Monday, 19 June 2017

Candy Themed Home Decor

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If you keep up with me on social media, it should come at no surprise to you that I love all things sweet. Between my many treat-shaped door stops, crossbody bags, phone cases, and other home decor pieces, and the fact that my Pinterest board For The Sweet Tooth has hundreds of more pins than any of my other boards, it's clear to see that I am very vocal about my love for any kind of sugary goodness.

In fact, when it comes to home decor, my vision can be described in two exciting words: 
Candy Wonderland. I want my house to be so colourful and filled with treats that you get a toothache just looking at it. I won't stop until you can see something shaped like a treat in every direction you look - although things shaped liked other foods, or that are just particularly quirky and cute, are also permitted. 

Of course, once I discovered that June was National Candy Month, I knew I had to share some of my favourite candy-shaped home decor items with you. My sweets n' treats themed decor was actually focused more on cakes, rather than candy, in the beginning. 

You'll see that a few of the jars in this post are in the shape of cupcakes, as are some salt and pepper shakers that I own. I also have a kitchen timer, a small soap bar, and a few tiny porcelain ornaments that are all shaped like cakes or cupcakes - all of which can be seen in this photo (which is very old, so everything has moved since then).

As time went on, I also started to collect ice cream and donut-shaped items - the former will be getting their own post next month, since July is National Ice Cream Month (don't we live in a wonderful world?) and I have numerous ice cream-shaped pieces that I haven't shared yet.

The idea to use candy as decor was inspired by this kitchen tour by Kate Gabrielle, which is pretty much my dream kitchen. I already own a couple of the ice cream shaped items that you see on her shelves, and I've been wanting to acquire some fake donuts to keep as a display piece for a while now, which she also has.

I have had fun filling up my candy jars in the past, but this time around I wanted to add more variety to them, and to make that corner of the house a literal Candy Wonderland, so I went kind of overboard with purchasing different kinds of candy. 

The fruit lollies that I used last time to fill up the taller jar were nearly all sold out. I was only able to get two bags, which was not enough to fill the jar, so I filled the rest of the space with pastel Lego-shaped candy pieces, and the yellow, pink and red gumballs that I didn't put in my gumball machine.

As you can in the first photo in this post, I decided to only put blue and green gumballs into my little gumball machine, so they matched the pastel blue colour of the machine better. The remaining ones are in some small heart-shaped ramekins - pictured above - on a lower shelf, which will be added to the machine and jars as they empty.

For the shorter, fatter lolly jar I went with a Valentine's theme, filling it up with lots of pink and red candies that are shaped like hearts and lips. I also included the always adorable and delicious Loves Notes (also known as Sweethearts or Conversation Hearts), plus some of the pastel Lego candies.

For the ramekins and mugs in the shelves underneath, I put lots of gummi bears, sour worms (a favourite of mine and Daniel's), and some Wizz Fizz that we had already. I fashioned a lollipop bouquet in the waffle cone porcelain mug, which is inevitably going to be out-shined once I get around to finishing this DIY project.

The idea to put fake lollipops on the side of my shelves came to me after seeing everyone's photos of the Museum of Ice Cream on Instagram. As soon as I saw them, I said to myself: I want sweets coming out of my walls! I scoured Pinterest and eBay for hours, trying to think of ways I could implement my sweets-themed decor, whilst staying within the rules of a tenant leasing a house. 

These plastic lollipops were the cheapest and easiest out of the many ideas I came up with, and I absolutely love the way they look. I still have so many more ideas that I can't wait to bring to life.

All this decorating and planning has made me fall in love with being at home, which is an amazing transformation from the times I would feel so dull and lifeless whenever I spent too long indoors. 

Now my home is my happy place; the place that I am surrounded by things I love, and the place that I get to spend each day with my favourite person. I have never felt more blessed and happy to be who I am.

Until next time,
Indya xx
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