Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Keeps Getting Better || Weekly Edit

♡ In exactly one month, it will be my birthday! I'm super nervous to turn 21 (especially since the older I get, the more people think I'm lying about my age! #5footshortproblems), BUT I'm also super excited to see all my friends and family + to get The Powerpuff Girls on DVD from Daniel 🙊

♡ Speaking of my birthday, my wish list consists of Candy Melts in every colour as I need them for 99% of the recipes I want to try out + they're expensive as heck here! Anything from my baking wishlist would also be lovely.

♡ I was recently contacted by two companies wishing to collaborate with me, and I am over the moon. I have been trying to push away thoughts that my blog is an entire year old and hasn't gotten anywhere, but now I feel so much better. They are both companies that I not only have actually heard of, but also love! This was just the encouragement I needed to put more effort into my blog content and continue to grow more and more!

♡ Kesha released her new album Rainbow and I could not be more happier for her. Every track is fantastic, but I'm particularly in love with WomanLearn To Let GoHymn, Rainbow, Praying, and Boots.

♡ I recently discovered the subreddit Cool Collections and have been spending quite some time browsing through all the posts. People collect such unique things, it's so interesting to see! Most people's collections are usually way more impressive than mine though 😅

♡ I loved this beautiful Humans of  New York post.

 We're halfway through the month and I have been killing most of my goals (particularly the commenting on other people's posts one - 68 and counting!), and failing at #1 and #5. Let's hope I fix that by the end of the month!

 Speaking of my goals, one of them was to improve my Instagram. I decided to try and bring more colour into my Instagram feed, and I think I'm doing a pretty great job. I really want my photos to inspire creativity and happiness, and I think bright colours do that quite well.


Do you have anything you've been loving lately that you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Indya xx