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Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day

I love sushi. Growing up I usually just ate California or chicken teriyaki rolls, but not long ago Daniel and I discovered the Crunchy Chicken Rolls at Woolworths, and we are completely in love. We treat ourselves to it whenever we are celebrating something - birthdays, new beginnings, getting through a particularly long day... 😜

Anyway, I was browsing through Pinterest when I stumbled across this recipe for sushi cupcakes, and they instantly blew me away. Cupcakes that look like sushi? Who thinks of things like that?! Not me, which is why I get all my inspiration from other blogs! (For now, anyway. I do have some original recipes in the works.)

Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day || The Small Adventurer
I knew straight away that I had to try this recipe. By now you should all know how much I love novelty holidays, so once I saw these, I did some quick research and discovered that this Sunday, the 18th of June, is International Sushi Day! What a perfect time to give this recipe a test and document my results.

Usually, I prefer to try recipes that require ingredients I already have in order to limit my spending (whichif you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I really need to start doing), but this recipe calls for a lot of ingredients that I didn't have, and left me with an abundance of lollies and shredded coconut afterwards. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of something to do with them!

Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day || The Small Adventurer

I started preparing for this recipe about a month in advance so I had time to track down all the ingredients I needed, and I discovered something pretty early on: Australia does not have a candy selection anywhere near as good as other countries. 

I couldn't find gummy fish, Haribo Fruity Fruitt, or any kind of white cake mixes anywhere! I managed to find some lollies that somewhat resembled the ones in the original recipe, but they would have looked even better with gummy fish.

Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day || The Small Adventurer
Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day || The Small Adventurer

Since I couldn't find any white cake mixes, I just used a box cake mix for vanilla cupcakes. I thought it wouldn't matter that the cupcakes weren't completely white since they were going to be covered in fondant and icing anyway, but I was only half right.

The fondant did a good job of hiding the fact that the cupcakes weren't white, but I didn't even think about the colour of the icing. It was very yellow, and certainly wasn't going to pass for sushi. 

Not knowing what else to do, I got cream, added some sugar, and beat the two with an electric mixer, and put that on top of the cupcakes instead. It looked exactly how I wanted it to, but I was worried it wouldn't taste as nice as if I had used icing. Well, I had nothing to worry about because these babies turned out delicious! Even my partner, who hates coconut and isn't a huge cake fan, loved them. I was so happy.

Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day || The Small Adventurer

This was my first time ever using fondant, and I was honestly quite nervous. It felt completely rock hard and I didn't understand how I was ever going to be able to shape it into anything, but it was actually quite easy to use once I brought out my rolling pin. However, I didn't do any research on using fondant beforehand, which means that I did not anticipate how easily it can stick to things and stain them.

By the time I had rolled, cut, and shaped the fondant, my hands, knife, and chopping board were very black. I honestly didn't think the colour would come out, but it washed away with no problem. After a while, I discovered that I had to pick up the fondant every few minutes to stop it from sticking to the chopping board. If I rolled it too much without lifting it up, it would stick to the chopping board and refuse to be moved easily, but I eventually figured out a system that worked for me.

Sushi Cupcakes for International Sushi Day || The Small Adventurer

I'm really proud of how I went with this recipe. It involved a lot of substituting and thinking of different ways to do things, and I'm usually terrible with thinking on my feet, so I was really proud that I managed to fix each problem as it arose. I am also much more interested in working with fondant now. I already have a few other recipes on my to do list that use it, which is good since I have two more unopened packets sitting on my baking shelf.


Is there anything that you would like to see be turned into a cupcake or other type of sweet? I already have hundreds of recipes that I want to try, but I'm always up for more suggestions!

Until next time,

Indya xx
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