Friday, 21 July 2017

Ice Cream Decor for Ice Cream Month ♡ Collection Series #8

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You guys have NO idea how happy I am that it is Ice Cream Month! It's certainly no secret that I love sweets. One of my favourite things to do is fill my house with things shaped like sweets, and things shaped like ice cream are certainly no exception!

I have been dying to share my adorable ice cream ornaments for ages now, but I made myself wait until this month because I knew that everyone would be joining in on the fun for Ice Cream Month! Okay, okay, I have shared a few pieces over on my Instagram, but I just couldn't help myself. I own so much cute stuff!

Most of these pieces are secondhand because I am the Thrift Shop Queen (my actual title, I swear), but I've seen most of the items I own on eBay as well - albeit, at a higher price.


The first piece that I can recall purchasing is the pink ice cream cookie jar. I actually bought it to go with my cookie jar collection - which I'm sure I'll share one day - and I guess it sparked an ice cream decor collection as well... Collecting is a slippery slope, guys. Be careful.

The most recent piece that I have added to this collection is the second, brown ice cream cookie jar. I found both of them at Savers, as well as most of my other cookie jars.

Cups and mugs are things that I've collected for years. I shared my collection in October last year, but I have a lot more now, so I'll most likely do an updated collection post in the future. The patch is from the wonderfully talented, everything-I-want-to-be-in-life Elorasaurus. I also have her doughnut patch and sprinkle patch, as well as her Sailor Moon prints and pins.

It seems like everyone and their mum owns a version of the ice cream night light pictured below. I was super happy when I found mine at Savers for a lot cheaper than it is online. I don't actually use it at all, but I didn't use the lamp that was there before it either.

This gorgeous ice cream money box was another Savers find, and is also part of my money box collection - which is a collection I've had for most of my life, same with bags and purses. It is currently empty as I'm using a cupcake-shaped money box instead (just wait until I share my cake/cupcake home decor collection! Now THAT is going to be a long post!),
 but I bet I'd save a lot of money if I ever filled this guy up!


My love for novelty crossbody bags has grown rapidly - as has my collection since I shared it back in December - and my ice cream one is definitely one of my favourites. I bought it a few months ago when I went a little crazy on eBay and ordered four crossbody bags, all shaped like a different food. There's still so many more that I want to pick up as well! 

My smallest ice cream shaped items are my Kate Spade phone case, an ice cream straw (both pictured below), and my adorable ice cream ring box, pictured above. The phone case was a thrift shop find, so therefore it may not be real, but it's still super cute.

I bought the ring box from eBay after I was sick of the ugly earring box I was using to put my nose ring in when I went to work. This one makes me smile every time I look at it! 

I know how "in" minimalistic lifestyles are right now, but I absolutely love surrounding myself with cute things that never fail to cheer me up. It's difficult to be sad when I'm surrounded by things that make me happy.


How is your Ice Cream Month so far? If you have any ice cream-related stories and/or links that you want to share with me, comment them below! I want to milk this novelty holiday for everything it has 😋

Until next time,

Indya xx

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