarons from How To Cook That, which is a blog that I personally really admire. Her recipes are always very easy to follow, and there's also video instructions so you can watch her demonstrate each step. She has such a lovely, calming voice as well, which is definitely helpful for me as I am usually quite nervous when baking.

Out of all the baking things that I own, I don't have a good baking tray to put things like cookies and such on, so I had to pipe half of my macarons onto a pizza tray, and half onto a long, thin tray. I ended up doing two batches as I had a lot of mixture left over once I had filled both trays up. 

The pizza tray did not serve well as a baking tray as both batches that were piped onto those trays ended up cracking, and became lightly brown on the bottom. The pizza tray was much, much lighter than the other tray, which made rapping it on the bench more difficult. 

With the other tray, it was already heavy enough to help bring it down onto the bench with a nice bang, but the pizza tray seemed to float down too gently, not matter how hard I pushed. They didn't all come out completely perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them as it is my first try. The mostly cracked macarons were still just as delicious as the other ones, they just didn't make the cut for the photo shoot. 😋 

For the filling, I wanted to make a chocolate ganache as I know how delicious that is, but I had no chocolate in the house (about time too, we just finished our Easter chocolate a week ago!), so I made some buttercream icing and dyed it pink because, well, I love pink. 

The macarons were nearly all gone the same day I made them solely because I just couldn't help myself! I really loved how they came out and honestly feel really proud of myself. I think these are probably the best things I've made so far (although the gumdrops, banana bread, and Easter egg nests were all pretty good too...).

I've really been enjoying trying more recipes and recently invested in a gorgeous stand mixer - that came with a dough hook! - in hopes to 'up' my baking game even more. Who knows, if I get any good at it, it might be a career option for me. Or even an idea for something to study at uni or TAFE after Daniel has graduated. It's so exciting thinking about all the unknown possibilities that the future holds. I hope you stick around to see what pans out for me!

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 26 May 2017

Back in February I shared a handful of my favourite blogs, which was met with a great response. Since then, I have discovered and fallen in love with even more blogs (I am currently following 130 blogs - and yes, I read all of them!) that I have been eager to share. 

There are so many great bloggers out there who have kind hearts and interesting minds; these are just a few that have particularly stood out to me!

Blogger/blog: Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved To Write.
Favourite post: 8 Reasons to Just Be Happy Today.
Read if: you believe that every moment is special and worth appreciating.

It was honestly very difficult to pick just one post for my favourite as I absolutely love everything that Chelsea writes - especially her 'What I'm Learning' posts. The way she views the world and is so appreciative of everything she has in her life is so inspiring; it's like a lovely breath of fresh air. She has such a good heart and reading her blog has definitely encouraged me to live in the moment more, and not let the little things get me down.


Blogger/blog: Mandy from A Girl Obsessed.

Favourite post: Ways to Procrastinate While Still Getting Things Done.
Read if: you love simple but effective beauty and lifestyle posts that are paired with gorgeous images.

I don't actually read a lot of beauty or fashion blogs, but Mandy's blog is still one of my favourites. I'm not one to keep up with trends or try new make-up products unless I absolutely need them, but I still love reading Mandy's reviews and tips - especially since all the photos in her posts are absolutely breathtaking. She also writes great lifestyle posts about her personal goals, tips for leading a healthy and positive lifestyle, and much more.


Blogger/blog: Kayleigh from Kayleigh Zaraa.

Favourite post: My 2017 F*** Budget.
Read if: you like blogs that cover a range of topics from blogging and social media tips, to plans and goals for the future, to reviews of beauty products, and more!

Kayleigh writes about a range of topics, which is one of my favourite things in a blog. I know a lot of people like to stick to specific niches, but I love reading one person's take on all kinds of subjects - that way you're sure to find at least one post that you will enjoy. The posts that I enjoy from Kayleigh the most are all list-type posts, such as blog post ideas, places to visit in Venice, small achievements, and so on.


Blogger/blog: Summer from Coffee With Summer.

Favourite post: How to Overcome Your Fear of Self Promotion.
Read if: enjoy posts about blogging tips, the important of self care, and how to live a happier life.

There is something about Summer and her entire blog that just makes me feel warm inside. Whenever I read one of her posts, it feels like I'm sitting in her living room having coffee with her, which I think is her aim honestly. I love how open she is about her mental health struggles, and how supportive she is of taking care of yourself. Summer is full of great ideas for everything from blogging to home decor to lifestyle in general. If I were to name any bloggers that I wish I could befriend in real life, Summer would definitely be high up on the list!


Blogger/blog: Hilary from The Cutie Life.

Favourite post: Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.
Read if: you love collecting cute things and are a firm believer in never growing up.

Hilary is another person that I wish I knew in real life. I believe we are very much the same person: we love all things cute, have a problem habit of collecting a lot of things, and refuse to ever stop liking something just because of our age. I particularly like following her Instagram as seeing her smile on my newsfeed always manages to cheer me up, plus I love seeing all the cute things she buys!


Blogger/blog: Kelly from Donuts and Daisies.

Favourite post: One Good Deed a Day.
Read if: you love trying out new recipes - especially the sweet kind!

If you've known me for even 2 seconds, then you should know that I like sweets. I like making them, I love filling my house with things shaped like them, and I also enjoy reading about other people making them. Donuts are definitely my favourite kind of treat, which probably played a big part in me reading Kelly's blog to begin with - and I am so glad I did! She posts the cutest, prettiest and most delicious looking recipes that always make me want to get in the kitchen and see if I can whip up something half as gorgeous as her creations. She also has a very kind heart and a beautiful Instagram account - how could you want more?!

Other fantastic blogs that deserve a mention:

Krista Aoki.

Ice Cream and Clara.
 A Beautiful Chaos. (an amazing mental health blog!)
Coming Up Roses.
A Bit Brighter.
Mooey and Friends. (I mentioned this blog last time too, but it deserves repeating just for the gorgeous photos alone!)
Pretty Cake Machine.
♡ One Pleasant Day.


There are still so many other blogs that I absolutely love that I have yet to mention, so expect to see one of these posts every few months or so! I love talking about the things that I love - especially other blogs - and I love giving others the chance to find more great blogs to read. If there's any blogs that you love and are dying to tell people about, free free to comment them down below! I love discovering new blogs to read and people to admire 😊

Until next time,
Indya xx

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

♡ I feel like this post is calling me out, and it's exactly what I need. Time really doesn't move anywhere near as quickly as I think it does; I need to slow down and appreciate what's around me.

 Daniel ordered all twelve volumes of the Sailor Moon manga as a present for me for our 4 year anniversary next month! I am over the moon. I cannot wait to learn the story and characters as they were meant to be!

 Low-key wishing that I could put this sticker on my forehead at all times. Or even this picture.

 This piece on mental illness and self neglect definitely hits home. Whilst it's not as bad as other ways that people deal with their depression, self neglect is still treating your body badly. I know that my body, hair, and skin all wish I took better care of myself, but it's hard when you don't feel like you're worth it.

 I figured out how to make my photos a much crisper white - without that annoying yellow tinge - and I really think my Instagram looks 10x better already!

 Daniel and I bought jackets, gloves and boots for our snow trip! There were so expensive and we still need to buy things like ski pants, thermal clothing, thick socks, and beanies, but we're so excited so we don't mind spending the money. We're even thinking of making this trip a yearly thing if we really enjoy it!

 I am so heart breaking-ly jealous of everyone who has visited the Museum of Ice Cream. If it ever came to Melbourne, I think I'd die of excitement. I want a room with icy poles coming out of the walls so bad!

 A scientist won Miss USA recently, which is awesome as it will hopefully help get rid of the viewpoint that beauty and brains are mutually exclusive (especially since beauty is subjective anyway, but that's another issue altogether).

 I have all but completely lost interest in going to the gym as there are so many things I would rather do at home, but after reading this article on temptation bundling, I am interested in giving it a try. I don't listen to audiobooks though, so I'll have to come up with a different temptation to get me to go to the gym.

Until next time,

Indya xx

Monday, 22 May 2017

 Collecting things.
How I wish I could lead a minimalistic lifestyle, but I know having an empty home would make me feel empty inside, so I surround myself with all the things I love to help inspire positivity.

 Warm drinks on a cold night.
Nothing goes together like hot chocolate and a movie in bed when it's too cold to move!

 Having all the washing done.
Especially when it's all folded and put away! There's nothing like knowing I can wear absolutely anything in my wardrobe without having to check if it's clean first.

There was no way I could not include Daniel in this list! He is my main source of happiness. Nothing is better than sharing your life with your best friend. I really am blessed to have him in my life. There's no way anyone else would handle me crying over every single TV show and movie ever as well as he does.

I'm really not an outdoorsy person, but nothing makes me feel more at peace than when I open up all the blinds in the house and let the sunshine pour in. It makes everything feel warm and brand new. It's a sure-fire way to uplift my mood.

Things That Make Me Happy | The Small Adventurer

 Content planning.
One of my favourite things about blogging is planning all the possible blog posts I could write. I tend to get too caught up in coming up with ideas rather than actually implementing them, but it's just so fun! I have so many post ideas for Winter, and for the end of the year, that I'm really excited about.

This feels like such a cliche thing to say, but I would have been lying if I didn't include it. I love animals with all of my heart. They're one of the main things that Daniel and I bond over. One of our favourites things to do together is visit the aquarium or zoos, and we are counting the days until we own our own house and can finally have pets.

 Long drives.
I'm genuinely a very nervous person - especially in any form of transportation - but after being in the car with Daniel for a few years now I feel pretty safe, and have come to really enjoy long drives together. They were something I enjoyed as a kid too (before I was incredibly scared of everything), as I usually lived pretty far from school or even the supermarket, so I'd always use that time in the car to read, and I still love doing that. It's a great opportunity to get really into a book without many distractions.

 Taking photos.
I am one of those people that take photos of everything, and I love it. As I mentioned in my Little Known Side Effects of Anxiety post, I have an awful memory and often forget days, weeks and months at a time, so taking photographs is really important to me. Even if I can't remember a certain day, I'll always have the photos to tell me that it happened.


What are some things that make you happy?

Until next time,
Indya xx

Friday, 19 May 2017

Anxiety can have so many side effects, it's hard to keep up with them all. Basically anything uncomfortable or painful, anxiety can cause. Most of us know the most common side effects which include things such as intrusive thoughts, irrational fears, and panic attacks, but anxiety can do much more than those things.

I was first told by a doctor that I had anxiety last year, and it was like a light went off inside my head. Suddenly so many things made sense. I always blamed my fear of pretty much everything on having a strict mother who enforced the thought that everything in life is extremely dangerous, but I never thought about the psychological damage that being raised that way had on me. Since that doctor's trip, I have managed to understand so much about myself and my mind, and why I think and act the way that I do.

Most people in my life know by now that I have anxiety - and, if they don't, they'll most likely read this and think ohh, that's why she can't do this and that - but they don't know that a lot of other issues that I have are actually side effects of my anxiety, which is why I'm going to talk about them today. 


Little Known Side Effects of Anxiety | The Small Adventurer


It's thanks to this horrible thing that I go through that I even know I have anxiety. I first talked about this in my Homemade Heart-Shaped Gumdrops post, which is my most popular blog post to date (my To Those Without Mothers on Mother's Day post is second - you guys really seem to enjoy more serious topics!). Basically, I have these episodes where I hallucinate and then go into a trance-like state in which I have no recollection of afterwards. 

Sometimes during these episodes I am aware that I am dissociating, and am able to make myself sit down and relax, but other times I can be confused and not know who or where I am. It's absolutely terrifying, but I need to talk about it so the people in my life are aware of it in case it happens when they're around. I honestly still don't quite understand it, or even know how to deal with. I am so scared that it's going to get worse as I get older, and that one day I won't come out of an episode - which is the scariest part of this entire anxiety ordeal.


I have said "sorry, I have a bad memory" at least 300 times in my life. It's more likely into the thousands. As it's something that nearly every single person says, I thought it was a common thing. Of course, it is common to forget things because we all have such busy lives it's impossible to remember everything, but over the last few years I have realised that my memory problems are not some cliche or over-used saying. They are really, really bad and affect my day-to-day life. I don't remember the majority of my life, and it sucks. 

Daniel has an amazing memory and is always saying things like, "Remember that time..." and I hardly ever do remember what he is talking about. I have completely forgotten big events in my life, days out with friends, even things that were once recurring events - they are all completely gone from my memory. It breaks to heart to think that there are so many wonderful memories that I have been apart of and forgotten. It's one of the main reasons I started this blog, so I would have a little archive of the moments in life that made me happy to look back on when I inevitably forget them all. 

This is also a reason why I simply won't have people in my life who try to make me feel guilty for taking photos of everything - or, even worse, try to stop me from taking photos of everything. Don't you realise I am just trying to remember this moment? In a few weeks, it will have left my mind, and I would like a photo to be able to look back on. I really don't think that should be such a big deal.

Little Known Side Effects of Anxiety | The Small Adventurer

Insomnia & Nightmares

My sleeping issues are yet another thing that I accepted early on as part of my personality. Yeah, I lie awake for hours at a time! I basically run on no sleep at all! I have joked all my life, but as I get older and have more responsibilities, getting practically no sleep is slowly running me into the ground. 

My nightmares come in waves; I'll go without any for a few months, and then all of a sudden I'll have three each night. Imagine finally falling asleep after hours, then having a horrible nightmare and waking back up again. Now, imagine doing that two or three times a night. When this occurs, I am a wreck the next day and not prepared to face the world at all. 

Even when I'm not suffering from nightmares, I still wake up at least three times a night for no reason at all. It's usually worse on weeknights, which I have chalked up to me being super worried that I'll sleep through my alarm and be late for work. It's never happened, but I'm still terrified that it will.

Fits of Rage

This is one that not many people will know about since it doesn't happen very often anymore  - thankfully. At one point, my fits of rage were so common I was really scared that I was going to grow up to be an angry and violent person like my mother, but I've really managed to take control of it as I've gotten older. Well, not so much take control; I just react to situations differently now. Instead of getting angry, now I just get sad or scared. Once upon a time, nothing could make me cry - which I definitely think contributed to all my built-up anger, as I had no outlet for my feelings - and now I cry almost daily. That sounds horrible, but it's not always sad tears. In fact, it's usually over a cute animal or a sweet video I saw on the Internet!

When I was younger, though, fits of rage and anger were very common. They were always triggered by the smallest things. Someone could say something and I would snap and yell at them, or I would be met with the smallest inconvenience, and it would push me way over the edge. I call them "fits" of rage because they're usually very short-lived. When they were really bad, I would just get really mad, turn red, and yell, swear or hit something, and then it would pass. I'm very happy to say that, even though I sometimes still snap at people and say something snarky or angrily, I don't swear or hit things anymore. I still get very frustrated with myself a lot, but that usually just results in tears - and I'd much rather cry when I'm frustrated instead of getting angry.

Little Known Side Effects of Anxiety | The Small Adventurer

And More

The more research I do into anxiety, the more I realise how much it is engrained into my life. Sugar cravings, back aches, headaches, frequent urination (TMI, I know, but sharing this information may help others realise that they might be suffering from side effects of anxiety too!), feeling exhausted, and subconsciously pulling out my hair and eyelashes are all known side effects of anxiety, and are all things that I have to deal with daily. It honestly makes me think that I am nothing without my anxiety as every little thing about me seems to be as a result of my mental health, and that's not a fun thought to live with.

I know that anxiety will always be a part of my life, and that's just something that I have to deal with. I already believe I've come a long way since that first doctor's appointment, and hopefully I'll continue to grow and get better with time. I am very lucky to have such a supportive and understanding partner who does everything he can to help me through the things that cause me anxiety, and never makes me feel like I'm a nuisance.


I hope that someone reading this has learnt something new today. If you suffer from any of these things, it might be worth looking into anxiety and seeing if the other side effects relate to your life as well. I honestly can't believe that I spent most of my life thinking that these things were all completely normal and common. 

I went 20 years before I realised that feeling scared all the time, forgetting everything, and never being able to sleep are not normal parts of life. They are side effects of poor mental health, and there are ways to help you live with them. There may not be a definitive or quick cure for anxiety, but with the right steps, you can learn how to live a happy life with it. I wish you all the best.

Until next time,
Indya xx

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

♡ I saw this video the day that I posted my last Weekly Musings post and I was so sad that I had to wait a whole week to share it: Tom Holland dancing and lip synching to Rihanna's song "Umbrella". Definitely one of the greatest things I have ever seen, and I'm not just saying because I love Spiderman (yes, all of them! Tom Holland is my favourite though).

♡ Katharina from Pretty Cake Machine is in the process of re-making her Sailor Moon dessert series that she did a few years ago, and her first two posts about it have blown my mind. Absolute cooking goals.

♡ I've recently fallen in love with stock photos, and this particular stock photographer is definitely my favourite so far. She has so many gorgeous and girly photos! Expect to see them in upcoming blog posts.

♡ My Facebook page has already reached 64 likes! I honestly can't believe it. If you like my blog and wish to keep up to date with when (and what) I post, feel free to give it a like!

♡ Learning that everything goes back to your childhood has helped me understand a lot of different issues that I struggle with. Even if you're unable to stop something from triggering you, simply learning why it does - and why other things don't - can still help quite a bit.

♡ Somebody Sailor Moon-ified their graduation cap, and it's amazing.

 If anyone wants to buy me a present for any reason at all, I would love these three patches from Elorasaurus. She has plans to eventually turn them into pins so I'm trying really hard to wait for them, but I just love these designs so much that I might have to get the patches first.

Until next time,
Indya xx

Monday, 15 May 2017

Whilst this isn't the most attention-grabbing blog topic that I have ever written about it, it still needed to be done. This blog is my life, I write about myself and the things that I endure, so when I am swept off my feet for (nearly) a week due to a really bad cold, I am going to have to at least mention it on here.

I don't think I get sick particularly often, but when I do, it hits me pretty hard. I can't handle pain or having to take medication, so I'm usually just a mess whenever I'm sick. However, I think this time around I actually did pretty good at kicking my cold's butt. 

I got over the worst of it within four or so days, rather than suffering for weeks like usual because I refuse to do the things you're supposed to do to get better - but this time around I couldn't afford to take time off work, so I knew I needed to get better, and fast

I rearranged some of my shifts at work to give myself the most consecutive days off that I could, and worked on getting better. Whilst I laid in bed for a few days and slowly got better, I actually learnt a few things.


Resting is Actually Pretty Great
I am not a fan of resting, or even sleeping, at all. I constantly have 100 things on my to do list and always feel like I'm being lazy if I let myself stop and watch Netflix instead, but resting is one of the most important parts of getting over a cold, so I knew I had to do it - and I ended up loving it. 

I allowed myself to stay perched on the couch or in bed for hours at a time, I slept when I needed to, and I even let myself watch some of my favourite TV shows, since laughter is the best medicine after all! I think I got more sleep in the week that I was sick than I had in the last month, due to my horrible sleeping issues, and it was great to not feel so sleepy all the time.

I Do a Lot When I'm Not Sick
Even though I never let myself rest, I still constantly feel like I'm lazy and that I'm wasting time. I'm always telling myself that I could be doing something - anything - to better myself or help my future, so I try to always read, write, learn something, organise something, or at least clean something, yet I still feel like I don't do enough. That was, until I actually had to stop doing everything, and my house turned into chaos

It was crazy how cluttered and messy it became so quickly. Clearly all the little things I do each day really do add up, because the house does not usually look like that (don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect: my kitchen is often pretty bad because I loathe dishes - but everything else is usually organised!). I'm not looking forward to having to re-organise and tidy each room now that I'm better, but it's nice to realise that I do a pretty good job at keeping this house neat when I'm not sick.

I Need To Stop Feeling Guilty
I definitely didn't master this in the four days that I was really sick, but I still learnt that I should stop feeling guilty about everything. I shouldn't feel guilty for resting, I shouldn't feel guilty for not cleaning and, most importantly, I shouldn't feel guilty just for being sick. Nearly every day I tried to convince myself I wasn't that bad, but then I'd try to move around too much and would end up feeling sick or really faint and would be reminded that, yes, I'm actually sick, and there's not much I can do about it.

My partner is really supportive whenever I'm sick. As I said, I'm usually kind of a mess because on top of being sick and exhausted, I'm also just so upset that I can't do everything I usually do, but he always makes me feel better. He looked after me so well even though he had such a busy week with work and school, and he never made me feel bad for resting. In fact, he encouraged it - which, I know, is the right thing to do, it's just that I haven't always had supportive people in my life, so it's easy to forget that I do now. 

Unfortunately, my partner is now that one that's sick, but at least I get to return the favour! Hopefully we both don't keep getting it back off each other, and are 100% healthy by the time we go on our holiday. It's going to be a lot colder when we're in the snow, and I do not want our first holiday to be ruined by being sick! 

I know most of my readers have just gone into Spring so dealing with colds won't really be a problem at the moment (although hay-fever will! I wish you all the luck in the world with that!), but for anyone living in the colder parts of the world right, make sure you stay warm and keep up your Vitamin C intake to prevent getting a cold - or even worse, the flu!

Until next time,
Indya xx