Monday, 5 June 2017

Small Goals || June 2017

Last month I decided to set myself some small goals to try and achieve throughout May, after realising that I was no longer interested in most of the ones I set myself for this year. The shorter time frame is definitely going to take a bit for me to get used to, as I am always baffled by how quickly time can fly, but at least I managed to cross some of them off my list!

May Goals: How I Went

1. Give away things to a charity store.

YES. FINALLY. There's so much more room near my front door now where all the bags of things I was donating used to be!

2. Organise our containers and lids.

Noooo, I really wanted to get this one done! It seemed so easy, but I just never got around to it.

3. Go to the gym at least 8 times.

Nope. I went once. I know I feel should worse about it than I do, but I've just come to love being at home so much that I don't really feel that guilty. Oops.

4. Cull our crockery.

I did this one relatively soon into the month as I knew it would be the easiest. I knew which items I wanted to get rid of, so I put them in the charity store bags and never looked back. We still a lot more than we need right now, but I love all the pieces we have, so I am planning on storing the ones we don't use often, rather than get rid of them.

5. Finish two books.

No, but I did finish one - on the 31st, which was also the day I started it. It was the first Sailor Moon manga book, and I loved it so much. I've already finished the second one as well - just another ten to go!


June Goals

1. Keep on top of the dishes.

Dishes are my number one enemy. Going from a house with a two sinks and a dishwasher to a unit with one, tiny sink hasn't been the easier transition. The kitchen is constantly piled with dishes; we have so much bench space that most of our dishes can sit on them and not be in our way, so cleaning them doesn't always feel necessary. I really do hate mess and clutter though, and would like to get on top of it all.

2. Do at least one DIY project.
Some of the projects I have in mind are so easy, there's really no reason for me not to do at least one of them. Even if it's this one - which is super simple - I just need a styrofoam ball and some lollipops! I'm also working on my first DIY project for a blog post, but I'm not sure if the supplies will arrive before the end of June.

3. Write more blog posts in advance.
By the middle of May, I had all my blog posts for the rest of the month written and ready to publish, which was an amazing feeling. I usually have most posts ready a couple of days in advance, but knowing I could not write another blog post for a whole week and still be okay was great - even though I love writing blog posts, which is why I didn't stop.

I have so many posts planned for June and July and I know that writing most of them in advance is the only way I am going to keep on top of them all. Plus, I'm really excited to write them, so I don't mind having an excuse to start early!

4. Use my planner more.
I bought a gorgeous planner that I'm in love with, but I still haven't figured out how I want it to be set out, and it's been bringing me down. No matter how many compliments I get on my handwriting, I will always think it's ugly (there's a backstory to that, but I'll include it in a future getting-to-know-me post or something), and it gets me down when I see everyone else's beautiful planner spreads. I know that practice makes perfect though. I just need to keep trying different layouts until I find one that suits me!

5. Go to the gym more.
I really have lost all motivation to go the gym. After getting sick, and then Daniel getting sick, we didn't end up going for so long, and now I just don't want to at all anymore, but I'm too nervous to quit. I am in a no-lock-in contract, thankfully, but I know that they're going to say all sorts of things to keep me from cancelling - just like that Friends episode

I once tried to close my savings bank account since I never used it, and they just kept trying to convince me to keep it open - just like in the show - and I still have it to this day, although now I actually use it. So, since I know I'll be too shy to cancel my membership, I'm going to try and actually go at least once this month.


Do you have any goals for this month? Or any previous goals that you've been doing really well on? I'd love to hear about your ambitions and achievements!

Until next time,

Indya xx