Friday, 4 August 2017

DIY Sailor Moon Crystal Star Pinata

Are you ready to read the most amazing words ever? Tomorrow is International Sailor Moon Day! Has there ever been a more magical holiday?! I don't think so!

Apparently, International Sailor Moon Day is an annual celebration, and this year it falls on Saturday, August 5th. Countries from all over the world participate and hold their own events to celebrate the phenomenon that is Sailor Moon.

I had so much fun making the Luna and Artemis piñatas that I started brainstorming ideas for more straight away. The first one to come to mind was the Crystal Star, as it's such an iconic item from Sailor Moon, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

This piñata was a lot simpler to make than the Luna and Artemis ones. Learning from my initial mistakes, I used cereal boxes instead of a microwave box and it was so much easier to work with.

I actually used washi tape for the gold parts, but it was really annoying to cut into the shapes I wanted, so I recommend using sparkly gold paper instead. Also, the bottom dot is actually a medium blue, but it's coming up quite dark in photos!


♡ Rectangular cereal box
♡ Pink streamers
♡ Pencil or pen
♡ Two A4 sheets of sparkly gold paper (the amount will depend on how big you make your piñata, but for a regular cereal box, I think two A4 pieces should suffice!
♡ Red, green, blue, orange and white paper
♡ Scissors
♡ Glue tape

DIY Chibi Moon Compact Piñata 


1. Cut out the front, back, and two side strips of your cereal box so that they're all separate.

Draw a circle onto one of the rectangular pieces of cardboard and cut it out. Use that piece as a stencil to trace around onto your second rectangular pieces and cut that out as well.

3. Get one of strips of cardboard and tape the edges to the edge of one of your circles, so that it's standing up on the circle piece. I would recommend putting the brown cardboard side on the outside of the piñata so that the cereal box design doesn't show throw the streamers.

4. At this point, it should somewhat resemble a bowl (I'm great at directions, aren't I? 😂). Since this cardboard is so thin, the strips should bend relatively easily around the circle piece. One strip of cardboard won't be long enough to make it around the circle, so you'll need to get your second strip and trim it down so that it fills in the rest of the gap.

5. Once you've made your cardboard bowl, fill it up with candy before taping the second circle on top, sealing it up. I like to cover my piñatas with paper that is the same colour as the streamers I am going to use so that the brown cardboard doesn't show up underneath, but keep in mind that this may make it too difficult to break the piñata, so you may want to skip that step.

6. After I've covered my piñata in coloured paper, I start with the streamers! This is my favourite part by far. Starting from the bottom and working your way upwards, measure and cut a strip of streamer to go from left to right across the bottom. Fringe the bottom half of the streamer and stick it to the piñata so that 1/3 of it is hanging over the edge.

7. Measure out your second strip of streamer so that the bottom of it will cover the un-fringed half of the first streamer. Fringe the second strip, and tape down. Repeat this all the way up the piñata, then trim all the overlapping bits so your piñata looks like a circle again.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the back of the piñata, and then do the same thing for the sides. Start at the bottom and work your way up the left side until you get to the middle top, and then do the same up the right side.

9. Place your piñata onto one of the A4 pieces of gold paper and trace around it. Cut out that circle, then draw a smaller circle inside that one and cut that out so you're left with a circular strip of gold paper.

10. Trace around the inside of your gold circle onto your second pieces of gold paper so that you know how big to make the star. Draw the star onto the gold paper, then draw the circular piece so that it will fit inside and slightly touch each inner point of the star. Draw the smaller circle inside the bigger circle, and cut it out.

12. Draw a small gold circle inside the top point of the star to ensure that it's the right size, then draw three more circles of the same size on the leftover gold paper. Cut out the star, the large circle, and the four small circles.

13. Use the four small circles as stencils to trace one red circle, one blue circle, one orange circle, and one green circle, but cut these ones out a little smaller than the gold circles. 

14. Cut out four tiny circles with your white paper and glue one onto each coloured circle, then glue each coloured circle onto the gold circles.

15. Place the gold shapes and coloured circles onto the face of your piñata to make sure they are all going to sit in the correct place, then tape or glue them on and voilà! You now have a Crystal Star piñata!


I am so in love with making piñatas, I don't think I'm ever going to stop! I've already got another Sailor Moon-themed one to share with you guys, as well as a Pokemon themed one that I'm really excited about!

I do realise that not everyone is into Pokemon or Sailor Moon as much as I am, so don't worry, I have heaps of non-anime-related ideas for piñatas that I am really excited to share, as well as other DIY party decor ideas such as drink stirrers, buntings and more! 

I love party decor so much, and I can't wait to start bringing all my ideas to life on this blog. I have fallen in love with creating all over again thanks to this blog and I'm really excited to see what it takes me! Thanks again for all of your support, and if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see me make, feel free to leave me a comment!

Until next time,
Indya xx