Friday, 27 October 2017

Fun Novelty Holidays in November

In case you couldn't tell by now, I really love Novelty Holidays. They can be so fun and unique, and can turn any ordinary day into something special. I try to write posts about the holidays that stand out to me the most, but it can be difficult. 

I can't always think of something to write about a certain holiday, even if I love the idea of it - which is where this post comes in! Last month I shared some fun holidays in October that weren't Halloween for those Down Under like me, who aren't as surrounded by the Halloween spirit as other people are, and I decided to share some more this month. 

I always thought of November as a boring kind of month; my birthday is in September, Halloween's in October, and then Christmas and New Year's come around in December, but what's so special about November?

As it turns out, lots of things! I think this month's novelty holidays are so much fun, and I really wanted to share some of my favourites with you. As always, you can check the Days of the Year or the National Day Calendar websites for more holidays, and to find out the history of each holiday.

Not only is November filled with a ton of super fan novelty holidays, but it's also got plenty of week and month-long holidays that it celebrates as well! For example, November is Novel Writing Month, National Role Models Month, National Adoption Month, and National Peanut Butter Lover's Month. 

There are so many fun ways to celebrate these holidays, and that's what I love most about them. I particularly like Give Up Your Shoulds Day, World Kindness Day, and Loosen Up Lighten Up Day as they all promote personal development and self care, but I know the one day on this list that I actually need to celebrate is Clean Out Fridge Day on the 15th. Anyone want to volunteer to come over and do it for me?! 😅

Until next time,
Indya xx