Monday, 30 October 2017

Future Plans For My Blog

I have loved blogging from the very start, but over the last few months I have started to really see an increase in views, followers, and comments across both it and my social media accounts - and I have been over the moon about it.

Seeing people like my work just makes me want to work harder. I have made some mental notes about the changes I want to make to my blog and social media habits to make sure that my new readers will want to stick around. They say that accountability plays a big role in achieving goals, so today I am going to share with you all my hopes and plans for my blog in the near(ish) future.


I was instantly drawn to the idea of series-type posts. So far my Collection Series is the only one with 'series' actually in the title - I suppose you could call my house tour and adventure posts part of a series as well, but to me, my series posts will eventually come to an end. I only have a certain amount of collections to share with you, whereas my house decor will always change, and I will always go on new adventures. Get what I mean?

I think of my series posts as personal projects, and I've got a few ideas for ones that I would like to start, and share my progress on here. The main two are called Bake To The Basics and Turning My Home Pink (I know, such a witty name for that last one, right?). They are pretty self-explanatory; there's a lot of basic recipes and treats that I have yet to try making, and I would like to start on them instead of always making cupcakes that look like other things. I also want to add more "me" into my home decor, so I bought some gorgeous pastel pink spray paint to help me turn some of my drab decor pieces into things that will bring more colour into our house.


I have actually already started on this one. I've been using the same shapes and text on my more recent Pinterest graphics, and I've been pretty happy with how they look as well. I'd still like to work on them more though, and take my own stock photos for the backgrounds of them, especially for blog posts that don't requite certain photos.

I still need to work on my own images, though. I know how I want them to look, I just need to work on them more. I want The Small Adventurer to be associated with fun, positivity, and colours, and branding your images are a great way to do that. I know what colour scheme I want, I've just got to pick the right shades, and work on going back and editing some old posts and graphics so they feel new again!


I am constantly jumping back and forth between loving and hating my Instagram. I love the crisp, white backgrounds, but I also love lots of colour, and it's difficult for me to find a good balance, so that is my goal. More importantly, though, is making sure that I post good content that is true to who I am and what I want to accomplish with this blog. I definitely do this best when I have planned out my posts in advance.


As much as I looooove my current theme, I would like create my own header so that it's not just "The Small Adventurer" in some random font. I want to add more colour and "me" into it. I want it to be bright and unique, whilst capturing all the things I love most about this blog. To be honest, I'm not even sure if my theme will allow me to upload a custom header, but I can at least use it as my cover photo for my Facebook page.


This is going to be the most difficult goal to achieve, I already know that. Asking people for things is not my area of expertise, and getting rejected is something that I take very personally - but I know it's something that I need to get used to. I am pretty happy with the amount of companies that have contacted me so far, but unfortunately many of them weren't ones that had anything to do with my content, so I saw no use in collaborating with them.

I have gotten some really cool ones contacting me as well - such as Uncommon Goods and JORD Watches - but I know that I also need to make the first move and contact some companies that I want to work with, instead of waiting for them to contact me. Even some of the biggest bloggers that I read do this, because the world isn't going to give you everything you want, and you actually have to put some of the effort in, which is something that I need to learn.

Do you have any dreams or plans for your blog that you hope to achieve in the near future? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Indya xx