Monday, 31 July 2017

Small Goals || August 2017

July Goals: How I Went
1. Enjoy my holiday.
Our holiday was throughly enjoyed. I relaxed so much, I slept better than ever, and I even let myself do things like watch TV and write in my journal, which was amazing. It was so good to have time specifically carved out just for relaxing. 

We had our meals taken care of since we ate out so much, we'd come back to a freshly made bed and fresh towels and bath robes, and we were able to see what it's like to live with ducted heating. It was such a wonderful few days, and I'm so excited for our next holiday together!

2. Quit the gym.

Done! Daniel and I were both hoping to quit without any confrontation, so he came up with the idea to do it over email, and it worked! Such a weight off my shoulders.

3. Donate a bag of belongings to a charity store.
I ended up donating two bags of belongings! I even gave away some books and purses šŸ˜±  I also donated a mannequin head that I got to practice hairstyles on back when I was studying specialist make-up services. I definitely could have sold that as it wasn't cheap, but I really want someone to discover it for a great price and put it to good use. 

4. Organise my containers and lids.
Nooooope. Just didn't happen. Oh well!

5. Spend more time off the computer.
I'm not going to give myself this one either. I did well at the beginning of the month since we were away, and then we celebrated Daniel's birthday when we got back, so we were out of the house a lot. We had some movie and mini golf dates here and there as well, but I am just realising now that I watched the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls in about two weeks, so... I'm going to say no.


3/5. I feel like this is a number I can be happy with. Anything less wouldn't be very good, and anything more would make me really happy, but 3/5 I am content with - still going to aim for 5 next month, though!

August Goals
1. Stop biting my nails.
I am pretty much setting myself up for failure on this one. I go through phases when I'm really good at it, then really bad, and at the moment I'm in a really bad phase of biting my nails a lot. I will try my best not to bite them this month, but I'm not promising any miracles!

2. Comment on more blog posts + branch out to new bloggers.

I have suddenly become really shy when it comes to commenting on people's blogs! I just can't think of anything worthwhile to say, and that's not good. Commenting on other posts is how you create friendships and get your name out there. I always get an increase in traffic when I regularly comment on other posts, so I'm going to try and comment on a lot more this month!

3. Work on my Instagram game.
Reaching out to people and leaving comments on photos is such a great way to get your name out there and establish friendships, plus it feels great to let someone know how much you admire something they posted. I also want to work on making my photos cleaner and crisper - particularly the ones about my blog posts, as I usually take them directly from the blog post and they end up squished, which I hate!

4. Use Twitter more.

I've really dropped the ball on using Twitter. Much like the commenting on blog posts problem, I just feel like I don't have anything useful to say. I want to do more than just link my blog posts - although I need to do that more as well - but I never know what to tweet about. Either way, I'll still try my best to increase the amount of tweets I post this month! 

5. Eat healthier.
I am a huge fan of sweets, and that's never going to change - especially now that I'm so into baking - but I could definitely make some dietary changes when it comes to what I eat day-to-day. I want to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into my diet, and cut down on the fried foods that I consume, especially from work. Wish me luck!


How did you go with your last month's goals? Any tips on how to get all of your goals achieved? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx