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Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing

I did it! I created my own recipe for the very first time. I never thought I would get to the stage where I was confident enough in my own choices to actually make up a recipe and post about it, but I did! I'm so proud of myself.

Not only is this my first recipe, but it's also my first time making cupcakes from scratch. I've always known that vanilla cupcakes were simple to make, which is probably why I never bothered to do it. I certainly won't be wasting money on packet cakes mixes anymore. It's so much cheaper, and just as easy, to make them from scratch.

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing - The Small Adventurer

This recipe was inspired by an attack belonging to one of my favourite Sailor Scouts (which is all of them, let's be honest), Sailor Chibi Moon - AKA Chibiusa. In both the manga and the anime, Chibiusa has a very strong attack called Pink Sugar Heart Attack. As soon as I heard the name of it, I knew I had to create a recipe inspired by it.

I don't know about you, but when I hear the words "Pink Sugar Heart Attack", I think of an incredibly sweet, pink dessert, so that's what I tried to create - and I think I did a pretty good job. 

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing - The Small Adventurer

The cupcakes themselves are just a simple vanilla flavour, but they're filled with strawberry flavoured fairy floss, covered with bubblegum flavoured pink buttercream icing, and decorated with three different types of sprinkles. They are super-duper sweet, and I am in love with them.

The icing in particular is absolutely delicious. It's quite a strong flavour, which is exactly what I wanted. The fairy floss was meant to be homemade with my fairy floss machine, but it broke whilst we were trying to clean it and I could not find another one anywhere, so I had to buy a packet of fairy floss instead. It was delicious, but it wasn't bubblegum flavoured like I had wanted.

Enough of me rambling, on to the recipe!

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing - The Small Adventurer


♡ 12 cupcakes of your choice
 buttercream icing (enough to ice 12 cupcakes + a bit more)
♡ 1-2 cups of fairy floss
 bubblegum flavouring
 pink food dye
 assorted sprinkles



1. Make 12 of your favourite cupcakes. I chose to make vanilla cupcakes as they're very simple and always a crowd favourite. I won't bother to write how to make them as there's already a million websites that feature a vanilla cupcake recipe. Make sure you allow your cupcakes to cool completely before moving on to the next step.

2. Next up I made some buttercream icing, which is another very common recipe that is easily Google-able. I suggest making a little more than you think you'll need for 12 cupcakes, as you need some extra for step 5.

3. Once you've made your buttercream, add some flavouring and food colour. I went with a bubblegum flavour and a bright pink colour as both those things remind me of Chibiusa.

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing - The Small Adventurer

4. If you own a fairy floss machine - like I used to - go ahead and make some of your favourite flavoured fairy floss. If you don't own one, just buy a packet of fairy floss! One will be plenty, I still had most of mine leftover after I filled all the cupcakes.

5. With a knife, carefully slice off the tops of each cupcake and set them aside. Using a spoon or knife, scoop out a small well in the middle of the cupcakes and dispose of the bits you pull out. Take some tiny handfuls of fairy floss and insert them into the wells you created. Tip: have a small bowl of water nearby to dip your fingers in when the fairy floss begins to stick - just make sure you dry them completely before picking up anymore!

6. With a butter knife or an angled spatula, get a tiny amount of buttercream and spread it around the outside ring of the well you created. This will act as a "glue" to stick the cupcake top back on. Make sure not to get any icing on the fairy floss as it will dissolve. Once you've spread the buttercream, get the top of the cupcake that you cut off earlier and place it back on. Do this for all the cupcakes.

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing - The Small Adventurer

7. Scoop the remaining buttercream into a piping bag with the piping tip of your choice. I am a complete novice when it comes to piping tips, and don't know what tip will result in what shape, so I took a chance on a star with five, thin lines (it looked exactly like this one), and I was quite pleased with the result - especially when comparing it to my first time using a piping bag, and making buttercream, back in February.

8. Once you've iced all your cupcakes, it's time to decorate with some sprinkles! I used butterfly sprinkles, fairy dust sprinkles, and pink sugar sprinkles, which I made myself by mixing caster sugar with food dye. I'm sure Chibiusa would approve of any cute, pink sprinkles though!

9. Enjoy!

Fairy Floss-Filled Cupcakes with Bubblegum Icing - The Small Adventurer

I opted out of including the recipe to the cupcakes and buttercream to save this post being a million miles long, but if you'd rather I include the directions to each component of a recipe in the future, then please let me know. 

Also, if you ever try a recipe that I post, please let me know! Heck, even if you try a recipe that I've never tried but you're super proud of, leave me the link. I love seeing other people's creations!

Until next time,
Indya xx
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